Location of Shrine

Video Guide


Leave the Korok Forest to the southwest and you’ll come across a Korok named Zooki. Talk to him to take on another one of the Korok Trials. This will trigger the start of the Shrine Quest, Trial of Second Sight. The Korok will give you a clue that you need to spy the iron of the hungry trees.

Use your Magnesis ability and just keep it on the whole time. Several of the trees up ahead have iron in their mouths and this will guide you through the woods. Follow along from tree to tree. Some of them are a bit more hidden and sometimes other trees will get in your way. Keep at it and you’ll eventually come to a higher platform where you will find a weak Rusty Shield. Go ahead and grab it.

The area just ahead has a pair of torches and if you read the tablet, it tells you to feed it the shield. Jump into its mouth and drop the Rusty Shield. This will cause a treasure chest to appear in the mouth of a tree up ahead. Run on over to the treasure chest and open it to get an Amber.

Jump in the water nearby and pickup the Korok Leaf as we’ll need it to get across the water. Before you cross, use Magnesis on the treasure chest that you just opened and pull the chest onto the raft. Jump onto the raft and use the Korok Leaf to reach the torches on the island up ahead. Read the tablet here and it tells you to feed the treasure chest. Use Magnesis to drop the treasure chest into its mouth and this will cause the shrine to appear ahead, completing the Shrine Quest.

The actual inside of the shrine only contains a treasure chest and the monk. Open up the treasure chest to get a Giant Ancient Core. Run ahead and speak with the monk, Kuhn Sidajj. He will reward you with a Spirit Orb.