Chapter 9 - Wet Waters
This section of the walkthrough covers the journey through the southeast quadrant, including Harrow and Dee Ess Island.

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~ Chapter 9 - Wet Waters ~
- 9.1 Earthquake
- 9.2 Temple of the Ocean King, Part 4
- 9.3 Southeast Quadrant
Chapter 10 - Having A Blast
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9.1 Earthquake

~ Mercay Island ~

 - Upon arriving at Mercay Island, walk on over to the mailbox and you’ll get a new letter. Depending on if you’ve gotten all the previous letters or not, this one should be from Linebeck. He is grateful for your work but still happens to throw some insults in there. He will award you with a ship part, explaining his thanks. Make your up to the North part of the Island and one of the townsmen will call you over. He explains to you about the golden frogs and points out the location on the map. We’ve already done all of this so just ignore what he has said and continue towards the Temple of the Ocean King.

 - When you are just near the Ocean King, another Earthquake will erupt. Ciela believes that it is Bellum who is causing these earthquakes from deep within the temple. Head up and enter the temple.

9.2 Temple of the Ocean King, Part 4

Items: Sea Chart #3
Gems: Power Gem #11, Courage Gem #7, Wisdom Gem #10
New Enemies: Wizzrobe

 - Just head straight passed the entrance hall and watch the hourglass flip over. Not much to do here so run straight down the steps to B1. Some new phantoms will greet you on this floor, red phantoms, or swift phantoms. They are the exact same as the regular phantoms except they move much quicker. The three spirits will all pop out, giving you some advice about them.

 - Anyway, nothing has changed in this room, just bomb the blocks at the top, grab the key from the top-left corner, and unlock the door at the top-right which leads to B2.

 - Nothing has changed on this floor either other than there is now a red phantom patrolling the southern area. Hit the two switches near the top phantom to drop the key. Remember, there is a shortcut through a cracked wall on the right side of the screen. Step on the switch and grab the key with boomerang. Maneuver through the bottom, changing the colored blocks and unlock the door. You can bomb the wall on the left part of the screen to find a yellow pot which holds 30 seconds of time. Head down the steps.

 - Now that we have the Bow, there is new treasure chest we can unlock on this floor. The two regular phantoms have now been replaced by red ones. Let’s first put the force gems in place. Grab the first one from the chest in the top-left corner ad take it to the huge safe zone. Head right and there is a secret yellow pot behind some blocks at the top-right corner of the room. Head down and use the boomerang to hit the switch on the right side of the room to lower the spikes.

 - It is a good idea to get rid of the phantom on this part of the room. Remember, there are two switches on the higher platform at the bottom-right portion of the room. Each switch creates a hole in the ground. Get to the higher platform by using the shovel on a soft spot at the bottom-right area. Then time the switches so they are triggered right when the red phantom walks over. He will fall down and toss the key up.

 - Before going and getting the key, head all the way to the top-right corner of this higher platform. Pull out the bow and aim upwards to see an eye switch. Hit it with the bow and a treasure chest appears just to the left of the large safe zone. Quickly run to the left side of this platform and jump off. Then run over to the safe zone without getting spotted and open the chest to get a power gem! Be sure to move quickly as this is a timed chest and it will disappear if you take too long.

Power Gem #11 Temple of the Ocean King – B3
 - Head over to the higher platform at the bottom at the southeast part of the room. Stand at the top-right corner and aim an arrow up at the eye switch. A treasure chest appears near the large safe zone. Quickly run over and open it to get the power gem.

View Power Gems Guide

 - Now head on over and grab the small key that was dropped. Get the second force gem from the door at the bottom-right of the room. Then unlock the door near the bottom-left and open the chest for the final force gem. One all three gems are in place head through the door above.

 - Get some extra time by smashing the pot at the left and then head down the steps at the top-right corner.

 - There is nothing new on this floor but there is a pretty good shortcut that we can now access. At the top-right of the screen, shoot an arrow at the eye switch and all the gust jars will shut off immediately. Now make your way to the life side of the room and defeat all the phantom eyes without letting them see you. Then when the phantom is away, bomb the cracked wall on the left side to gain access to the switch, just like we did before. Hit the switch and it will lower the spikes on the other side of the room. Run over and grab the small key that you can now access. Avoid the phantom and unlock the door at the bottom of the screen. Head down the stairs.

