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If you’re a Legend of Zelda or Monster Hunter fan (or perhaps both), then you will want to get your hands on the latest DLC for Capcom’s Monster Hunter 4 that includes none other than a Link costume, and it looks fantastic. The latest trailer shows the in-game character looking very much the part as the Hero of Time, wielding the Master Sword, Hylian Shield, Goddess Bow and more! Hit the jump to see the trailer.

Capcom has released some brand new information at their panel at Comic Con 2014, one of them concerning our favorite character, Link. For their upcoming title, Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, players can now unlock Link equipment. The Master Sword, Hylian Shield, and Bow will all be exclusive items players can use when the Link equipment is selected. Alongside this, players will be able to wear the Hero’s Tunic. All this can be seen in an official video released on the…

Nintendo has always been open to the idea of working with publishers to include exclusive Nintendo themed costumes for hit franchises on their consoles. Tekken Tag Tournament 2 did this by allowing you to unlock costume “sets” and Bayonetta 2 has confirmed a couple of Nintendo themed skins as well. In December of last year, Link‘s equipment was released as DLC for the Japan version of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate through an exclusive spot distribution; now, Capcom has revealed at SDCC that this content is getting a western release as well. Click the jump to read on and check out the reveal video for yourself.