Ask Aonuma About Hyrule Warriors

AonumaWith Hyrule Warriors having been released in Japan for a month now and the release dates elsewhere getting closer and closer, we all have our questions regarding the game. We all know of Eiji Aonuma and his involvement on pretty much every entry in the Zelda series since Ocarina of Time but now fans are getting the opportunity to put their questions regarding Hyrule Warrios to Mr Aonuma himself.

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On the Nintendo Gaming Console Facebook page there is a section where you can ask any question regarding Hyrule Warrios and Eiji Aonuma will answer some of them. Whether it’s regarding some of the more subtle references in the game, the possibilities of future DLC/playable characters or to do with creation of the game, you could have those burning questions answered. Click here to go to the Nintendo Gaming Console Facebook page and ask away.

What questions do you want answered?  Tell us in the comments below but don’t forget to post your questions on Facebook page, too!

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