Location of Shrine

  • View location on the Breath of the Wild Interactive Map.
  • Located on a large island, just west of Hyrule Castle. It is located beneath a large rock at the southwest corner of the island.

Video Guide


On the large island, just west of Hyrule Castle, make your way to the southwest corner. There is a large rock here and you want to go to the west side of the hill. This area is surrounded by spiked vines and boulders block the entrance. Use some fire based weapons to get rid of the vines in front of the cave and then use a bomb to blow up the entrance.

This shrine is a minor test of strength. Given its location, where you have to battle or sneak by large guardians, it seems odd that the lone enemy here is a weak Guardian Scout. As with all the minor tests of strength, the best method is to try to perform a Perfect Dodge with a flurry rush. After awhile the guardian will jump back and perform a massive spin attack. Just hide behind a pillar and allow it to slam into it, then deliver a few sword slashes.

When he is low on health, he will back up and shoot a circular laser around. Shoot it in the eye with an arrow and if you want to get close, jump up and paraglide using the updraft. If he is really low on health, he’ll charge up a laser and shoot four laser shots in a row. Run in and deliver a few finishing shots.

Run ahead and open the treasure chest to get a Knight’s Shield. Speak with the monk, Noya Neha, and he’ll award you with a Spirit Orb.