Location of Shrine

Video Guide


This shrine is a test of strength shrine, meaning it is just a simple battle with a foe. This particular one has a single Guardian Scout and he doesn’t have too much health. The scout has a number of attacks, but his basic attacks are a simple vertical sword slash. Try to time it and do a side jump, allowing you to perform a flurry rush. When he backs up, he create a circular laser that can be quite damaging. It does create an updrift, so you can use your paraglider to jump into the air and then deliver arrows attacks.

When he backs off completely, he’ll do a charge attack that can be quite damaging. You can hide behind a boulder and when he attacks the boulder, you can run up and do some damage. Alternatively, you can attempt to do a Perfect Dodge backflip, allowing you to do a Flurry Rush afterward.

If you are powerful enough, you can just brute force attack him, not worrying about much else. After the guardian is defeated, run over and open the treasure chest to get a Boomerang. Then speak with the monk, Pumaag Nitae, who will reward you with a Spirit Orb.