The Zelda franchise is filled with many different characters that are all unique, unforgettable, and even a little creepy. Without a doubt, all these characters make an impact on their respective Zelda game and are thus embedded into our memory. With such a large number of games, the Zelda series has no shortage of unusual characters, so it might be a little hard to condense them into a Top 10 list. So if you’re struggling to think of some of these crazy characters, you can check out Dr. Wily‘s video on his Top 10 craziest Zelda characters.

In Dr. Wily’s video, he talks about some of the strangest characters to ever grace Zelda with their presence. His list includes the terrifying Great Fairies, the quirky merchant Beedle, and many more bizarre characters. You might even be surprised to see a couple of characters on this list. Be sure to watch the video above for the full list, and visit Dr. Wily’s channel for even more Zelda-related videos.

What did you think of the video above? What are some other crazy Zelda characters you would include? Let us know in the comments below!

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