Chapter 15 - Time's End
This part of the walkthrough covers forging the Phantom Sword, the final part of the Temple of the Ocean King, and the final boss.

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- 15.1 Forging The Phantom Sword
- 15.2 Temple of the Ocean King, Part 6
- 15.3 Phantom Finale

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15.1 Forging The Phantom Sword

Items: Sword Blade, Phantom Sword
Gems: Power #20

 - Now that we have all three of the pure metals, we can sail back to Zauz in the northwest quadrant. Use the cyclone slate to warp to the northwest quadrant and then sail to Zauzís Island.

~ Zauz's Island ~

 - Upon arriving, you may have received a letter in the postbox from none other than King Mutoh. Alternatively you might just get a letter from the prize postcard you sent out. Nonetheless, youíll see be getting a letter from King Mutoh. He once again thanks Link for his work and gives him a power gem.

Power Gem #20 Various Mailbox
 - After defeating Mutohís Temple and getting the final pure metal, Link will soon be getting a letter in the mail from King Mutoh. Once again thanking Link for his work, he will reward him with the final power gem.

View Power Gems Guide

 - Run on over and enter the house and speak with Zauz. Link will show him the three pure metals and Zauz will begin the forging process. Unfortunately it does take some time to forge a mighty sword so leave the hut.

 - Walk on over towards Linebeck and youíll find another letter in the mail already. This one is from Jolene. She basically admits defeat to Link and is humiliated. She claims she has sharpened her skills and demands one last match. She says she will do battle with you one last time somewhere on the great sea. Click ok to sign for the letter and the postman flies off.

 - Speak with Linebeck to hear that he has overheard your message. He asks if Link is actually going to accept Joleneís duel challenge. Ciela questions Linebeck saying that she is the crazy friend of Linebeck. Linebeck responds with some more sarcastic comments, stating that people are jealous of his handsome face and have to challenge him. He then says that his true love is in fact peace. He goes on to say he avoids a fight whenever he can. Linebeck wants to deliver a message to Jolene but he cannot, so instead he asks this burden of Link. Agree to do battle and then set sail.

~ The Great Sea ~

 - Sail around and find Jolene once again and allow her to board your ship. This time she has some words for Link about his quest, as well as some words for Linebeck, but then the battle will start just as before. Her sword moves are a bit stronger than before but you can take her just as you have done before. Once you rub her sword away the battle isnít quite done yet. She picks it up and the battle continues. Finish her off with a few hits and then she will go running. She says Link is a fool for what he is doing and eventually runs off.

 - Speak with Linebeck who is hiding in his precious box and he explains the full back-story of himself and Jolene. Linebeck accidentally slammed his boat into a monster, in turn saving Jolene. They sailed together but eventually treasure got the best of them. Linebeck left Jolene and sailed off with the treasure. Ever since then, Jolene has been looking for his revenge by trying to get back at Linebeck. Now that it has all been cleared Link will return to the sea.

 - Since you should now have twenty of each of the gems, use the cyclone slate to warp to the northwest quadrant. Set sail to Spirit Island and enter the spirit cave.

~ Spirit Island - Spirit Cavern ~

 - Present the three gems one at a time to upgrade the Spirit of Power, Courage, and Wisdom. Personally, I feel that the Spirit of Power is the main spirit you should have equipped at all times since I feel it benefits you the most. Leave the island and letís go check back with Zauz.

~ Zauz's Island ~

 - Sail back to the northwest quadrant and sure enough once you arrive, he will be putting the last few hammers in the blade and then presents Link with the sword blade.

New Item: Sword Blade Zauz's Island
 - After acquiring the three pure metals, sail on over and give them to Zauz and he will begin to forge a new blade. Leave the island and later return to find your brand new sword blade has been forged. It does not have a handle so Link cannot hold it just yet. It later does get a handle and becomes the Phantom Sword.

 - Zauz tells Link to sail to the Ocean King and he will use the Sand of Hours to complete the Phantom Sword. Speak with Linebeck and set sail. Use the cyclone slate and then sail on over to Mercay Island. Run over to the west side of the island and enter Oshus house.

