A Link to the Past Glitches

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Princess Zelda Clone

Clone Glitch

After Link saves Princess Zelda, find a ledge to jump off of in the castle. Right as you jump, pause the game and click 'save and quit'. When you restart, get hit by the enemy with the ball and chain. This will allow you to go through the wall above. Continue walking up a few screens until you get to the room with Agahnim. Zelda will still be behind you and she will also be laying down in the bed in front of Agahnim during the cutscene.

Princess Zelda Clone Variation - Shortcut to the Triforce

Before Link saves Princess Zelda, find a ledge to jump off of in the castle. Right as you jump, pause the game and click 'save and quit'. When you restart, and without being hit, go into the castle, up the stairs, and through the left door. Go up to the first window on the left and tap it with your sword. The blue soldier will hit you, allowing you to go through the window. Immediately walk up a few screens. Eventually you won't be able to proceed. Tap just a bit to the left, and try to continue up. After some trial and error, it will let you continue up while still in the wall and, as in the Princess Zelda Clone glitch, you will get to the room with Agahnim. This time, however, you will be able to continue up, past the battle with Agahnim, past a couple rooms where Agahnim glitches, an empty room or two, then the final boss room, all the way to the Triforce room. Congratulations, you've won the game!!!

Mirror Glitch

In the Dark World on Death Mountain, If you travel down to where the broken bridge would be and use the mirror against the wall, You will then be transported to the Light World. By moving very slightly to the right the portal will automatically warp you back to the Dark World. Next is to not move and warp back again to the Light World, step out of the portal, charge up your sword and slowly move back into the portal again. This Glitch now allows you to go past the ledge and you can now explore the Dark World and get items that you would not be able to obtain at this point in the game.

Bumper Glitch

Skull Woods.png

For this Glitch, Link must be in Skull Woods. In this specific room (see picture) Link must charge the sword and position link just right to get caught bouncing in the two bumpers. While bouncing back and forth a Floormaster will come down and try to attack you. Use the spin attack to kill it. Repeat this a few times, then walk out of the room. This will cause the game to glitch at strange times. Link can walk through certain walls, doors, not get injured by some enemies, he can also fall and die in random spots of the dungeon.

Blue Shield Glitch

In the Dark World, Link will come across an enemy known as a Pikit. If Link has the Fire Shield and allows the Pikit to steal it using his tongue, Link can then use the Ether Medallion to freeze the Pikit. After defeating the Pikit with his sword, Link will get back his Fire Shield, but it will be blue due to the use of the Ether Medallion. It will remain blue until Link enters a dungeon.

Boomerang Glitch

In Kakariko Village, go to the longest east-west road which is directly above the Kakariko Inn. Line up directly underneath the door with grass blocking the entrance to the building and throw your boomerang to the east. As quick as possible use the Pegasus Boots and head west. Keep running until you hit the tree barrier. Your boomerang will be traveling from west to east cross-screen. The Boomerang will be traveling very quickly and it will go through buildings, fences and any other obstacle. After a while, the boomerang will slow and, if you wait long enough, will return to you. If you have the Magical Boomerang then some pieces of scenery may turn into cut-down bushes, this will not change if you will be able to walk through them. The glitch will end when you walk to a different screen, enter a building or let the boomerang return to you. This glitch works best after the man who runs away from you leaves.