Location of Shrine

  • View location on the Breath of the Wild Interactive Map.
  • Located almost directly between the Akkala Tower and the Eldin Tower.
  • The shrine is just south of a Bokoblin camp, in a lower area by the water.

Video Guide


In the first room just hit the torch on the left side to knock it down. The flame will light the vines on fire and will eventually light the crates on fire. Alternatively, you can use a bomb to blast open the hole. In the next area there is a Guardian Scout, so go ahead and defeat him.

Climb the steps and you can shoot the torch down using an arrow. Alternatively, just run to the other end of the room and toss a bomb at the vines. Toss a second bomb to blowup the crates and then progress to the next room. Immediately turn to the right and you’ll see some vines leading up to a treasure chest at the top of the room. Use a torch or a fire arrow to light the vines on fire, eventually bringing the treasure chest to the ground. Open it up to get a Knight’s Bow.

Behind the gate you will see a floor switch with a platform just above it. We need to burn the crates so that the platform falls onto the floor switch. Use a torch or a fire arrow to light the vines on fire on each side. This will eventually light the crates on fire. Once they completely burn the platform will drop, falling right on top of the floor switch.

Run ahead and talk to the monk, Sah Dahaj. He will award you with a Spirit Orb.