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Yet another Hyrule Warriors character trailer has been released, and this time it is the Twilight Princess character Agitha we have all known to love or to hate. From this gameplay trailer it is clear that Agitha has some pretty special moves set in store for players. Hit the jump to see more!

We’ve received a staggering amount of information concerning Hyrule Warriors this week, but this plethora of news has also raised many new questions: Who is Lana? How does Agitha fight? How did these Twilight Princess veterans even enter the realm of Hyrule Warriors? Luckily for us, Nintendo’s Facebook page has provided some insight concerning these characters, as well as how they arrived. Hit the jump to learn more!

Tecmo Koei has updated their site with several brand new images, including character models, from the upcoming Hyrule Warriors, giving us a closer look at the two new characters announced a few days ago. More details after the jump.

Yesterday we learned that ‘Princess’ Agitha would be playable in Hyrule Warriors along with a new character named Lana. We didn’t really learn anything else, but now we have a small look at both characters with some new details. What are you waiting for? Head inside!

It’s a good day for Twilight Princess fans, as Famitsu has revealed some new information about Hyrule Warriors, and a good portion of it includes characters you may be familiar with. In addition to announcing two new playable characters, we also know of a few other veterans returning from Twilight Princess. Hit the jump to read the full story!

Last week we had a look at an interesting character, Guru Guru, who was diagnosed with multiple disorders. This week we have another character who is just as, if not more interesting. This character is not as well known as Guru Guru and doesn’t make as many appearances, but they are interesting none the less. This character obsesses over small insects and bases their entire life after them. Hit the jump to see the next patient!