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Official Artwork of Gleeok


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Gleeok is the fourth boss in The Legend of Zelda. Gleeok is first encountered in Level 4: The Snake, where it is the guardian of the fourth Triforce Shard. Two dungeons later, in Level 6: The Dragon, Gleeok again appears, but this time as the Mini-Boss. Gleeok appears for the third and final time in Level 8: The Lion, as the boss.


Level 4: The Snake

Gleeok first appears as the boss guarding the fourth Triforce Shard in Level 4: The Snake.[1] This variation of Gleeok has two heads. The only way to kill Gleeok is to destroy each of its heads, in this case two. Link can use either use his Sword or the Magical Rod to destroy Gleeok's heads. Once one head is destroyed, it turns into a red, ghostly version of the head and then floats around the room to try to hurt Link.[2][3] Another caution for Link is that Gleeok's fireballs cannot be blocked by the Magical Shield. After Link has destroyed each head, Gleeok will be defeated and Link will have the opportunity to obtain the Triforce Shard.

Level 6: The Dragon

Gleeok makes its second appearance in Level 6: The Dragon. This time, Gleeok is the mini-boss of the dungeon, not the boss. This battle is exactly the same as the previous one, the only difference being that this variation has three heads instead of two, making it slightly more difficult. After Link has defeated Gleeok, he can continue traveling through the dungeon.

Level 8: The Lion

Gleeok makes its third and final appearance in Level 8: The Lion. This time, Gleeok is again the boss of the dungeon, and is also again guarding a Triforce Shard. This battle is much harder than the previous two, as now Gleeok has four heads that must be killed to order for Link to claim victory. After killing Gleeok, the path to the final Triforce Shard opens up.




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