Location of Shrine

Video Guide


While the theme of this shrine is Swinging Flames, this shrine has multiple solutions to almost all of its puzzles. That starts right in this first room. There is a floor switch on the ground and you’ll need to hold it down in order to get through the gate. There is a crate at the top of the room, just above the door. There is also a gap in the ceiling here and a torch just above. There are two ways to get this barrel down. The first is to shoot an arrow at the top that is holding the torch. It will drop to the ground and the flames will burn all the vines, burning the wood and causing the crate to fall to the ground.

However, the easier way is to just use a bomb. Toss a bomb in the direct of the crate and when it is at its highest point, detonate it, and the crate will come down. Even then, there is a far easier solution to this puzzle. Just walk over and step on the floor switch. While standing on it, look to the ground and use Stasis on the switch itself. While it is pushed down, run through the gate ahead.

In the next room turn to the left and open the treasure chest to get a Stone Smasher. You will see a wheel in this area, but there is nothing we can do with it just yet. Run ahead and defeat the three Guardian Scouts that are in this area. Look around for a treasure chest and open it up to get a Ruby.

Climb the steps and you’ll find a locked door. Make your way around the corner and you’ll find another set of steps. Climb up and then drop down behind them to find a treasure chest. Open it up to get some Ice Arrows.

Climb back up the steps and step on the floor switch, causing a torch to appear. Use Magnesis to grab the torch and hold it against the wall ahead. The flame will burn the vines, causing the ball to drop down and roll against the gate. Follow the ball and make your way around the corner. Step on the floor switch and it will open the gate, allowing the ball to keep rolling. It will fall down to the floor below, falling on that wheel we previously saw. While the wheel is turning, the door nearby will open so run on through. Turn to the right and open the treasure chest here to get a small key.

Climb the steps here and drop down. Backtrack over to where the locked door was and head through. Climb the steps and step on the floor switch here, causing two torches to appear. Like the first room of the shrine, there are a number of solutions to this puzzle. You can use Stasis on the torches, cut the rope, and shoot the torch with an arrow. It’s momentum will drop to the ground, burning the crate to allow the barrel to drop. Alternatively, you can use bombs to knock the barrel down. Just like the first room, the easiest method is to just use Statis on the floor switch while you are standing on it.

Run ahead and speak with the monk, Shae Mo’sah. He will reward you with a Spirit Orb.