Location of Shrine

  • View location on the Breath of the Wild Interactive Map.
  • Located directly northwest of the Hebra Tower.
  • The shrine is hidden behind large door that will need to be knocked down with a rolling snowball.

Video Guide


The shrine is located just northwest of the Hebra Tower and it is at the bottom of a valley. The shrine is hidden behind a large door that blocks your path. From the door, if you turn around and follow the path up, you’ll see that the small trench creates a pathway. It turns to the right and then to the left, over a hump. Follow this pathway up and you’ll come across a handful of small snowballs.

Grab one of these snowballs and you want to drop it so it rolls down the long trench. When facing downhill, there is a rock sticking out of the ground. Its not the trench immediately to the right, but the one next to it. Drop the snowball and it will roll down the slope. As it rolls it will pickup some speed and also get much larger. At the bottom of the slope it will crash into the door, revealing the entrance to the shrine.

In the first room of the shrine, use your bow to shoot an arrow at the rope that is holding up the large boulder. This will cause it to drop down, landing on the switch and opening the gate. Run ahead and take a left to find another similar puzzle. This time you want to cut the rope on the left, causing the boulder to hit the switch. Run ahead and open the treasure chest to get a Diamond.

Run back to the other side of the shrine and you’ll find a third boulder hanging above. This one is a tad bit different as it has two ropes, but the switch is directly beneath it. What you want to do is first use Stasis to freeze the boulder. After the boulder is frozen in time, shoot the ropes on both sides. When the Statis times out, the boulder will drop down onto the switch, opening the gate ahead. Run over and speak with the monk, Gee Ha’rah. He will reward you with a Spirit Orb.