60 Second Review: Majora’s Mask

60 SecondIt is always interesting hearing someone else’s opinion of a game as views and experiences can vary greatly from player to player. Majora’s Mask divided fans of the series especially with how different it was compared to its predecessor, Ocarina of Time. YouTube channel 60 Second Gaming has recently released a video detailing their thoughts on the game.

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They give several reasons why Majora’s Mask deserves their seal of approval but getting a score of A+ is a bit much. Sure, it’s a good game but I wouldn’t say it was quite that good. There are a lot of theories about what things represent and what’s going on in Termina but, to me, that doesn’t make the game itself good.

In the video they mention there are a lot of things to do and places to explore which I wholeheartedly agree with. That’s the sort of thing that makes Majora’s Mask a game worth playing, not conspiracy theories about whether or not Link is actually dead during the course of the game.

It’s difficult to review a game in 60 seconds and there are a few other things he mentions he likes about the game but it’s the adventure itself that doesn’t sit well with me. Seeing the swordsman quivering in fear in the hidden room because of what is about to happen is a  hard hitting scene but, despite things like that, I still enjoyed doing what I had to do to save Hyrule in Ocarina of Time more than what I had to do to save Termina.

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