 - Not too much is new in this room either other than a small shortcut at the beginning. Just to the right, use the bow and hit the eye switch with an arrow and it will lower the spike blocks to the right. Strike the pot in the center of the room to get some more time.

 - Make your way to the far left and then up and the door will shut behind you. The next two areas had yellow chuchu’s and miniblins the first time around, but now have been replaced with Fire Bubbles and Moldorms. Remember to use the boomerang against the fire bubbles. If you have upgraded your sword with 10 power gems, then you can just swipe at them easily. The molders take three shots, but only two if you have the upgraded sword. Remember to smash the yellow pots after you defeat each group of enemies.

 - At the top area, hit the switch on the right with the boomerang or bow. A chest will appear once again with some potion. If you have full potions, then you will get a big green rupee instead. Head down the steps at the left.

 - We’ve finally made it to the room with the door that we can write on, but before heading there, we can get some new treasure in this room. First things first, get rid of the phantom eye on the right. Run to the left and use the bow to hit the eye switch, which creates a treasure chest on the right side of the room. Run over to the treasure and open it for a treasure map.

New Item: Treasure Map #11 Temple of the Ocean King – B6
 - This map shows the location of a sunken treasure in the northwest quadrant of the Great Sea!

View Treasure Map Guide

 - Make your way over to the central safe zone that has the door. Step on the switch to lower the gust jars and then tap on the red door. You have to draw the symbol that was on Zauz’s wall. It is the symbol of the triforce and you must draw it one stroke. Start at the top of the big triangle and draw a diagonal line to the bottom-left of the triangle. Then switch directions and draw it half way across the bottom of the big triangle. From here, complete a small triangle by connecting your line to the middle of the long line you first drew. Then continue to draw the line all the way to the right side of the big triangle. Connect it with the bottom part of the triangle. Then finish off the triforce by drawing it to the right and then back to the starting point. The triforce symbol will light up and the door will open. Remember, you have to do it in this order and you cannot lift the stylus while drawing. It might take a few tries but you should get it eventually.

 - In the next room, Ciela points out that the room looks different than the first time we came through. Straight ahead is a door with the courage symbol on it. Ciela will float over towards it and tell you to tap on it. As you walk forward, the fallen body on the left will tell you Dark terrors lurk ahead. He creates a yellow portal on the right side of the room and says you can save your journey time and return to the entrance if you step through. Basically, this is the midway point of the Temple and you now have easy access to this location. It will save the time it took you to reach this point. Step into the portal so it saves your time and then you can reach this room immediately from the temple entrance using that amount of time.

 - You can use the shovel to dig up a soft soil spot on the left side of the room to reach some pots with some hearts. From there you can use your boomerang to uncover what’s under the pots on the other ledge as well. Once you are ready to progress tap on the courage door and Ciela will do her work to open it up. Head down the stairs to dwell deeper into the Temple.

 - Finally we have reached a new area within the Temple. The first thing you will notice is the moving platforms on the map and there are three phantoms in this room, two of which are red.

 - Get on the moving platform and take it to the left. Transfer over to the next floor and make sure you are facing left. Arrows will shoot out from the wall but your shield should block them. Transfer over to the next moving platform and take it to the lone safe zone platform here. Use the boomerang to hit the boomerangs on the right, of which one of them contains 30 seconds of time. Jump back on the platform and get to the area on the northwest part of the map.

 - Walk a bit and you will hear a jingly noise. Ciela and the fallen warrior will give you hints about this area. If a phantom is nearby and you run, they will hear your footsteps through the jingly noise. However, you can walk slowly on this area to prevent from being caught. There are no phantoms in this area but our next stop is the staircase at the bottom left of the room. There is a phantom over there, but you can easily run by when he is on the other side. Make it to the staircase and head down to the next floor.