~ Mercay Island ~

 - Speak with Oshus and show him the sword blade. He will look at it and start swinging it around, almost hitting Link. He tells link to guard it well and says that Link can defeat Bellum with the sword. He asks Link to hand him the Phantom Hourglass. Oshus goes on to speak very highly of Bellumís power and says the only item that can slay him is the phantom sword. Oshus will then use his magic power and merge the phantom hourglass with the sword blade, creating the phantom sword.

New Item: Phantom Sword Mercay Island
 - After gaining the sword blade, speak with Oshus at Mercay Island. He merges the sand of hours with the sword blade to create this powerful blade. It has the power to defeat the mighty phantoms and the evil Bellum.

 - Oshus repeats that the phantom sword has the power to defeat Bellum and says he is counting on Link. As Link is trying to leave, Oshus will call over to Ciela. Oshus tells Ciela that she still has powers that were buried and hasnít recovered them. He explains that Bellum can drain the life and memories out of people. Cielaís memory was drained when she was attacked. Oshus says his final words to Link as he runs out of the house.

 - Well, there is nothing left to do, so run on over to the Temple of the Ocean King. As you are running through the woods, you see a rare cite. Linebeck is in the woods, away from his ship. He says there are times even he wants to be alone. He mentions that Link now has the phantom sword and can beat that beast.

 - Linebeck shouts some great support for Link. Surprisingly, he actually tells Link to go get Tetra back to normal. He says that adventuring with Link has given him a taste of what it is like to be a hero. He says it is time to part and that is up to Link. He will be back mopping the deck of his ship.

 - Once he is walking away, Ciela calls after Linebeck. Asking what has got into him and why he is being serious all of a sudden. Linebeck gives Ciela a hand and tells him to take after the kid. Ciela happily agrees as Linebeck walks off. Ciela turns to Link and is surprised that Linebeck actually called her by name within insulting her. Well, the time has come, so run on over and enter the Temple of the Ocean King.

15.2 Temple of the Ocean King, Part 6

Items: Treasure Map #30, Treasure Map #31

 - This is the final run through the temple, but there are still a few loose items to pick up. These of course are not important and are not needed to complete the temple. You can just skip along all the way to the bottom floor of the temple if you just want to get on with it and to the end of the game.

 - Run through the door and the hourglass will flip over. Nothing new to do here so head down the steps to the first basement.

 - Now that Link is equipped with the powerful phantom sword, he now has the power to defeat those phantoms that patrol the halls. One shot with the phantom sword to the back of a phantom will defeat it. There are two phantoms on this floor, use the phantom sword to defeat both of them. A good method in defeating them is by running near them so they see you and then step into a safe zone. Once they turn around, slash them with the sword. Once both have been defeated, a treasure chest appears at the left of the room. Open it to get a treasure. Finish the floor off by getting the small key, unlocking the door at the top-right corner, and then heading down the steps.

 - On this floor lure the two phantoms after you and defeat them both. A treasure chest appears at the bottom left of the room. Open it to get another treasure. Get the small key on the right side of the room just as before, by hitting the two switches near the top-right of the room. Unlock the door and head down the steps.

 - Defeat the two phantoms that are patrolling this area and a treasure chest will appear on a higher platform at the bottom of the room. Use the shovel on the soft soil spot near the bottom right of the room to get to the higher platform. Walk around and use the grappling hook to get over to the treasure chest. Open it up to get another random treasure. Then head to the top-left of the room and create a tightrope between the two torches. Slingshot your way up and head through the door. In this chamber, just head down the steps at the top-right of the room.

 - Defeat the phantom right when you go up the steps. Then use the bow on the eye switch at the top-right corner to eliminate all the way gust jars. Defeat the second phantom and a treasure chest appears at the far left of the room. Open it to get another random treasure. Use two bombchus to hit the switch on the left side of the room and the one at the top of the room. Grab the small key that is accessible and use it on the locked door at the top-left of the room. Walk down the steps to get to the floor below.

 - There are no phantoms in this room so just use the gust jar in this area to shoot across the gap. Walk over to the stairs and head down to the floor below. There are two phantoms on this floor so defeat them just as you have the ones before. After both are gone, a treasure chest will appear at the bottom of the room. Open it up to get another random treasure. Then walk over to the red door and draw the triangle triforce symbol to open it up. Go down the steps to get to the basement below.

