Chapter 10 - Having A Blast
This section of the walkthrough covers the journey through Goron Island and the Goron Temple.

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10.1 Goro-Link

Items: Treasure Map #16
Gems: Wisdom Gem #11, Power Gem #12
New Enemies: Blue ChuChu, Like Like

 - Upon arriving Ciela and Linebeck go on about the pure metal that might be on this island. After thatís over with, control Link and move to your left to find the first Goron here. He gives you some basic information about the Gorons and Goron Island. You can enter the first cave here to find it is a Goron home. He just tells you some basic information and nothing really useful. You can make your way to the small hut at the bottom-left corner to find a small shop. Up for sale are some potions, arrows, a wooden shield (if you lose yours), and a new item, some bombchus. Unfortunately we do not have bombchu bag yet, so we cannot get these.

 - Head up the small steps and navigate this area of the island, talking to any of the gorons or going into and of the small huts. Head east and you will see a goron across a small gap and a sign that reads, Ďgive a shout if you need anythingí. Just walk by it for now and head up the small stairs.

 - Follow the path back leftwards and you will find a goron worried about new enemies on the higher ledge. Use the shovel on the soft soil spot and ride the geyser upwards. From here, we can use the boomerang to stun the yellow chuchus on the other higher cliff and then the bow and arrow to defeat them. The small goron will thank you for helping him out and then tosses you a new treasure map!

New Item: Treasure Map #16 Goron Island
 - This map shows the location of a sunken treasure in the southeast quadrant of the Great Sea!

View Treasure Map Guide

 - Now backtrack to the sign we saw earlier. It tells you to shout if you need anything, so shout into the microphone. The goron from the other side will ask if you want to cross and will step on a switch, creating a small bridge. Cross it and then continue right to find some more gorons roaming around.

 - Talk to the large Goron here and he says because you are a stranger he cannot tell you where the elderís house is. However, when saying that, he points to the elderís house. Mark it on your map. There is another small hut to the right where a Goron begins to tell you a secret of the Goron Amber, but then stops because he doesnít know you well.

 - Head up the small steps here and youíll see a soft soil spot on the left. Dig it up for a red rupee. If you head to the right you will come across a Goron that wonít let you cross. If youíve spoken to all the Gorons on the island already, Ciela will say that you should visit the Goron elder.

 - Head back left and follow the weird looking tracks into a cave. Speak with the Goron Elder, Biggoron and after telling him of the pure metal, he says he will not speak of it unless you are a tribe member. He tells you to speak to all the Gorons and then we can speak again. If youíve already spoken to all the possible gorons up until now, he will continue, now asking you some questions about the island. Take the test for the 20 rupees.

 - He explains the rules of his trivia game. He will ask you six questions and if you get each one right, he will give you a prize, but if you get one wrong, he will take back all his prizes. He gives you one Gorohint, which allows Link to eliminate one of the possible answers in the multiple choices questions. Below are the prizes awarded and the possible questions he will ask with the correct answers.


How many Gorons live on this island?

How many homes are there on this island?

How many Gorons are in their homes right now?

How many Gorons are outside right now?

Of those Gorons how outside, how many are adults?

How many Goron children are on the island?

How many rocks are in this home?

The Goron at this spot! What is he staring at?

What color were the odd creatures on the cliff?

What is on this spot?

Easy one, stranger! What number question is this?
Be sure to keep track!

How many rupees have you won so far? Easy!
Keep track! Changes as you go!

Correct AnswersRewards
1 Green Rupee
2 Blue Rupee
3 Red Rupee
4 Red Rupee
5 Big Green Rupee
6 Wisdom Gem #11

 - He tried to trick you with a facial reaction as if you got some questions wrong, but you really get them right and he claps. After a drum roll for the 6th and final question, he claps as confetti falls from the ceiling. You are now an official brother of the Goron tribe and you are now known as Goro-Link. He will then award you with the wisdom gem.

Wisdom Gem #11 Goron Island - Goron Elder
 - Answer all 6th questions correct to become a member of the Goron tribe. With the 6th correct answer, Link will awarded with a Wisdom Gem.