 - Stand on the safe zone and watch him as he walks around the southern part of the room. Notice that he walks across the gap in between the two sides of the room. There is a hidden walkway over this area so be sure to mark it on your map.

 - When the phantom is away and the route is safe, dash across the hidden walkway and run towards the stairs at the southeast part of the room. Head back up the stairs and you will see a stationary phantom on the right side of the room as well as a red phantom that wanders the halls. Wait until the regular phantom turns and faces north and the red phantom starts walking east. Dash to the left and then tip toe north and east, following the red phantom. You will see a fall warrior here and he gives you advice to use that device of yours on the phantoms. It won’t defeat them but it will temporarily stun them.

 - Run to the east area and you will see a red pot. Don’t break it, but rather lift it up and carry it southward a bit. When the stationary phantom is facing to the right or left, toss it to create a safe zone near the phantom and stand in it so he cannot see you. From the safe zone you created, pull out your boomerang and trace a line so that you can see a switch that is just right of the stationary phantom.

 - If you hit this switch, it lowers the flames that are on the top-left area of this platform. However, it is a timed switch so you have to hurry over. When the red phantom is making his way northward, quickly hit the switch with the boomerang and run on over to where the fire has subsided and get on the moving platform. Watch the arrows that are shot at you from the wall on the right. Transfer over to the next platform and ride it northwards. Get off the platform on the left and you will see a treasure chest. Open it up to get a round crystal. Opening the chest will also eliminate the flames on the right side of the room.

 - This next part could be quite difficult, but we need to take this round crystal down to the floor below. Cross the moving platform to the safe zone. When the red phantom starts moving downwards, follow behind him. You don’t have to worry about walking slowly anymore, since you automatically walk slowly enough while carrying the square crystal. Run all the way to where you created the red safe zone pot. You might get spotted here, but just stand in the safe zone until the phantoms reset. Wait until the red phantom starts moving northward and then quickly run around to the left and back around to the staircase. Head back down to the lower floor.

 - Wait until the red phantom walks by you and then quickly run across the gap back to the left side of the room. You see that safe zone near the center of the room where the phantom is patrolling? That is where the round crystal needs to go. Wait until the phantom is moving northwards and run over and toss the crystal onto the pedestal. It will lower the spikes above, so head through this area and step on the on the right. It creates a geyser allowing you to get to the higher area. Walk up the small staircase and move to the bottom of this narrow platform. Use your boomerang and break open the yellow pot at the area below to get 30 seconds of time. Then just head down the stairs to get to an even lower floor within this endless Temple.

 - Not much to do here since your path is blocked off to the left by some flames. Open the chest to get a triangle crystal. Carry it back up the stairs, but before you go, Ceila will make note of a square pedestal that is on the left side of the room. Then you can make your way back upstairs, carrying the triangle crystal.

 - We need to carry this triangle crystal to the other side of the room, all while avoiding the phantoms. Climb the stairs on the left and when the phantom is away, jump off to the left and head south. Cross to the other side of the room across the invisible platform. Run to the northeast part of the room all the way to the safe zone.

 - Just toss the triangle crystal to the side for now and head down a bit to see a red pot. Pick it up and carry it to the left a bit. Toss it to create a safe zone near the phantom that is patrolling. When it is safe, step out of the safe zone and place a bomb at the bottom of the eight blocks. This block is cracked and will explode away with the bomb. The triangle pedestal is right here. When it is safe, run back over and grab the triangle crystal and bring it over to the pedestal. Toss it on the pedestal and it will lower the spikes to the area nearby and create a treasure chest in the black area just to the left.

 - When the phantom begins to walk to the right, head on up and to the left. You will notice that part of the ground is a different color here. Follow that path to the left and then down. It goes straight into another invisible path that leads you right to the treasure chest. Open it up to get a courage gem.

Courage Gem #7 Temple of the Ocean King - B8
 - As part of the main quest, Link will place a triangle crystal on a triangle pedestal creating this treasure chest. Follow the path to the north and follow the dark squares. The squares lead you to another invisible passage towards the chest. Open it up to get the gem.