 - The treasure chest on this floor is a bit tougher to reach. Ride the platforms to the left side of the room and defeat the phantom here. Then head back to the north side of the room and use the grappling hook to cross the gap towards the treasure chest. Open the chest and take the round crystal. Carry it over and toss it on the ground on the right side of the room. Defeat the remaining phantoms on this side of the room and a treasure chest will appear all the way at the top-left part of the room. Unfortunately it is not reachable from where you are. You need to head down the staircase at the bottom right of the room. On the eighth floor, cross the hidden gap at the bottom of the room and head back up the stairs at the bottom left. From here, you can easily get to the treasure chest in the corner. Open it up for a ship part and then head back down the stairs at the bottom left of the room.

 - From here, you can get to all the phantoms in this room, using the hidden gap at the bottom of the room. Once they have all been defeat, a treasure chest will appear at the right side of the room. Open it up to get another ship part. Now head back up the stairs at the bottom-right of the room and run and get the round crystal. Carry it back down to the floor below.

 - This room should be cleared of phantoms if you already got the treasure chest. Use a bombchu on the right side of the room through the small hole to hit the switch. This will open the door near the top-right of the room. Carry the round crystal and head down the steps to the floor below.

 - There is a single phantom in this room and we have actually defeated him before by making him fall through a hidden trap in the ground near the bottom left of the room. This time however, we can just defeat him more conventionally using the phantom sword. The chest appears at the bottom left of the room and contains a ship part. You can defeat the four wizrobes in this room for some extra time. Once you defeat the phantom, he will drop a square crystal. Carry it over to the pedestal at the top-left of the room and the flames just to the right will lower. Open the triangle crystal and carry it over to the large safe zone. Head back and crap the round crystal and bring it over to the safe zone as well. Place the square, round, and triangle crystals in that order and the door above will open.

 - Once you enter the room, the floor will shake. Since we placed the crystals in the correct order, the elevator was activated and now when we leave this room we are on a lower floor. Begin this room just as we did before by releasing a bombchu through the hole and hitting the switch on the right. Then climb the wooden pegs and grapple on over to the large rock at the top-right corner of the room. Push it down the stairs when the gold phantom is below and it will smash him. Run on over to the top-left of the room and push the other rock so it smashes the other phantom. A chest appears on the inside of the room that contains a ship part. At the bottom left of the room there is one of those familiar smashed in switches, so use your hammer to smash it and a treasure chest will appear at the right side of the inner area.

 - At the bottom of the room, jump on top of the wooden peg and hook shot over to the opened treasure chest above. Fall down and step on the nearby switch to lower the spikes on the left. Open the chest to get a big green rupee. Walk around the room to the treasure chest on the right side of the room and open it up to get a treasure map.

New Item: Treasure Map #30 Temple of the Ocean King - B10
 - This map shows the location of a sunken treasure in the northeast quadrant of the Great Sea!

View Treasure Map Guide

 - Now walk over to the locked door and use the small key that the phantom dropped to unlock it. Walk down the steps to the floor below.

 - On this floor you can take the time to get rid of the phantom eyes or simply go straight for the phantoms. Allow them to see you and lure them towards the safe zone. Once their backs are turned, finish them with a sword slash. Once all of them are defeated, a treasure chest will appear at the bottom left of the room. Open it up to get a big red rupee. There is no need to go through all the troubles in this room like we did before. Instead, just head down the steps on the right side of the room.

 - Break the barrels in this area and then hit the switch on the right. Use the hammer on the pillar while standing on the footprints. After you are catapulted over the ledge, run to the east side of the room and open the chest that appeared for the final treasure map.

New Item: Treasure Map #31 Temple of the Ocean King - B12
 - This map shows the location of a sunken treasure in the northeast quadrant of the Great Sea!

View Treasure Map Guide

 - Proceed through this room just as we did before. There are three force gems we need to collect, the gold phantom in the center of the room holds one and the two treasure chests on both sides of the room hold the other two. Take them one by one and toss them in the gold triangles near the large safe zone at the top of the room. There is a shortcut at the top-right of the room this time around as Link can use his hammer to smash the rusty switch to lower the spikes. Much like all the rest of the floors in the temple, defeat all the phantoms as they appear and a treasure chest appears in the center of the room. Open it up for a big gold rupee. Run to the top of the room and head down the steps.

