Location of Shrine

Video Guide


This shrine involves making sure that electric circuits are complete. Drop down on the left side and you’ll see two green lights. These indicate the electric current. Nearby there is a metal crate and if you place this at the end of the electric current, it will conduct and pass electricity. Grab the Metal Crate with Magnesis and follow the longer of the two green lines. Place the metal crate at the end of the line, and it will light up the next green light.

Follow the circuit and there is a large gap ahead. Use Magnesis and grab the large Metal Block that is nearby. Place it in the gap, causing the circuit to complete, opening up a nearby gate that has a second metal crate.

We now want to complete the circuit that has the smaller green light. Grab the new metal crate and place it at the end of the green line. Now use the other metal crate and the large metal box to complete the circuit. This will open up the gate, leading to a treasure chest that contains a Thunderblade.

Grab one of the metal crates and take it to the other side of the room. There is a small green light and we want to complete this circuit. Place a metal crate down between the first small gap, and then use a metal crate on the second gap as well. The third gap is another small one, but we have no metal crates. We want to drop or throw the Thunderblade that we just go right in the small gap, causing electricity to pass. Now go and grab the large metal block and place it between the two platforms, causing electricity to flow and opening the large gate.

Now we want to grab the new Metal Block that we have access to. Place it against the corner, near the staircase that leads to the monk. This will light up the bulb above. We now want to place the other Metal Block on the similar spot on the other side of the room. Doing so will cause electricity to flow, opening up the gate.

Run over and speak with the monk, Daqo Chisay. He will reward you with a Spirit Orb.