Location of Shrine

Video Guide


Use your Magnesis ability to pull open the two large metal doors. In this next open area, there are two Guardian Scouts. Run around the room and get rid of these guys before they give you trouble.

On the left side of the room there are two more metal doors. Use Magnesis to open them up. Open the treasure chest here to get Traveler’s Bow. If you look at the wall near one of the metal doors, it has boulders next to it. Use bombs to blow up all three of the boulders and this will detach the metal door from the wall. You can now use Magnesis to carry the metal door around the room.

Carry the metal door to the small platform that has a staircase. From there use the metal door to create a platform, allowing you to walk across. Now use the Magnesis again, this time creating a ramp up to the highest platform. Run up the ramp and then use Magnesis on the treasure chest to pull it over. Open it up to get an Opal. Now return down the ramp and this time move the metal door to create a ramp to the monk, Ka’o Makagh. He will reward you with a Spirit Orb.