 - Once you take a step out of the safe zone, three blue phantoms will appear at the southern portion of the area. Smash the yellow pot at the top-left of the room for some extra time. Then lift the red pot at the top-right of the room and carry it towards the phantoms. Walk down the steps and toss the red pot somewhere near the phantoms. Allow one of the phantoms to see you and then hide in the small safe zone. One by one eliminate the three blue phantoms as they turn around.

 - Great, but we arenít quite finished yet. Once the blue ones are gone, three red phantoms will drop in this area as well. Repeat the same process as you did before, using the small puddle safe zone to avoid the phantoms. Once you defeat the three red ones, three more gold phantoms will appear as well. Repeat the same process to defeat these three and finally, the door in this area will open up, allowing us to go even deeper into the temple.

 - Once you walk through, Link will notice a massive staircase just ahead. Ciela will give you some words of wisdom to pump you up for a battle with Bellum. Walk across the bridge and the torches will light up behind you. Once you have crossed, the bridge will retract and all three fairies will pop out and give you their support. A blue warp portal appears, allowing Link to leave the temple once more if heíd like to. Donít worry, if you do leave, a blue portal does appear right where the Phantom Hourglass was before, so you can quickly return.

 - Since you did get two treasure maps in this final turn through the Temple of the Ocean King, there are two more sunken treasures to bring up from the water. While these are not necessary at all and I question why they even put these treasure maps this late in the game, this is what it has to offer.

#30 - Northeast Quadrant -
South of Isle of Ruins
Ship Part
1 red rupee, 5 green rupees
#31 - Northeast Quadrant -
South of Isle of the Dead
Big Gold Rupee
7 green rupees

 - Returning to the Temple of the Ocean King, you can step right into the blue portal and return to the stairway to Bellum. However, there is a neat secret that you can take as well instead of heading straight to Bellum. If you want to, you can run through the Temple once again the long way, and after you defeat the nine phantoms in the 13th basement to open the door to the stairway to bellum, youíll find two treasure chests on this side of the bridge. Open both of them to find two more ship parts.

 - Once you are ready for battle, climb the stairway for your final test, Bellum.

15.3 Phantom Finale

Temple Boss: Bellum, Evil Phantom Temple of the Ocean King
Defense Power:
 - Grappling hook & bow to weaken, multiple phantom sword strikes to defeat.
 - Fast.
  Ooze Minion.
  Tentacle Slap.

 - Once Link reaches the top of the long staircase, he becomes trapped in this massive chamber. A huge tentacle monster appears from the ceiling and splashes down into the pool on the ground. It is none other than the Evil Phantom, Bellum. The battle begins with Bellum spitting out balls of purple ooze at Link. Link can easily avoid being hit by the ooze. However, if the balls miss, they will splash on the ground and turn into ooze minions. These ooze minions can easily be defeated with the Phantom Sword or the Grappling Hook. These attacks of Bellum are relatively weak and are easy to avoid. If the Spirit of Wisdom is at level two, equip it and the ooze will have no effect on Link. Use the grappling hook on Bellum to pull off pieces of purple ooze from its body. Keep doing this until all the ooze has been removed revealing only Bellum's green body. Then use the grappling hook on the small ooze part at the top to pull Bellum towards you. Equip the Spirit of Power and strike at Bellumís eye repeatedly.

 - After feeling the wrath of Link's sword, Bellum will hop out of the pool and head through the ceiling. Follow him up using the spiral staircase. Equip the bow and circle around the room. Shoot an arrow out at each of Bellum's tentacles. They each have an eye and once they are hit, they will turn purple. Be careful of the tentacles, as Bellum tries to use them as a whip to hit Link. Hit all five of them and Bellum will no longer be able to support himself and he will crash down back to the first floor. Run back down the stairs and Bellum will be back in his pool of ooze. Repeat the process you did before, using the grappling hook to yank off the ooze and then to pull Bellum close to you. Be careful as with each squirt, Bellum shoots out three splashes of purple ooze. After some more strikes with the Phantom Sword, Bellum will once again flee to the second floor.