View Courage Gems Guide

 - When it is safe, run back all the way to the safe zone near the triangle pedestal. When the phantom has walked away, walk through the area where the spikes are now lowered and you will see a crystal switch. Hit it and it will lower the block allowing you to access the nearby staircase. Before heading downstairs, go to the triangle pedestal and pickup the triangle crystal once again. Take it with you and head down the steps to get to the lower floor.

 - The fallen soldier on the left will give you a hint of a new enemy that is found on this floor, the wizzrobe. These new creatures can be seen by the skull marks on your map.


Scythe (Drains 15 Seconds)
 - These ghost creatures will follow behind Link when he is not looking. If Link turns to look back, they will disappear. If they get close to Link, they will take a strike at him and if they connect, it will cost 15 seconds of sand in his hourglass. When the wizzrobe gets really close and is ready to strike you, you can quickly turn around and swipe at it. You can also use the spin attack to defeat the wizzrobe. If a wizzrobe does hit Link, it will disappear for a while and then reappear at its starting point. When defeated, the wizzrobe will reward Link with 30 seconds of sand.

 - Run to the southeast safe zone, defeating the two wizzrobes on your way. From here, equip your boomerang and head left. Hit the arrow switch with the boomerang to make it face upwards. Then shoot it with an arrow and it will hit the eye switch, lower the spikes in an area on the left side of the room.

 - If you dropped the triangle crystal at the start of the room, run back and pick it up. You see the large safe zone at the north part of the room. There are three pedestals in this area. They are in the shapes of a circle one, a square, and a triangle. Take the triangle crystal and toss it in the triangle pedestal.
 - In the middle of the room, there is a safe zone that is blocked by three blocks. Blow the blocks up with some blocks to reach a few pots that will restore your health. Then make your way to the safe zone just to the south and west of where you are. There is a switch here and stepping on it will create a trapdoor just to the right. Wait until the red phantom walks over the trapdoor and step on the switch to send him falling. He will leave behind the square crystal that he was carrying. A chest will also appear at the bottom left of the room.

 - Run on over to the bottom left of the room and open the chest to get a ship part. Defeat the wizzrobe in this area and then make your way north to the fourth and final wizzrobe. Defeat this one as well, and a large treasure chest will appear near the middle of the room. Run on over and open it to get a wisdom gem.

Wisdom Gem #10 Temple of the Ocean King - B9
 - Defeat the four Wizzrobes that are found on floor B9 and a large chest will appear. Open it up to get the wisdom gem.

View Wisdom Gems Guide

 - Now run over and get the square crystal and carry it over to the northwest corner of the room. Place it on the square pedestal and the flames to the right will come down. Head back up the stairs to get in a familiar area. We just need to grab the square crystal from here. However, when we grab it, the spikes come back up and we can’t get across. Remember that geyser that the crystal also created just around the corner. Wait until the phantom starts moving northward and run by him to the left. Run back to the right on the other side of the wall to get to the geyser. Ride it upwards to the higher platform and then walk around and jump off above where the spikes are. Now you can head back down the stairs.

 - Carry the round crystal over to the large safe zone at the top of the screen and toss it in the circular pedestal. Then go and grab the square crystal from the other pedestal at the top-left part of the room and bring it over and toss it in the other pedestal. Put the triangle crystal back on the pedestal.

 - Now with all three shapes on their corresponding pedestals, the door above will open up. Head through it to get down to a lower floor where time in the hourglass has stopped. Talk to the fallen warrior on the right and he will tell you the order to set the crystals in. Head up the stairs, break the pots on the sides to restore your life and get more sand in the hourglass. Then open big treasure chest to get the third Sea Chart!

New Item: Sea Chart #3 Temple of the Ocean King, Part 2
 - This map reveals the southwest quadrant of the Great Sea, allowing you to travel there! Simply amazing!

 - A blue warp portal will be created below, which takes you back to the first room. Before heading back, remember what that fallen warrior just said? Place the crystals in the following order, square, circle, and then triangle. Head back down the steps and place them in that same order. Do so and the door will open just like before.