View Wisdom Gems Guide

 - Biggoron collects a one-time payment for your membership dues of 146 rupees. That is exactly the number of rupees you just won from the trivia contest. Biggoron will then give you some hints about the pure metal. He tells you that the pure metal is in the Goron Temple and Link is free to take it. He will then tell you that little Gongoron will show you to the temple. Talk to Gongoron and he will go walking out of the room and tells you to keep up.

 - Walk outside and Gongoron is gone! If you head east, the Goron guard wonít let you pass and says he has not seen Gongoron. Talk to the rest of the Gorons that are walking around to find clues on where Gongoron has gone. Youíll find him on a higher cliff but then he calls you a slowpoke and walks off again! Head back to the right and ask the Gorons if theyíve seen him. One of them points out that he is back on the east side of the island by the Goron guard.

 - Finally find Gongoron and he tells you follow him. The Goron guard will now let you pass up north. Head up north and you will find yourself in the Goron maze. Ciela points out that it is a dead end but it is far from that. There are two cracked walls and a bomb flower.

 - Bomb the wall on the left first and follow the path to your left. Just head left for now and defeat the rock chuchu with a bomb. At the end of the path is a switch that you can step on. Do so and it lowers the spikes at a later part of the maze. You can take the south part of this area and you will come across a new form of chuchu.

Blue ChuChu

 - The toughest variation of chuchu found in the game. Much like the yellow chuchuís the blue ones have an electric charge around them. However, this is a permanent charge and doesnít just go away after a few seconds. Use your arrows or bombs to defeat them. Alternatively, you can stun them with the boomerang and then finish them up with two swipes of your regular sword.

 - You can head all the way left to get some extra items, but nothing really worthy. Youíll notice there is a switch below but you canít fit through the small hole just yet. Just leave it for now and head back to the bomb flower on the far right.

 - Use the bomb flower or your regular bombs to break the first two walls here. You can blow up the next wall as well to have access to another bomb flower. Defeat the rock chuchu and blowup the next wall on your left. Follow the path all the way to the left and you will come across a small treasure chest. Open it up to get a big green Rupee. Head back right and it appears you are stuck, but there is a hidden cracked wall. Just south of the weird looking symbol place a bomb to explode open the wall. Head left and exit the maze.

 - Thereís one thing left in the maze though. From the left side of the maze head down and then right through the small passage until you come to a treasure chest. Open it up to get a power gem.

Power Gem #12 Goron Island - Maze
 - After making it through the maze on the island. From the left side head back into the maze through the south entrance and you will come to a treasure chest that contains the power gem.

View Power Gems Guide

 - Head back left and go down the small steps to encounter a new enemy, a Like Like.

Like Like

 - These classic Zelda enemies will suck Link into its body and if it holds you long enough, will steal your shield. Keep your distance and when it begins to try and suck you in, toss a bomb. It will explode, stunning the like like and allowing you to defeat it with your sword. If you have the courage gem upgrade, equip Ciela and you can keep your distance, firing sword beam attacks at the enemy.

 - After this annoying enemy is defeat, the spikes will lower on the left. Climb a few sets of stairs and you will be right outside the Goron Temple. Ciela will jump in saying that Gongoron has entered the temple and we should follow him in. Before entering, step on the switch below to create a bridge that allows easier access to the lower part of the island. Once you are ready, enter Goron Temple.

10.2 Goron Temple

Items: Treasure Map #17, Bombchu, Crimsonine
Heart Containers: #9
New Enemies: Armos, Eye Slug

 - Enter the temple and Ciela immediately notices there is no sign of Gongoron and suggest that Link should just push forward. The stone tablet nearby gives Link some obvious advice, stay away from the quicksand.

 - Make your way to the right side of the room, trying to avoid being seen by the beamos. Defeat the blue chuchus as they appear in the room. Cycle around the twirling passages and you will find a switch and another beamos. Stepping on the switch you will see that spikes lower in the area above, but once you step off the spikes rise again. There is a small path here and a large statue on the other end. This is actually an Armos statue.


 - These statues start off stationary, but when Link draws near they awake and start hopping around. Just use one of Links bombs and toss it at the Armos and it will shut off, now turning into just a regular statue.

