Location of Shrine

  • View location on the Breath of the Wild Interactive Map.
  • Located on the pathway that connects Central Hyrule to Gerudo Valley.
  • From the Keh Namut Shrine on the Great Plateau, leap off the plateau to the west to get down to the road below. Travel south and you’ll reach the shrine.

Video Guide


You will see a sphere on the moving ramp and just beyond the ramp, there is a platform with a hole where the sphere needs to drop into. Right when the sphere reach the edge of the platform on the left, use Stasis to freeze it in time. Then shoot it once with a regular arrow. Once it unfreezes, it will move right a bit, but it will drop right into the hole, opening up the nearby gate.

This second room is identical to the first room, with the exception being there are two guardian scouts that will be shooting lasers at you. You can avoid them or defeat them with ranged weapons. Either way, once again use Stasis and then shoot an arrow at the sphere to send it into the hole.

In the next area turn to the right and grab the sphere. We will have to carry it across the moving walkway. Wait until large blocks are blocking the first laser and then run by. Set the sphere down on the platform to the ledge and then use Stasis on the object that is shooting lasers here. Quickly grab the sphere and run by. Once again wait for a block to get in the way of the third laser, and then run to the end of the ramp. Toss the sphere in the hole to open the gate.

Return to moving ramp and you’ll see a treasure chest on the far side. Use Magnesis to grab it and then bring it over to a safe platform. Be careful though as you’ll need to step onto the moving platform to reach the treasure chest with Magnesis. Open it up to an Opal.

Run ahead and speak with the monk, Jee Noh. He will reward you with a Spirit Orb.