After what seems like forever, work on the Adventure of Link Video Walkthrough has resumed. The entire video has been recorded already, but I am in the process of finishing up some of the audio commentary for the rest of the chapters. I will be uploading daily videos over at our YouTube channel from now until the completion of the guide in a couple weeks. Chapter 1 of the video walkthrough is now online and it is broken up into two portions. The first part covers everything up until the entrance of Parapa Palace while part two covers the palace itself.

We’ve got several other video walkthroughs in the works and they should be popping up very frequently over the next few months. Our long awaited Twilight Princess video walkthrough is being completely redone as we now have the ability to record some much higher quality video from the Nintendo Wii. We’ve got a few other projects underway and you should expect to see them announced in just a couple weeks. For now, be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel so you can get the latest videos!

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Adventure of Link Chapter 1 (1/2)
Adventure of Link Chapter 1 Part (2/2)

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