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Just after the announcement confirming Majora’s Mask 3D, Nintendo Europe was quick to follow up with a preview of an exclusive Majora’s Mask 3D collector’s edition. Along with a glimpse of the the lovely box art, the collector’s edition is set to include a steelbook, double-sided poster, and a pin badge of Majora’s Mask itself. Hit the jump for the video reveal of the collector’s edition!

The Zelda series is not just a beloved series in America and Japan, but something cherished the world over for generations upon generations. Thus, it only makes sense that a European version of Hyrule Warriors should support a multitude of languages as well. Want to see what languages are featured? Just click more and follow the jump.

If you didn’t know already, a short series of “The Misadventures of Link” is now available for European owners through the 3DS application, Nintendo Video. Though you might have been a little mischievous yourself while playing as Link your favorite Zelda titles, this time you’ll just be watching tidbits of Link acting on his own in his brief and humorous adventures.