Location of Shrine

  • View location on the Breath of the Wild Interactive Map.
  • Located to southeast of Faron Tower, just southeast of the Lakeside Stable.
  • The shrine is located behind a boulder that will need to be blow up.

Video Guide


Run forward and use your Stasis ability on the first seesaw ramp. This will prevent it from tipping downward if you walk forward. Climb the ramp and then make your way to the next ramp. Once again use Stasis and this time climb up to the right side.

Open the treasure chest that is found here to get a Traveler’s Sword. Then use Magnesis on the treasure chest to grab it and then sent it to the platform that is further ahead in the room. Return to the seesaw and use Stasis once again, this time climbing up on the left side.

Grab the treasure chest with Magnesis and carry it over to the back of the shrine. Here you will find another seesaw. There is a treasure chest on the higher ledge at the very back of the shrine. In order to reach this treasure chest, we want to use the seesaw as a catapult. Stand on the lower portion of the seesaw, facing the back wall. Use Magnesis to lift up the previous treasure chest that we got and hold it up, just above the top of the seesaw so you can measure out where it is. Then raise the treasure way up high and release it. It will hit the seesaw hard, causing it to catapult Link upward. This will allow you to glide over to the treasure chest to get an Ancient Core.

Jump back down and make sure the opened treasure chest is sitting at the bottom of the seesaw. This way this particular seesaw will not move when you climb up. There is one last platform on the way to the monk, but you’ll need to use Stasis on it. Do so and then run over to talk with Shai Utoh. He will reward you with a Spirit Orb.