Location of Shrine

  • View location on the Breath of the Wild Interactive Map.
  • Located beneath the Digdogg Suspension Bridge, connecting Central Hyrule with the Wastleland Tower region.
  • You can warp to the Keh Namut Shrine on the Great Plateau and leap off the plateau to the northwest.

Video Guide


The shrine is one of the many minor tests of strength shrines found throughout the world. Given its proximity to the Great Plateau and how easy it is to find, this might be one of the first test of strength shrines you locate.

Inside the shrine you will find a Guardian Scout. He wields a basic spear and will jab at you. Your best strategy is to hold out your shield and when he attacks, try to perform a Perfect Dodge so that you can then deliver a Flurry Rush attack. Later in the battle, the Guardian Scout will begin shooting a laser in a circular pattern just around him. You can keep your distance, or paraglide over and deliver an arrow strike.

Once the scout is defeated, run over and open the treasure chest ahead to get an Ancient Core. Run over and speak wit the monk, Dah Kaso. He will reward you with a Spirit Orb.