 - Luckily for us, this first statue is already shut off, so just pull him over to the switch on the floor and it will lower the spikes above. Quickly run around the spikes and get away from the beamos.

 - There is a strange looking door here, but we canít do anything about it so just head left. There is an armos statue waiting for you, but this one is actually active. It will start hopping at you so either maneuver around it and toss the bomb flower or just use one of your own bombs. There is an eye statue just to the right, but it is too high for Link to hit so just head on north.

 - There is a switch in the quicksand, but it is a timed switch. Not need to bother hitting it at this point since we canít reach the chest. There is a switch on the floor as well, and it is also a timed switch. Stepping on it will open that strange door we passed earlier. However, we donít have enough time to run on over. Pull the armos statue we just defeated onto the switch to keep the door open.

 - Head on through the door and you will find another armos statue. Use some bombs to shut it down and then push it onto the switch that lies on the left. This will create a small bridge in the area above the quick sand. Head back right and use the shovel on the soft soil spot to create a geyser. Ride it up to the higher platform.

 - Grab the bomb flower and step onto the bridge above the quicksand. Toss it down to the ground to hit the switch and then really quickly run on over to the right and open the switch that appears for another treasure map.

New Item: Treasure Map #17 Goron Temple
 - This map shows the location of a sunken treasure in the southeast quadrant of the Great Sea!

View Treasure Map Guide

 - Cross the bridge to your left and jump off the ledge. Use bombs to de-activate the two armos and the door will open below. Step on the switch on the floor and it will lower the spikes below, allowing quicker access to the temple entrance.

 - Head to the far right off this area and pull out the arrows. Remember that eye switch we saw earlier? Well, from this higher platform we now can hit it. Doing so will create a chest that contains a red rupee.

 - Head to the far left of the room and you will see a useless statue and a cracked wall. If you blow up the wall and head through, you will find yourself in a dead end area. However, you can see that two pillars to the right, there is another entrance. Leave the room and then place a bomb in the area two sections to the right to blow open another secret wall. Break the pots and then head down the stairs at the top of the room.

 - Take a step down and the door shuts behind you. Two flaming skulls appear in a room that is already filled with two beamos and quicksand. Defeat the two skulls and the door will open up and the spikes at the left will lower. Avoid the beamos and cross the area with the lowered spikes.

 - Follow this wavy path and you finally find Gongoron standing on the other side of quicksand. You find out that Gongoron wasnít actually running throughout the temple, but rather he was captured by enemies and locked up. Before you have time to think of a way to get him out of there, an eye brute appears behind Link. Use an arrow and fire it at the eye of the enemy. When it is stunned, run on over and swipe at it with your sword until he has been defeated. It will take a few hits, but once he is defeated, run back over to the quicksand and talk to Gongoron.

 - Gongoron thanks Link for saving him and now he can run freely. However, Ciela points out that Link cannot progress any further on his side. Gongoron, being the helpful goron that he is, agrees to help Link remove the trap. It will give you some instructions on how to switch between Link and Gongoron. All you have to do is tap the symbol at the top of the screen.

 - Switch on over to Gongoron and roll your way southward. Take a few seconds to get used to Gongorons controls a bit. If you tap at a place far from Gongoron, he will roll up into a ball and start rolling around. Gongoron has the ability to roll through many of the blocks south of him. However, there are three rock chuchus in this area that Gongoron cannot roll through. Instead, just stand up normally and tap at the rock chuchus and Gongoron will jump on them, breaking their rock defense. Finish them off with another strike. Once all three have been defeated, the spikes near Link will be lowered. You cannot progress any further with Gongoron here, so switch on back to Link.

 - Head south and you will find two Like Likeís waiting for you. Defeat them both using either your sword or some bombs and the spikes near Gongoron will lower. Head on over and Gongoron will find there is a gap across the lowered spikes. In order to get across, Gongoron must pick-up speed while rolling and dash over the gap. Use the upper part of this area to pick-up speed. There is a switch here, step on it and nothing happens.

 - Remain on top of the switch and switch on over to Link. Head down a bit and you will see another switch, just left of the one by Gongoron. Step on this switch with Link and with both switches down, a large treasure chest will appear on Linkís side of the room. Run on over and open it to get some bombchus.

