Location of Shrine

  • View location on the Breath of the Wild Interactive Map.
  • Located on a higher ledge just north of the Lanayru Tower. It is just north of the river and road, and it can be glided over to from the tower.

Video Guide


The shrine is one of the many minor tests of strength shrines found throughout the world and give it’s proximity on the route to Zora’s Domain, it could be one of the first shrines of its kind that you access, if you head in this direction early on.

Inside the shrine you will find a Guardian Scout. He wields a basic sword and shield and will perform simple attacks. Target the Guardian Scout and try to perform a perfect dodge, right when he’s about to attack. Timing it appropriately will cause you to fully dodge the attack and you can then perform a flurry rush.

The scout will occasionally back up and perform a massive spin attack. While you can do a backflip dodge and a flurry attack, the timing is a bit tough. Instead, you can hide behind a pillar and the guardian will crash into it, stunning itself in the process.

When the Guardian Scout is lower on health, it will start shooting a laser in a circle. You can use your Paraglider with the updraft to get close to the enemy. If you hit its eye with a precise arrow, it will stun it.

When it is really lower on health, it will charge up a laser attack and shoot out four beams in a row. While it is re-charging, run up and strike at it with your sword. Repeat this until the guardian has been defeated.

Open the treasure chest to get a Knight’s Bow. Run over and speak with the monk, Soh Kofi. He will reward you with a Spirit Orb.