Location of Shrine

  • View location on the Breath of the Wild Interactive Map.
  • Located on the beach at the south end of the Lake Tower Region.
  • The Shrine is hidden and you’ll need to complete a Shrine Quest to access it.

Video Guide


If you make your way to the shoreline at the south end of the Lake Tower Region you will find a woman by the name of Loone. She is located just southwest of the Nette Plateau, protecting a spherical orb. If you talk to her it will trigger the start of a Shrine Quest titled, Guardian Slideshow.

You will need to use your camera to take pictures of three different types of Guardians. This includes a Skywatcher, a Scout, and a Stalker.

Guardian Skywatcher – If you’ve uncovered the Akkala Tower, warp over to that location as you’ll find Guardian Skywatchers right around the tower. There are also Skywatchers located just west of the Tabantha Great Bridge, along the route that leads to Rito Village.

Guardian Scout – These guys are found in tons of shrines and you shouldn’t have much trouble finding one. You can warp back to the Oman Au Shrine on the Great Plateau to get to an easy one.

Guardian Stalker – These are the massive guardians, found throughout the Hyrule. They are easily accessible near the Central Tower, just south of Hyrule Castle. You can just run up to one and take a picture. Before it has a chance to shoot at you, warp away to a different location.

Inside the shrine you will have a Modest Test of Strength. During the first phase of the battle, try to perform a Perfect Dodge, followed by a Flurry Attack to maximize damage. When the scout jumps back to perform a spin attack, hide behind a pillar and wait for him to run into it.

Later in the battle, the guardian will start to shoot our a circular laser. Back up and shoot it in the eye with an arrow. You can also paraglide closer to make it an easier shot. In the final phase, it will charge up and shoot four laser attacks at you. Just keep moving and while it is charging up, run up and deliver some sword slashes.

Run ahead and open the treasure chest to get a Royal Broadsword. Then speak with the monk, Shoqa Tatone, and he will reward you with a Spirit Orb.