New Item: Bombchu Goron Temple
 - Bombchus are basically moveable bombs. When equipped, Link will hold a bombchu above his head and you can trace the route that the bombchu travels. Once it reaches its destination or target, it will explode. Perfect for getting across quicksand or through small holes where Link could normally not reach. When Link first gets the bombchus, he also gets a Bombchus back which holds up to 10 bombchus.

 - Once Link opens the chest, the spikes by Gongoron will also lower. Switch back over to Gongoron and head down to battle some new creates, Eye Slugs.

Eye Slug

 - One of the easiest enemies in these games, these snake like creatures usually travel in packs and could swarm Link. However, they can be defeated with just a single sword swipe.

 - Defeat all the eye slugs in this bottom area by either jumping on them or rolling at them. Once they are all defeated, a door will open up on the left of the room, allowing Link to access the south portion of the room.
 - Switch back over to Link and head through this now open door. Some more eye slugs to defeated and once they are all gone, a small treasure chest will appear which contains a piece of treasure. Also, some spikes just to the right will lower.

 - Head on over and you will notice there is a small gap that Link canít quite fit through. However, his newly acquired bombchus will glide right through the hole. Trace a line through the hole and to the switch. Release the bombchu and watch it explode right at the switch, which will lower the spikes on the left side of the room.

 - Gongoron has found a small hole and tells Link that they need to split up. Make your way to the left side of the room and head up the stairs back to the first floor. Defeat the blue chuchu that is found here and then pull out your bombchus once again. Trace one through the hole and hit the switch in the corner of the room to create a small bridge that leads near the temples entrance. No need to leave right now, so just head back down the stairs. Nothing left to do in this room so just continue down the next set of stairs to get to floor B2.

 - Head to the right and defeat the Like Like. Lift the rock to reveal a small hole where a bombchu can pass. Head on up and fight off some rock chuchus until you have found another switch. If you try and hit this switch, you will notice that nothing happens. If you smack the statue just to the left, it gives you a clue to what you have to do. You must hit the two switches at the same time to lower the spikes.

 - Stand right next to the crystal switch on your right and pull out the bombchus once again. Trace a path around the corner and through the two small holes so it will hit the second crystal switch. Release the bombchu and once it is about to hit the crystal switch, be sure to swing your sword so you hit the other switch. When both switches have been hit at the same time, the spikes at the left will lower.

 - Head down the stairs to get to the 3rd basement of this temple. Walk around the room and you will find that it is filled with those pesky miniblins. Avoid the flying pots near the center of the room and defeat all six miniblins to make a treasure chest appear. Open it up to get all of 20 rupees.

 - At the top left part of this room you will find a there are blue and red blocks. Next to the blue blocks, you will see a crystal switch. On your side of the wall, there is another crystal switch that changes the blocks. What you need to do it keep the red blocks lowered. Trace a bombchu through the small hole above, across the quicksand past the red and blue blocks and hit the switch at the end of the line. As you release, wait until it crosses the red blocks and then swipe your sword to lower the blue blocks so you allow the bombchu to make it to the switch. Hitting the switch will lower the spikes to the right.

 - Continue towards the right and you will come across an area with four armos statues and four switches. Use a bomb on each of the armos to freeze them into a statue and then push all four of them onto the four switches. Doing so will lower the spikes at the right.

 - Follow the path around and pass a few flying pots that come at you. At the end of the hall you will find there is the boss key door, but we donít have the boss key just yet. Head on up the stairs just to the right. Press the switch on the left to create a bridge for quicker access to the temple entrance, then head right and watch the door slam shut behind you.

 - The eye brutes appear and can be defeated just like before, using a combination of arrows and your sword. Once they are done away with, the door will open up and some spikes will lower. Head passed the spikes and navigate your way around the corners.

 - There is a crystal switch in this area, but it is one of those timed switches. Just pass it up for now and head right to find a few blue chuchus and some green slime. Defeat all the enemies in this area until you make it to the raised spikes once again. Stand just to the right of them and use a bombchu and hit the switch we passed up before. Quickly run across the lowered spikes.

 - The stone statue near you tells you to look across the quicksand if you find you are stuck. This area has a ton of eye slugs in the sand to your left. Use your bow and arrow to eliminate all of them and a treasure chest will appear just below. Open it up and it will contain a treasure.

