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The guys over at Kotaku are currently hosting a contest for fans to create their own Zelda themed New Nintendo 3DS XL. In light of how fast the Majora’s Mask New 3DS is selling out everywhere it pops up, they have created this fun competition to give you a chance to create your own using your favourite Zelda game; not limited just to Majora’s Mask designs. Hit the jump for information.

It’s good news for those of us Brits who are in the market for a New Nintendo 3DS and also want a bit of Termina to take home. The elusive Skull Kid figurine will be available in the UK in select numbers as part of bundle with the new console. Nintendo have announced a range of different Majora’s Mask 3D themed bundles on their UK store, most of which include the Skull Kid figurine. They are sure to sell out very quickly,…

Nintendo’s latest New 3DS promotion not only stars Japanese singer and model Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, it also features a few fresh outfits for some familiar Nintendo characters including Link and Zelda; more or less inspired to match Kyary’s fashion. Rather than focusing on the core specs of the New 3DS, the advertisement carried out the idea of swapping New 3DS faceplates though an adorable endorsement. Hit the jump to see for yourself!