Location of Shrine

Video Guide


Run to the northeast portion of the Korok Forest and you’ll meet up with Damia. This will begin the next Korok trial, opening up the Shrine Quest titled, The Test of Wood. All you have to do is make it to the end of the trial using only your Korok Weapon Set, without having any pieces burn or break.

Generally speaking, I recommend using Bombs as much as possible and then later in the trial you can selectively use some arrows. The first area has several Keese and I recommend using bombs to defeat them. Run ahead and you’ll encounter some blue chus. Again, use bombs to defeat them. There are a series of crates that are blocking your way and you can blow them up using some bombs.

There are some Stalfos in the area ahead. Defeat the melee one with some bombs, and then I recommend shooting an arrow to defeat the next Stalfos. The next area has a pair of Fire Keese, and it goes without saying that these guys are dangerous as they can burn your weapons. Use bomb to defeat them or snipe them with an arrow from a distance. Further ahead there are two Stalfos that will shoot ice arrows at you. Keep your distance and snip them down with your bow.

There is a yellow electric chu ahead, so defeat it with a bomb. Be sure to keep your distance so you don’t get shocked from the blast. Further ahead you’ll reach a water area and there four octoroks here. You can shield guard, but it’s probably best to just snipe them down with arrows. Three of them are visible from the start, with a fourth one appearing as you start making your way across the water. Use the Cryonis ability to create ice blocks. Carefully jump across as you will start back at the beginning if you fall into the water.

In the final area there is a Stalfos that is shooting fire arrows at you. Carefully shoot an arrow at him to get rid of him. Use Cryonis to get across the water. Once you start to do so, red chus will appear from below. Their fire will create an updraft, and this will allow you to glide across the water and reach your destination.

The actual shrine contains just a single treasure chest. Open it up to get a giant ancient core. Run over and speak with the monk, Maag Halan. He will reward you with a Spirit Orb.