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Majora’s Mask is known more for than just its unique gameplay features and dark tone and atmosphere. The game has recieved a significant amount of attention from fans due its distinctive aesthetic flair, namely through the main antagonist in the game, Majora’s Mask. The floating, sentient and destructive artefact is no doubt of an intriguing design, separating itself from the typical hoi polloi of Zelda enemies through its unexplained motives for destruction and seemingly psychological games and tricks, especially evident…

Want to spice up your room with some awesome Zelda neon signs? We saw some of these in May, but now we are seeing a different design altogether that somewhat resembles the original Legend of Zelda box-art logo. It differs a little from the actual logo; a hardcore Zelda fan will notice the difference. See more images after the jump.

Recently a pair of professional neon signs commemorating the Legend of Zelda series have appeared on AliExpress. The first one bears a red version of the Ocarina of Time logo complete with Hylian Shield and Master Sword. The second has a large gold colored Hylian crest. They are both made of sturdy acrylic material and are twelve inches wide by nine inches tall. The signs are specifically carved to have a 3D look and can be purchased for only $24.99….