Location of Shrine

Video Guide


Climb the steps on the right and run forward to the pedestal. The gyro controls will control the massive platform and the goal is to move the ball to the point where you can launch it to the platform on the left. You can cautiously and tediously move the ball around the puzzle if you’d like. A quick alternative is to completely just flip the platform 90 degrees upward, and then immediately turn it back. Doing so will launch the ball in the air, and you could cause it to move over the gate.

When the ball on the row with the exit on the left, you’ll need to till the platform so the ball starts rolling left. Just before it falls off the ledge, tilt the platform back up, and it will launch the ball over the gap. Try not to be too jumpy with the platform, otherwise it will launch it way too high. Successfully getting the ball over to the left will cause it to roll down the ramp and into the hole, opening the adjacent door.

There is one treasure chest in this shrine and it is in the puzzle itself. You want to tilt the platform so the bottom right portion is much lower, and also so the exit on the left is higher. This will allow you to paraglide over to the platform. You can run through the maze to get to the treasure chest. From there, you can exit the maze the same way the ball did. Run on over and speak with the monk, Myahm Agana. He will reward you with a Spirit Orb.