 - Follow him up once again and watch out for the purple ooze that is shot at you while you scale the stairs. Repeat the process of shooting arrows at the eyes of the tentacles. This time however, there is a lot more ooze and the eyes will occasionally close. Just keep fighting at it and shoot all five of the eyes. This time instead of falling to the first floor, he will move higher to the third floor. Follow him up and you will find even more ooze here. His tentacles will periodically start to flap and try to slap at Link. Just keep moving around to avoid his tentacles. Use the arrows once again to strike the five eyes of the tentacles and send Bellum crashing all the way back to the first floor. However, just before falling to the ground, a green glowing ball appears and Ciela is attracted to it. As the fairy makes her way to the ball it explodes, revealing Oshus, the Ocean King! With Bellum weakened, Oshus is able to send out a message to Ciela. Oshus had his memories sealed behind the power of Bellum, but because he is weakened he can share these memories with Ciela. Ciela remembers here true identity. She is the Spirit of Time and Courage!

 - With Ciela's power restored, she can now help Link defeat Bellum once and for all. Run back to the first floor and the staircase will break off. You will see Bellum circling around his pool of ooze. Ciela releases the Phantom Sphere, which is a crackling ball of power that can stop time. Collect the orb and it will power up the Phantom Hourglass. After collecting a Phantom Sphere, the Hourglass icon will appear. Tap the icon and a square border will appear on the touch screen. Draw the Hourglass that appears like the number eight. Once the yellow corners are in place, tap the hourglass symbol and without releasing it, move the stylus to the top-left corner. Draw a horizontal line to the top-right corner. Then draw a diagonal line to the bottom-left corner. Continue the line to the bottom-right corner. Then finish off the hourglass symbol by drawing a diagonal line to the top-left corner. You need to draw the symbol fairly quickly, but donít draw the hourglass too wide or it wonít work. Once you have correctly drawn the symbol, everything will fade to black and you will have frozen time. Rush over to Bellum and strike at the giant eyeball with the Phantom Sword. Remember to equip the Spirit of Power to deal more damage. Strike him as many times as you can before retreating to the bottom of the stairs as time resumes to normal.

 - Ciela will create another Phantom Sphere and toss it over to Link. Wait until Bellum is circling around the room and then draw the hourglass symbol freeze time once again. It is smart to keep close to the bottom of the staircase to avoid the route of the deranged Bellum. Repeat this process a few times until you have finally defeated the Evil Phantom Bellum.
 - The final boss of the game fights in two ways: hovering on the ground and clinging to a higher level using its tentacles. It creates lots of ooze which can become Ooze Minions. These are easily avoided or killed, but won't even harm you with the fully upgraded Spirit of Wisdom equipped.
 - When on the ground, pull the ooze away from it using the Grappling Hook, then attack its eye (equip the Spirit of Power for more damage).
 - When on a higher level, climb the spiral staircase and use the Bow to shoot the eyes on the tentacles.
 - Repeat this back and forth process that steadily gets harder. Be sure to avoid the Ooze Minions when necessary.
 - Eventually a short clip will take place, revealing Ciela as the Spirit of Time and Courage. Use the Phantom Spheres she creates to use the Phantom Hourglass. Draw the hourglass symbol to freeze time. Quickly go slash at Bellum. Repeat until defeat (haha, how punny).

 - Once Link has defeat Bellum, the creature will fall into the purple ooze and Link will look over to see whatís happening. The room begins to shake and the ceiling starts to crack. With the staircase blocked, there is nowhere for Link to go. The walls begin to crumble and before something lands on Link, a large flash appears on the screen and the next thing we see is the inside of Linebeckís ship.

 - We see Linebeck kneeling over and looking at the stone solid Tetra. Linebeck tells Oshus to look at the statue but as he turns around, he sees Oshus raising his hands into the air. He uses his power to bring Link to the ship. Of course, Link comes crashing down and lands on top of Linebeck. The comic relief of Linebeck is priceless as he mentions Link falling out of the sky. He tells the old man to work on where he teleports people.

