Location of Shrine

Video Guide


The shrine is located within the Thyphlo Ruins at the north end of the Woodland Tower Region. You can enter the ruins from the bridge to the west and as soon as you enter, everything goes dark and this will start the Shrine Quest titled Shrouded Shrine. You have to navigate through the dark ruins in order to find the shrine. You will need to use the nearby torch or any wooden weapon to guide your way through the Ruins as it is pitch black otherwise. While it may seem like an endless maze, it’s actually not too hard to navigate through the ruins and there are plenty of goodies to find.

Eventually, make your way to the very center of the ruins where you will find a circular pedestal. You need to find the corresponding orb and it is located just to the west, on the necklace of a Hinox. You can sneak up to the Hinox and grab it, but if the enemy does awake, you don’t really need to kill it. You can just stun it with an arrow to the eye and then steal the orb. Place the orb into the pedestal and the shrine will appear.

Inside of the shrine, run over to the treasure chest and open it to get an Ancient Core. Then speak to the monk, Ketoh Wawai, and he will reward you with a Spirit Orb.