 - If you look at your map you will notice two sections that arenít quicksand on the far left. Those two areas have switches on them and Link needs to trace paths with his bombchus. After hitting both switches, a large treasure chest appears back on the right side of the room. Head back that way but the spikes will be in your way once again. Trace a line across the quicksand and unleash your boomerang or a bombchu to hit the switch.

 - Pass the spikes and head on over to the large chest. Open it up to get the Boss Key! There should be no more enemies in this area so slowly carry the boss key to the bottom of the screen and head down the stairs. Use the key on the huge lock to your left.

 - These pillars look similar to the secret ones we saw earliar, but as the stone statue at end says, there are no secrets to them. Head down the steps and prepare for the temple boss. Smash the pots and acorns in this room to fill up on hearts and bombchus. Then tap the stone tablet and it will create a blue portal, allowing quick access to the temple entrance. Once you are ready for battle head up through the door.

 - Like always the door will shut behind you and across the quicksand is Dongorongo, Armored Lizard.

Temple Boss: Dongorongo, Armored Lizard Goron Temple
Defense Power:
 - Weaken with bombs, multiple hits to defeat.
 - Slow.
  Eye Slug.

 - You will notice that you cannot actually reach Dongorongo at first because of the quicksand in the way. However, our good friend Gongoron appears on the top of the screen and wants to bring down the beast together. Switching between Gongoron and Link is the same as before, just tap the button that appears. As you are battling with Dongorongo at the top, eye slugs will periodically attack Link at the bottom. Quickly switch on over and defeat the eye slugs.

 - When controlling Gongoron, watch out for itís two main attacks. One is simply dashing into the little Goron, and the other is shooting three balls of fire out of its mouth. Avoid his attacks and try and hit Dongorongo from his side. Hitting him from the front will do nothing because of his massive armor. However, he becomes stunned for a split second. Once you get a chance, target its side and do a jump attack to weaken Dongorongo. Jump on him several times until he is stunned on the floor. Then quickly switch back over to Link and trace a bombchu right at the monsters mouth for huge blow. Switch back and forth between Gongoron and Link and repeat this process until youíve nailed Dongorongo with three bombchus.

 - Once you do so, it will fall to the floor and a door will open up at the top of the room. Gongoron heads through the door saying that the Pure Metal lies behind it. A bridge appears near Link so he can reach the door as well. Cross the bridge and make your way to the door, but wait! Dongorongo isnít finished yet!

 - The beast stands back up, the bridge disappears, and the door shuts, trapping Link in this enclosed area with the monster. A blue orb will stick out of Dongorongo, revealing a weak spot. He is as more furious then ever now and will shoot endless fire out of his mouth as he spins around the room. He also walks more aggressively and the eye slugs around appear more frequently. Dongorongo will get on its hind legs and try to suck Link towards him. This is your chance, pull out your bombs and toss them into dongorongoís mouth. They will explode and it will fall on to its side. Run on over and slash at its blue circle on its back over and over. Repeat this process several times until the monster has been defeated for good.
 - Use the button at the top of the screen to switch between Link and Gongoron, you can only use one at a time. Try to avoid leaving your unattended party member in quick sand. Ciela will warn you when Eye Slugs get close to Link, switch quick, kill them, switch back.
 - As Gongoron, use his jump attack on the boss's side while avoiding fireballs. The best time to attack is right after he blows fire and is about to roll. Dodge and  as he zips past use the jump attack. While he's stunned, switch to link, and use the Bombchus, drawing a line across the quicksand into his mouth.
 - When he falls over. Go across the bridge to commence the second half of the battle, in which he's much faster.
 - Now with only Link, avoid his fireballs and kill of the Eye Slugs if you must. Wait until Dongorongo inhales deeply, about to breathe lots of fire and throw a bomb into his mouth. Quickly, slash the blue crystal on his back. Repeat.

 - After it has been defeated, it will turn into flakes of sand. Link will pull out the Phantom Hourglass and pull in two minutes of sand from his enemy. A large treasure chest will appear, the door will open, and the bridge will also re-appear. Head on over and open the treasure chest to get a heart container!

