Changes in Zelda

Three new articles have been posted at the ZeldaBlog in the last two weeks. The first article, written by Sheik-Yumil1988 of The Temple Ruins, displays one mans distaste for the new man behind Zelda. We all know Shigeru Miyamoto created the Legend, but it has since been passed down to the much less loved Eiji Aonuma. As much as we all love Miyamoto, I question where the series could possibly be nowadays if he had never moved from his pedestal on top of the Zelda world. While there are plenty of us out there that would enjoy a return to the Miyamoto days, there is a large number of Zelda fans that are prefectly satisfied with what Aonuma has put togethor in the last few offerings. Who knows what either have in store for the future of the Zelda series, but regardless of who’s the man behind Zelda, as long as ‘Nintendo’ is written on it, I’ll get it, enjoy it, and love it.

The second article is written by King of Hyrule of Zelda Capital and it discusses modernization in Zelda. It’s no secret that in recent times Zelda has changed it’s classic feel with the addition of boats that run on machinery, a spinner that controls more modern machinery, and even lanterns that need to use oil to work. With this, we have lost the magic of old games. Heck, we’ve even lost the magic meter in general. Look back at A Link to the Past and you’ll see items like a fire rod, an ice rod, Cane of Byrna, Cane of Somaria, Magic Cape, Magical Mirror, Magical Powder, Ether, Quake, Bombos, etc… Nearly half the weapons in the game ran on some sort of magic. Flash forward to Twilight Princess and Phantom Hourglass. I see the Dominion Rod from Twilight Princess and nothing from Phantom Hourglass. It’s clear the series has shifted away from magic and now concerns itself with more modernization and realism, which in my opinion is not a good thing. I sure hope the future of Zelda brings more magic and fantasy, rather than a more modern feel.

The third and final article discusses a Zelda movie and it is written by Lysia, webmistress of Legends and Adventure. It has been a topic in the Zelda Community for years and years, constantly debated. Should there be a movie? If so, should it be computer generated? Live Action? Animated? Then there are more detailed questions like should Link talk or how much actual battling should take place. It sure would be boring just seeing Link going through dungeons. This seems like a topic that will remain in the heads of Zelda fans for years to come and nothing official ever coming from Nintendo.

All three articles are good reads and I recommend checking them out. While your at it, why not register your own username and post your own comments on the articles. Enjoy!


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