 - Ciela jumps in and says that it was Oshus that got them out of the temple. Oshus says that the seal isnít gone yet, but it is weakening. His powers were restored enough to transport them here. Linebeck lifts Link up and pulls him over to Tetra. Light surrounds the statue as she begins to return to life. Tetra returns to life and gives a big thanks to Link. She says that ever since she reached the Ghost Ship, she has been dreaming. Ciela jumps in and is happy that Tetra is going to be fine after all. Linebeck suddenly releases Link and he goes crashing to the floor. Tetra then thanks Linebeck and of course the pesky pirate says it was nothing really, just standard business. He takes credit for Ciela and Linkís work. Ciela jumps in saying that he left all the dangerous stuff to Link.

 - Link and Tetra are about to shake hands and out of nowhere, a tentacle appears and pulls Tetra through a black portal. The boat shakes and everybody goes rushing outside. We see Bellum has returned and is carrying Tetra with one of its tentacles. Oshus figures that is why all his power was not restored. Bellum flies over to the Ghost Ship and posses it, creating purple ooze eyeballs all around the ship. Linebeck says that they have to chase after and he will take the wheel while Link handles the cannon.

 - As Linebeck is sailing the ship around, you have to be careful of the pink ooze that comes flying towards the ship. Use the cannon the blast the ooze apart. When you are safe from the ooze, use the cannon to blast at one of Bellumís eyes on the ghost ship. The map at the top screen will show the locations of all of Bellumís eyes. Try to be as quick as possible as Bellumís eyes will begin to restore over time. Be sure to keep hitting the ooze that is shot at you to recover some health for Linebeckís ship.

 - This part could go on for a while, but the main thing is to try and keep your ships health up. You cannot afford to let the pink ooze hit your ship too often. Once all the eyes on the ships sides are gone, strike the three that are in the center of the ship. After the tough battle is over and the ship will partially sink. Linebeck will sail over and Link will board the ship for the final battle.

 - Linebeck and Link jump aboard and see Tetra. Bellum pops up holding Tetra and breaks a piece of the ship off. It comes crashing down on Linebeckís ship, hitting Oshus in the process. Ciela is worried for her grandpa while Linebeck is worried for his ship.

 - Suddenly, Bellumís tentacle will spring across and grab Link, lifting him into the air. Link drops the phantom sword and it falls right by Linebeck. Bellum is unable to fly away as Linebeck has part of its tentacle locked in with the phantom sword. Linebeck does a slice and Tetra and Link come flying back to the broken pieces of the ship.

 - Link wakes up and then sees Bellum grab Linebeck. Linebeck tosses over the phantom sword to Link in desperation. Bellum than uses its power and combines with Linebeck to create a large phantom. This leads to the final incarnation of Bellum.

Temple Boss: Bellum Temple of the Ocean King
Defense Power:
 - Multiple phantom sword hits to defeat.
 - Slow.
  Spin Attack.

 - Bellum's last stand and it is quite the battle. Bellum's new massive form is invulnerable at the front, but his weak spot is at its back. While Bellum moves quite slowly, he does turn quickly, so Link can't just circle around to his weak point. Just as in the previous battle, wait for Ciela to send out a Phantom Sphere. Get it just as you did before, freeze time, and run to Bellum's back side and strike at him with your sword. Wait, this doesn't even hurt bellum. Ciela will make this observation and the explanation is because Bellum's eyes aren't open. Ciela flies to check on Bellum's back eyes. Once they open, she is ready to release another Phantom Sphere but before she can do so she is captured by one of Bellum's tentacles.

 - While she has been captured, she still assists Link with her vision. What she views can be seen on the top screen. However, she no longer can release Phantom Sphere's, so Link is on his own in battle. Avoid his sideswipe from his sword and continue to tap at him with the Phantom Sword. While he will block your attacks, eventually the two of you will lock swords. At this point rapidly rub the stylus back and forth to break Bellum's guard and then quickly strike at his belly with your Phantom Sword, bringing him down to one knee.