 - Head through it and a small rumbling will occur. Nothing has changed here, but if you exit the room below, you will now be on floor B10 rather than B9. You can actually continue on in the temple and even get the next sea chart. However, you might run low on time in your hourglass and the next few areas could be quite a challenge at this stage of the game. It is recommended that you head back through the passage for now and take the blue portal back to the temple entrance. Exit.

9.3 Southeast Quadrant

Items: Treasure Map #12, Treasure Map #13, Treasure #14, Treasure Map #15
Gems: Courage Gem #8, Courage Gem #9, Courage Gem #10
New Enemies: Pirate Ship, Eyeball Monster, Gyorg, Eye Brute

~ Mercay Island ~

 - After exiting the temple and make your way back to Linebeck to show off your new sea chart. If you are ready to sail off, enter the ship and carry on, but there is actually some stuff we can do at Mercay before taking off.

 - Head on over and talk to Freedle, our friendly guitar player at the northeast part of the island. He says he was cleaning out the boxes and found a little something and gives it to link. It’s another treasure map!

New Item: Treasure Map #12 Mercay Island – Freedle
 - This map shows the locations of sunken treasure in the southeast quadrant of the Great Sea!

View Treasure Map Guide

 - There is nothing else to do at Mercay at the moment, so head over to Linebeck and set sail. Our next stop is Molida Island for some loose treasure. You can just sail on over or use the cyclone slate. Upon arriving, talk to the first girl you see. She is wearing red clothing and it running around wildly. She will tell you that the ghost ship no longer has been around because of a brave hero. She goes as far as calling you lazy before saying she found something, it is a treasure map. She tells you to give it to the hero and not dare use it for yourself.

New Item: Treasure Map #13 Molida Island – Girl in Red Clothing
 - This map shows the locations of sunken treasure in the southeast quadrant of the Great Sea!

View Treasure Map Guide

 - Once you got the map, head back to Linebeck to get back at the sea. Since we are close, why not set sail for Spirit Island.

~ Spirit Island ~
 - If you’ve been following along, you should now have 10 wisdom gems. Head into the Spirit Cavern and walk on over to the pond and show your wisdom gems. The power of the wisdom gems will power up Neri, the Spirit of Wisdom. With a powered up Neri selected, Link’s shield will now be able to block stronger attacks. Leave the cavern and get back on Linebeck’s ship.

~ Great Sea ~
 - It is now time to sail towards the southeast quadrant. You can use the cyclone slate to make for some easier travel, but then head east to the southeast quadrant.

 - Once you make your way to the southeast quadrant, the first things you’ll bump into are several ships. Two of them are the regular cannon boats we fought off before, but the third one is a large Pirate Ship.

Pirate Ship

 - This pirate ship fires from much further distances than the basic cannon boats and if it gets close enough, it will board Link’s ship. Much like the cannon boats, five shots with Link’s cannon will slow this pirate ship down. If it does board Link, it’s not a big deal, just a few miniblins to defeat.

 - Let the Pirate Ship come in close and let the miniblin pirates board your ship. It will take you to the lower part of your boat and Linebeck will go hiding in his box like always. The miniblins will come running behind and it is a simple battle with enemies. Just defeat them all and then head back on over to Linebeck. He actually gives Link some credit and says he is happy to have him on his side. He rewards Link with a Courage Gem.

Courage Gem #8 Linebeck’s Ship
 - Once you sail into the southeast quadrant, let the pirates board your ship and battle the miniblins that appear. As thanks for defeating them, Linebeck will reward Link with a courage gem.

View Courage Gems Guide

 - Sail your way to the center of the quadrant. At the moment, we want to explore the area and discover some new frog locations to make it easier to navigate in the future. There is a small rock in the middle of the sea and the golden frog lies just south and east of this rock. Swim around the area looking for the frog and you may run into a new enemy, en eyeball monster.

Eyeball Monster

 - These eyeball monsters appear in the sky and usually come in packs. They slowly fall towards Link and really have no attack at all, other than just trying to run into Link. They are quite easy to defeat and one cannon shot will do the trick.

