Location of Shrine

Video Guide


Use Magnesis on the electric orb and place it on the platform to the right. This will cause electricity to flow, opening the door ahead.

Take the path on the right and defeat the Guardian Scout. The electric orb is hanging from the ceiling and you’ll need to cut it down. You can do that by throwing an item or shooting an arrow at the rope above. Grab the orb and carry it to the other side of the room where you can place it on the circular platform.

This will start the moving ramp, sending the block down below and allowing you to pass. Jump ahead and grab the small key from the treasure chest. Return to the locked door and head through.

Defeat the guardian scout here and run ahead. Electricity is flowing perfectly fine on the left side, but the connection is interrupted on the right side. Use Magnesis to pull the blocks closer together, so that they resemble the other side. With electricity properly flowing, the gate ahead will open.

Climb the steps but then turn around. There is a treasure chest on a higher ledge above. Use Magnesis to pull it over and open it to get a Gerudo Scimitar. Run over and speak with the monk, Kay Noh. He will reward you with a Spirit Orb.