Location of Shrine

  • View location on the Breath of the Wild Interactive Map.
  • Located at the north end of the Abandoned North Mine at the Isle of Rabac. You will need to use a mine cart to reach the shrine.

Video Guide


The shrine is located at the north end of the Abandoned North Mine. As you are approaching the area, just passed the Shae Mo’sah Shrine, climb down on the right side to get closer to the lava. Here you will find a mine cart on the rail. Jump into the mine cart and use bombs to blast your way forward on the rails. Continue to do so as you make your way across the rails and eventually to the shrine.

There are some spikes that block your path. Use Magnesis to lift this massive platform and walk underneath. Run ahead and then take the steps heading up on the left side. There are two magnetic platforms and there is a treasure chest on the left. Arrange the magnetic platforms so they build a normal staircase, leading up to the torch ahead. Before lighting the torch, turn to the treasure chest and jump over there with the paraglider. Open the treasure chest to get a Royal Bow. Now paraglider over to the lower part of the staircase.

Climb up the staircase and grab the torch. Use the torch on the blue flame and then carry it back down the staircase. Use it to the light the torch in the center of this area, opening the nearby gate. Continue to carry the flame through the gate and navigate by the water that is flowing here. The last area of water, you will need to duck down and sneak underneath the water so that it doesn’t cause your flame to go out. Light the torch here and it will cause a platform up ahead to move up and down.

Pull out your bow and dip the edge into the blow flame, lighting an arrow on fire. Wait for the moving platform to be at its lowest point and then shoot it with an arrow to light the torch. Run over to the staircase that has appeared and climb up. Step on the floor switch here and you’ll immediately see a spiked ball. Use Magnesis to grab it and then toss it off the ledge.

In the next area there are four Guardian Scouts, so go ahead and defeat them. Open the two treasure chests to get a Great Flameblade and a Giant Ancient Core. Run back to where that vertically moving platform is and light a torch. Now run over to where the Guardian Scouts were and light the torch here to open up the large gate.

In the next area there are three torches, but the two back torches have a water sprout right behind them and it will spill water a second after you light the torch. There are a couple ways to solve this problem. First, use the flame from the previous area to light the first torch in front. Now use Stasis on one of the water sprouts to freeze it in time. Then use your torch to light that torch on fire. While Stasis is still in effect, light up the adjacent torch to open up the gate ahead.

Bring a flame over to the next area and light the torch. There are two moving platforms here, each with a torch on them. What you want to do is dip your arrow into the flame nearby. Then wait until the two moving platforms are in a direct line and shoot the arrow. The flame will light up both torches, causing two wind geysers below to be activated. Before crossing over, if you look in the distance, you will see a torch on a higher ledge to the left. Light an arrow on fire and shoot it at that torch to light it up. Now use the paraglider and the updrafts to get across the gap.

In the next area, make sure the torch that is on top of the metal block is lit. Then use Stasis on the water sprout ahead. Quickly change to Magnesis and pull the platform across the rail, safely passing the water. Run ahead and use the Paraglider to get across the gap. Right next to where the metal platform is, there is a treasure chest, so paraglide over and open it to get a Silver Rupee. If you turn and face the wind geyser here you will see another treasure chest in the distance. Paraglide over and open it to get the Forest Dweller’s Sword.

Down below there are three Guardian Scouts, but we don’t really need to fight them. The ground beneath them has some vines, so you can light an arrow on fire and shoot the vines. The flames will burn the Guardian scouts. Run ahead and open the treasure chest to get some Ice Arrows. Run back to the previous area and light a torch. Bring it to this area and light the initial torch. The water sprouts here will get rid of the flames right away, so we will need to light them all at once. Light the initial torch and then hold your sword or torch to charge up a spin attack. Walk to the center of the area and release to perform a spin attack. This will light up all the torches at once.

Run ahead and speak with the monk, Shora Hah. He will reward you with a Spirit Orb.