Video Guide


When you arrive at the Tabantha Bridge Stable, speak with Toren and you’ll find he is in a quest to find the Great Fairy. Toren gives you a hint about the location of the Great Fairy Fountain nearby, located just south of the Tabantha Tower. As he is not able to climb the Tabantha Tower he tasks Link with finding the Great Fairy. He will even give you 500 rupees as an offering for the Great Fairy. This will begin A Gift for the Great Fairy Side Quest.

You can climb up to the Tabantha Tower, or just warp there if you have already been there. From the tower, if you look to the southeast, you can see the Great Fairy Fountain. Glide on over and then offer up the rupees to open up the fountain. After speaking with Kaysa, the Great Fairy, your quest log will update. Return to Toren and speak with him to complete the side quest. He doesn’t actually give you anything else, as he has already given you the 500 rupees.