 - Sail just southeast of the middle rock and find the golden frog in this area. Like before, take a shot at it with your cannon. Once you hit it, he will give you the same old ritual and then show you the next symbol for the cyclone slate. This one is in the shape of a horseshoe. Be sure to scribble it down on your sea chart.

 - There is another golden frog in this quadrant and it is near the northeast corner of the area. Sail over to the island that seems to be covered in ice. This is the Isle of Frost and you cannot dock at it because it is covered with ice. Fortunately, at the current time we do not need to dock, but you are stuck in the area until you clean the ice away. Ciela give you the clever idea of blasting the ice away with your cannon. Set your route in a circle or two around the island. As you circle around blast the large pieces of ice until all of them are gone.

 - You will now be able to dock at the Isle of Frost, but we do not need to at the present time. Instead sail to the west of the island and slightly north. The fifth golden frog lies in this area. He is just east from the top of the rock chain. Strike him with the cannon and he will show you the cyclone symbol for this location. It looks like the letter W, with an extra line at the top. Mark it on your map.

 - From here, sail towards a triangle of small rocks to your left. Just north of the threesome, Link will come across an uncharted island. Ciela notices the island for ya and marks it on your sea chart. Dock on the island to find it is known as Harrow Island.

~ Harrow Island ~

 - Head straight up to find that all you can do is strike at the stationary statue. The statue explains of the treasures that are below the area ahead. The statue says for 50 rupees, Link can dig up and collect 10 treasures in the area ahead. Pay the rupees and take the geyser upwards. You can dig randomly throughout the area. You will find mainly some blue rupees, some red rupees, some big green rupees, and some black rupoor. However, what we really are digging for at this time is two treasure maps. Dig up 10 treasures in the ground and hopefully you made some extra rupees and found a treasure map or two. After you dig up 10 treasures, do not dig anymore or else you will be fined. Leave the area and get back on the boat with Linebeck.

 - Go back to the island and everything will be covered up. Pay the 50 rupees again and go digging for more treasure. Repeat this process until you received the two important treasure maps.

New Item: Treasure Map #14 Harrow Island
 - This map shows the locations of sunken treasure in the southeast quadrant of the Great Sea!

View Treasure Map Guide

New Item: Treasure Map #15 Harrow Island
 - This map shows the locations of sunken treasure in the southeast quadrant of the Great Sea!

View Treasure Map Guide

~ Great Sea ~

 - There is another uncharted island in this quadrant and that is our next destination. It is at the far south of the quadrant and is located just south of the Golden Frog. Use the cyclone or just sail on over there. You might encounter a new sea monster in this area known as a gyorg.


 - Gyorg is one of the toughest water creatures in the entire game. They appear as shark like creatures where you can only see the top of them. When they begin to swim close to Link, jump over them. When they make a turn around, they usually come out of the water making it easy to attack using your cannon. One shot with the cannon will defeat these strong sea creatures.

 - Keep sailing south and Ciela will notice a very odd looking island. Actually, doesn’t it resemble something you know? Yes of course! It resembles what you are playing, a Nintendo DS. Thus, it is known as Dee Ess Island. Sail on over and dock at the island and you will notice the map looks exactly like a Nintendo DS. Awesome.

~ Dee Ess Island ~

 - Upon arriving, you can walk around the island and talk to the Gorons that roam around the island. The Gorons are a familiar race in the Zelda world and usually are found roaming rocky areas. Not much useful information for now, but there is a stone statue on the left side of the island. Tap it and it gives you a weird hint of a treasure. It says that is something buried under the lower screen’s menu button. You have to think outside the box a little bit for this one. You see where the menu button is on your DS? Well, go to the corresponding spot on the map of Dee Ess Island and use the shovel to dig up the corner. Look what you’ve found, a courage gem!

Courage Gem #9 Dee Ess Island
 - A stone statue gives you a clue about something buried under the menu button. Go to the corresponding area on the island map and dig in the corner to find the courage gem.

View Courage Gems Guide

 - Dig up the soft spots at the top-right corner to open up a geyser. Walk to the northern part of the island and you will see bomb flowers and soft soil spots all over the place. Dig up all the soft soil spots and you will come across some bees, snakes, and some extra rupees. There will also be some rock chuchus in this area as well but it is all worth it because there are two big green rupees and one big red rupee worth 200 rupees!

