Location of Shrine

  • View location on the Breath of the Wild Interactive Map.
  • Located at the southern end of the Ridgeland Tower Region. It is south of the Tamio River and just south of the Satori Mountain Peak.

Video Guide


Jump onto the swinging metal platform and then jump over to the safe area ahead. The next platform isn’t moving, but you can use Magnesis to cause it to swing back and forth. Jump onto it and then across to the other side.

Run ahead and you’ll see a bridge ahead. Use your bow to shoot the rope above the bridge, causing it to fall down. Open the treasure chest on the right side to get a Forest Dweller’s Spear. On the left side there is a small spike and then three large spikes. You can use Magnesis on all four of these spikes. You can either just move the spike to a side, causing it to swing back and forth, allowing you to run ahead. Alternatively you can grab it in place, move it to the side, and then place it so it doesn’t swing. Ahead of all the spikes, you’ll find a treasure chest that contains a Forest Dweller’s Bow.

Use Magnesis to pull the metal ramp all the way over and then jump onto it. It is sloping downward so it will take you to the edge. Use Magnesis on the ramps ahead and use them to create a bit of staircase, allowing you to climb up. After climbing up a couple of them, you can Paraglide over to the treasure chest that is below. Open it up to get a Gold Rupee.

Use Magnesis on the metal blocks to create a staircase again. At the top platform you can hit the crystal switch to cause to lit lanterns to appear. You can grab these Lamps and pull them towards the center and eventually cut the rope, causing them to fall down and burn the vines. It’s a bit fidgety and doesn’t always work properly. Alternatively you can just use Magnesis to cause them to swing back and forth and then cut the rope with an arrow.

By far the easiest method is to avoid them all together and just shoot a fire arrow at the vines. You can then use Magnesis to push the metal doors out. Speak with the monk, Mogg Latan, and he will reward you with a Spirit Orb.