 - While he is stunned for a short period of time, his grip on Ciela weakens and she is able to release a Phantom Sphere. Quickly run and grab the sphere. Watch through Ciela's view of the back of Bellum. Once Bellum's backside eye has opened up, quickly use the Phantom Hourglass to freeze time. Then run behind Bellum and strike at his eye with the Phantom Sword. Be sure to equip the Spirit of Power to inflict extra damage. Time will return to normal and Bellum will get angrier. Bellum will now perform a large spin attack, which is quite difficult to avoid. Just keep battling him using the same method as before until he has been defeated once and for all.
 - Shortly after you start, Ciela is taken from you. Make note of the fact you can see through her eyes at the top of the screen.
 - Use aggressive, quick sword swipes to lock blades with your foe until you break his guard, then stab him in the chest to stun him. In doing this, Ciela will make Phantom Spheres. Afterwards, Bellum will begin to use hard to avoid Spin Attack-like moves.
 - Grab the Spheres and wait until the eye on Bellum's back opens, then quickly freeze time, rush around and attack it to damage him. Repeat.

 - Linebeck will separate from Bellum and the defeated monster will split into tiny grains of sand. Link notices Tetra on some ship wreckage, and after some eye contact, they exchange waves. Link holds up the phantom sword and all the loose sand is sucked in. The clouds clear and the blue fills the sky.

 - Linebeck gets up in pain and Ciela is first to ask if he is okay. She informs him that Bellum possessed him. Linebeck, now crawling on the ground, apologizes to Link. Ciela tells him to shush and explains that it was Linebeck that helped them out in the first place. Linebeck gets up and have some more small talk with Ciela.

 - A strange noise appears and Link, Tetra, Linebeck, and Ciela look to the skies. Then some strange light comes up from the phantom sword into the sky. All of a sudden water comes splashing into the air and a large whale appears in the water. It is the Ocean King! Oshus has returned to his true form. The Ocean King thanks Linebeck for helping. The Ocean King then makes good on his promise and offers Linebeck one wish. Ciela flies up to Linebeck, asking what it is he wants, assuming it is treasure.

 - Linebeck shockingly turns and says he does not need treasures anymore. Linebeck asks the Ocean King if he can bring back his ship that sank. Ciela is still shocked that Linebeck hadnít asked for treasure and the pirate tells the fairy to shush. Linebeck than grabs Ciela and stretches the fairy around a bit. The Ocean King says that the sand of hours is returned and peace reigns. The ghost ship will no longer haunt your world.

 - The Ocean King says that the time for you to return to your world is near. The two other fairies appear saying they are inhabitants of this world and the door to your world will open. The two fairies give their farewells and return to the Ocean King.

 - Ciela flies over to Linebeck and is happy she no longer has to look at Linebeck. She says that she was tired of seeing him all the time. The disgruntled Linebeck turns around. His finals words to Ciela are to get out of here and good riddance.

 - Ciela flies to Link and says she would like to stay with him, but cannot, because she serves the Ocean King. They share their final goodbyes and then disappear.

 - The credits roll as we are treated with another slide show.

 - After the credits are complete, Link and Tetra wake up on the dock of the ghost ship. Suddenly, they see their ship cross and the two of them cross paths. The rest of the shipmates are happy to see they are okay. Tetra gets in an argument with them as they claim they were only gone for 10 minutes. Was everything that happened really a dream? Then they all turn around and the ghost ship is gone! Link pulls out the phantom hourglass and runs to the edge of the ship and sees a small ship sailing away. Looks like Linebeck got his wish and the Ocean King gave him his ship back.

 - Congratulations!!!

Phantom Hourglass - Walkthrough Index

Chapter 1 - Beginning
Chapter 2 - Sizzling
Chapter 3 - Sand
Chapter 4 - Sea of Madness
Chapter 5 - Windy Wonderland
Chapter 6 - Treasures
Chapter 7 - Courageous
Chapter 8 - Haunting
Chapter 9 - Wet Waters
Chapter 10 - Having A Blast
Chapter 11 - Chilly
Chapter 12 - Gems
Chapter 13 - A'mazing
Chapter 14 - Ancient
~ Chapter 15 - Time's End ~
- 15.1 Forging The Phantom Sword
- 15.2 Temple of the Ocean King, Part 6
- 15.3 Phantom Finale

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