Graphic designer and avid gamer Laura Fullmoon is a blogger famous for her nail art (you can see some of her

gaming nail art here, although you might prefer some of her cartoon arrangements, or even have some Adventure Time nails), her love for musicals, and her inspirational posts. This time I bring you her latest—and, may I say it, most amazing—nail art to date: Majora’s Mask nail art, with which she starts a new section in her blog, Game & Nails. Given that she started it with her boyfriend, it’s not surprising that she chose to go romantic and depict Anju and Kafei, with their respective wedding masks, in a celebration of love.

You can check the

Majora’s Mask entry by clicking here, or you can check out her blog to see if there’s anything else you like by clicking here. As for the Legend of Zelda saga in general, and Majora’s Mask in particular, this is what she has to say:

“Finally, I’m happy to show you my nail art inspired in the game The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask.

The Legend of Zelda was created in 1986 by Shigeru Miyamoto ( Best known for being the creator Mario and Donkey Kong franchises) and Takashi Tezuka. It was develop for the NES (Nintendo Entertainment System), the first video game console made by Nintendo.

In each game we control Link, the hero of time, he fights against Ganon and his evil forces. Nowadays the franchise owns 17 titles and it’s considered one of the most famous videogames.

Majora’s Mask was released in 2000. Originally it was thought to be an Ocarina of time’s remix, but it became a spiritual successor instead. After saving Hyrule, Link leaves searching for new adventures and in his journey a Masks seller asks him for help. A powerful mask has been stolen from the seller and Link following the thief ends in Termina. Once there, we can observe the chaos bringed by the Mask, and we only have three days to avoid the moon crashing over Termina.

The hero has to bring the peace back to the citizens of Termina. We have decided to represent the story of Anju and Kafei, one of the many stories you can play during the game. This couple was supposed to marry in the Carnival of Time ceremony but, the Mask turned Kafei into a child. In addition, his Sun’s Mask is stolen and he won’t be able to marry without it. With the help of Link he decides to get his Mask back. When he finally recovers it the couple can go on with the wedding, where they will put together the Sun and Moon Masks creating the Couple’s Mask.

To create this nail art I used a white nail polish for the base, mine is the 337 from Yes Love. I wanted to make a rusty look in the nails so I did a gradient with a mustard polish from Kiko. The gradient is a little bit random but I liked it unequal. As you may know the rest of the nail art is done with acrylic paints, I’ve used my thiner brushes for it.

Finally I’m gonna explain you what’s in every nail: We can see the Couple’s Mask in the thumb, while in the middle and ring fingers I drawed the Moon and the Sun Masks. The lovers are represented in my index (Anju) and my pinky (Kafei).

We hope you like the new section, you can suggest an especific videogame for future posts in the comments below. I also hope this entries are easy to read, I’ll do my best to improve my writting skills.”

— Laura Fullmoon

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