Location of Shrine

  • View location on the Breath of the Wild Interactive Map.
  • Located directly south of Rito Village on the other side of the water.
  • The shrine is hidden and you’ll need to complete a Shrine Quest to reach the shrine.

Video Guide


In order to actually get the Shrine Quest, you will first need to defeat the Divine Beast Vah Medoh. However, you can still uncover the shrine, even without the clues given from the Shrine Quest. Just south of Rito Village on the other side of the water, you will find a circular pedestal that you can stand on. If you look towards Rito Village and look up to the statue above it, you will see that a hole makes the shape of a heart. At exactly 12:40pm, sun will shine through the heart, right onto the pedestal. While this is happening, shoot the center of the pedestal with a fire arrow. This will cause the shrine to appear nearby.

Once you enter the shrine, turn to the right and you’ll see some cracked boulders. Blow them up with some bombs and then open the treasure chest here to get a Falcon Bow.

There is a large cannon here and you can climb the ladder to reach it. Drop a spherical bomb into the cannon and then launch it. It will toss an orb out, breaking a crate and revealing a switch. This will also cause some walls to move. Place another spherical bomb into the cannon and this time you will need to time it so that the ball misses the moving walls and hits the switch ahead.

Before heading to the alter, run ahead and you’ll find a second cannonball puzzle. This time the switch that you need to hit is a moving target. It really isn’t that hard and you should be able to hit it in a few shots. A treasure chest will appear, so go ahead and open it to get a Diamond.

Run over and speak with the monk, Bareeda Naag. He will award you with a Spirit Orb.