Location of Shrine

Video Guide


This shrine serves as an introduction to the Magnesis ability. This item allows Link to manipulate objects. Once you arrive at the shrine run over to the pedestal and insert your Shekiah Slate to get equipped with the Rune. In this first room, use the Magnesis ability on either of the two metal platforms that are on the ground. Grab the platforms and then pull them away, to open a pathway. Drop down and then run ahead.

Climb the steps and you’ll see a wall of boulders in your way. One of them is metallic and you can use your Magnesis to pull it away. While holding the block with Magnesis, you can use it to push or pull the adjacent blocks.

In the next area you’ll find a Guardian Scout. You can defeat him with sword slashes, or you can use Magnesis to grab onto that same metal block. You can use the metal block to hit the guardian, or even just as a defense mechanism to block his attacks.

Cross the metal bridge and then turn around. Use Magnesis to grab the metal platform and carry it over to the other side, creating a bridge that allows you to reach the large doors ahead. Turn to the left and you’ll see a treasure chest up on a higher platform. Use Magnesis to grab the treasure chest and pull it over to you.

Lastly, use Magnesis to pull up the large doors that are blocking your way. Run up the steps and speak with the monk, Oman Au. He will reward you with a Spirit Orb.