Location of Shrine

  • View location on the Breath of the Wild Interactive Map.
  • Located at the far southwest corner of the Gerudo Desert. It is located by the Gerudo Great Skeleton, which can be seen by the massive skeleton on your map.

Video Guide


The shrine is located at the far southwest corner of the Gerudo Desert. It will get sandy and you’ll lose your radar location as you get closer. However, if you glance at your map, you will see the skeleton in the corner and that’s where you need to go.

In the first room, you must use the two metal blocks to transfer power from the green crystal over to the orange light. Use Magnesis to push the first metal block between the crystal and small pillar. Then lift the second metal block higher up and hold it in between the orange light and metal block. This will cause electricity to flow, opening the nearby gate.

In the next area there is a treasure chest in the water just to the right. Use Magnesis to pull it up and open it to get an Ancient Core. You will find a green energy crystal here and it has a ball and chain attached to it. We need to use the ball to power up the light that is behind it. In order to do so we need to use Magnesis to move the ball around so that the chain does not wrap around the pillar. Use Magnesis to pull the ball toward the orange light and it will power the nearby ramp.

There is a power orb here, but before doing anything with it, run ahead and use your bow to take out the three Guardian Scouts that are in the distance. Now return to the power orb and use Magnesis to grab it. Hold it up in the air as you walk across the ramp, as you don’t want it to power any of the nearby lights. If you look up against the wall on the right side, you will see a light and a small platform where you can drop the orb. Do just that and the power will cause a platform to appear. Run up and open the treasure chest here to get a Gold Rupee.

Grab the orb again and take it all the way to the end of the room. Drop it on the circular platform here and it will power one of the gears ahead. Looking at the far wall you will see that a gear is missing from the wall.

Take the path to the right and you’ll find a puzzle just ahead. There is a green crystal on the left side and we need to have power extend across to the right side. If you step on the floor switch here, it will tilt the platform below, sending the blocks against the far wall. In order to solve this puzzle, do not stand on the floor switch. Use your Stasis ability on the block in the middle column that is closest to where you are standing. Then immediately step on the floor switch and all the blocks will move to the other end of the room.

While still standing on the floor switch, use Magnesis and grab the metal blocks that are on the left. They will move along the slider. Position them so they are right in front of the second and third columns. Step off the floor switch and the blocks will all fall in place, allowing electricity to flow to the right side.

Use Magnesis to pull the gear away and open the treasure chest that is behind it to get a Sapphire. Now grab the gear with Magnesis and carry it back to the previous room and put it in place on the wall, right between the two existing gears. Run ahead and speak with the monk, Hawa Koth. He will reward you with a Spirit Orb.