 - Now head to the top of the island and jump to the center part of this area from the small gap. You come across two massive new enemies here, eye brutes.

Eye Brute

 - These guys look rather scary because of their massive size. It seems obvious what their weakness is and it is their eyes. Fire an arrow at their eye and it will stun them. Then run up and swipe at them with our sword.

 - These eye brutes might give you a challenge the first time battling them. Use a potion if you need to. Once defeated, a treasure chest will appear in the middle of the room. Open it up to get a courage gem.

Courage Gem #10 Dee Ess Island
 - Defeat the eye brutes at the northern part of the island within the top screen of the DS. Once defeated a treasure chest will appear containing the courage gem.

View Courage Gems Guide

 - Take the geysers at the top of the screen and then run back over to Linebeck to set sail once again.

~ Great Sea ~

 - There are a few more stops before we progress further in the story. If you haven’t purchased the second bomb bag, it is a good idea to visit Beedle’s shop and purchase it. There is also a travelers ship floating around in this quadrant so why not sail on over and check it out.

 - Upon boarding you will see a ton of people just looking through telescopes. These are members of the Ho Ho tribe. They claim to come from across the ocean, looking for treasure. Talk to the rest of the members and you will find that the regal ring is what they are all looking for. One of the members claims to have dropped something. Maybe we will find it on our quest? If you have a rare regal ring already, don’t hesitate to sell it, as you will get some good rupees for it. If not, just take off, as there isn’t much to see on this travelers ship.

 - Our next stop is Goron Island, which is the large island on the west side of this quadrant, but before that, we can still do some more side quests. Why not do a little more treasure hunting? Since we last went salvaging, we caught five more treasure charts, four of which are in this southeast quadrant.
#11 - Northwest Quadrant -
North of Isle of Gust
Sand of Hours (1 Minute)
21 green rupees
#12 - Southeast Quadrant -
North of Dee Ess Island
Ship Part
5 green rupees, 1 blue rupee, 1 red rupee
#13 - Southeast Quadrant -
East of Harrow Island
Ship Part
9 green rupees
#14 - Southeast Quadrant -
Northwest of Goron Island
Ship Part
5 green rupees, 1 blue rupee, 1 red rupee
#15 - Southeast Quadrant -
West of Goron Island
Ship Part
5 green rupees, 1 red rupee

 - If you have been following the walkthrough, you should have collected 10 courage gems by now, that means we can upgrade Ciela, the Spirit of Courage! Use the cyclone slate and travel to the southwest quadrant and sail over to Spirit Island.

~ Spirit Island ~

 - Present the 10 courage gems and upgrade Ciela. Now when Ciela is selected as your fairy of choice, Link’s will create a beam from his blade every time he attacks. This beam attack greatly increases the range of Link’s mighty sword.

 - Head back to Linebeck and use the Cyclone slate to travel back to the southeastern quadrant. Sail on over to the large island to the west and dock at Goron Island.

 - Wait a second! Before being able to dock, a cyclone pulls Linebeck’s ship away. The clouds get dark and a new deranged enemy appears floating in the air. The creature will keep firing yellow spark balls out at link in addition to sending out eyeball monsters. It will also occasionally make a dash towards Linebeck’s ship.

 - The monsters weak point is the eyes on the sides of its bodies. You need to hit the six eyeballs on the sides of the enemy. Remember, you can use your cannon as a form of defense as well by shooting down his attacks. Keep fighting at him until he has been defeated and the seas have calmed.

 - Linebeck will have gained control of the ship and finally docks over at Goron Island.

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Chapter 2 - Sizzling
Chapter 3 - Sand
Chapter 4 - Sea of Madness
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Chapter 8 - Haunting
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- 9.2 Temple of the Ocean King, Part 4
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Chapter 10 - Having A Blast
Chapter 11 - Chilly
Chapter 12 - Gems
Chapter 13 - A'mazing
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Chapter 15 - Time's End

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