Heart Container #9 Goron Temple
 - After defeating the boss of the Temple of Courage, Dongorongo, a treasure chest will appear containing a full heart container.

View Heart Containers Guide

 - Head through the door and reunite with Gongoron. After some small talk between Ciela and Gongoron, your Goron will present you with your first pure metal.

New Item: Crimsonine Goron Temple
 - This red gem is the first pure metal that Link receives. After defeating Dongorongo in the Goron Temple, Link finds the Crimsonine on a pedestal.

 - Gongoron will take Link to visit his him and then walk off. A blue portal appears so step right into it to be taken to just outside the temple.

10.3 Rewards

Items: Treasure Map #18, Bombchu Bag
Heart Containers: #10
Gems: Courage Gem #11

 - Back outside, lets head straight to the Goron Elder and talk to him about our quest. You can use the shortcut on the left side of the island. Upon arriving at the house, you will see Gongoron by the Goron Elderís side. Speak to the Elder and he will tell you the Crimsonine is yours to keep. He then tells you it has come time for you to leave and returns the membership fee you paid, with interest! He gives you a big red rupee that is worth 200 rupees. Leave the elderís house and talk to the various Gorons on the island to see what they have to say.

 - Gongoron is sad to see you go and since he likes you so much as a friend, he will soon be sending you a letter in the mail. The real good part about this letter is that it comes with a courage gem!

Courage Gem #11 Various Mailbox
 - Given to Link shortly after he has defeated the Goron Temple. Gongoron sends the letter, thanking Link for helping him defeat the monsters. You wonít get it immediately after the temple, but will get it eventually.

View Courage Gems Guide

 - Next, we want to head back into the Goron Island Maze at the top of the island. Take the left hole and walk around the maze to get to that part where we saw a switch, but couldnít reach it. Now that we have the bombchus, we can slide on through the whole to trigger the switch. Do so and a treasure chest will appear at top right corner of the island. Run on over and open the chest to get a treasure map!

New Item: Treasure Map #18 Goron Island-Maze
 - This map shows the location of a sunken treasure in the southwest quadrant of the Great Sea!

View Treasure Map Guide

 - Before heading back to Linebeck and leaving the island, take another visit at the shop at the bottom-left part of the island. You will find that the woman here has a new item for sale, a bombchu bag. Shell out the 1,000 rupees so you can carry more bombchus.

New Item: Bombchu Bag Goron Island
 - After defeating the monsters at Goron Temple, the bombchu bag upgrades becomes available. For 1,000 rupees, Link will not be able to carry 20 bombchus.

 - Now head on over to Linebeck and show off the nice treasure that youíve found. Of course not interested for the pure metal, he just cares about the treasure. Anyway, climb on board and set sail.

 - If you have already purchased the quiver and bombchu bag upgrades at the various shops, there is a brand new item waiting to be purchased, a heart container! It costs an expensive 2,000 rupees, so if you need to head on over to Mercay Island and sell some treasure or ship parts, do so. The heart container is actually for sale on Mercay, Molida, or Goron Island. However, once you purchase it from one of the stores, it will no longer be available elsewhere.

Heart Container #10 Mercay, Molida, or Goron Island Shops
 - Can be purchased at various shops after Link has already bought the quiver and bombchu bag upgrades. Be ready to shell out some serious cash as it costs 2,000 rupees!

View Heart Containers Guide

 - Head back over to Linebeck and set sail. Before progressing to the next island, there are a few sunken treasures that we now can pull up.

#16 - Southeast Quadrant -
Northeast of Goron Island
Ship Part
12 green rupees
#17 - Southeast Quadrant -
Northeast of Dee Ess Island
Ship Part
5 green rupees, 1 red rupee
#18 - Southwest Quadrant -
South of Cannon Island
Ship Part
9 green rupees

 - With all of that out of the way, we can make your way to our next destination, the Isle of Frost. Located at the northeast part of the southeast quadrant. Sail on over and depending if youíve been here yet or not, it may be covered with ice. If youíve already removed the ice, just dock at the island. If you have not, just sail around the island and shoot down the ice block surrounding the island to reveal the ship dock. Sail towards it and dock at the Isle of Frost.

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