3d_dotimage.jpgIt’s no secret in today’s game world that The Legend of Zelda franchise has had a major influence. We forget at times what exactly this franchise did for gaming. With the recent releases being called stale, out of date, and that the entire series needs a reboot, it is indeed nice to see that Zelda can still influence other titles in ways we may have never dreamed of.

In this case, two titles that are coming out soon have taken some heavy influences from our beloved franchise. A manager of the one these titles went so far as to say that their title is a “Badass Zelda”. 3D Dot Game Heroes and Darksiders do an excellent job of displaying some of what Zelda has given the gaming world. Jump inside to take a peak at what these two games are doing, and to see the influence first hand.

The first one is pretty intriguing, and I must say it even resembles some of the 3D Zelda projects we have seen running around. Not so sure how good it will be, but it’s definitely interesting.

Then we have Darksiders. You can see a lot of influence not just from Zelda, but from many games. I must say, of the two this is the game that excites me the most. It loses some of it’s Zelda touch to favor other games out there, but man it’s definitely what I feel many Zelda fans out there may be looking for. What sucks for those Nintendo fans out there, myself included, is that neither one of these titles is coming to the Wii. You may find 3D Dot Game Heroes on the PS3, with Darksiders available soon for both the PS3 and the Xbox 360.

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