Breath of the Wild Korok Seed Locations

Here at Zelda Dungeon we offer two methods to help you collect all the Korok Seeds in the world.

Method One: Interactive Map

Due to the “go anywhere you want, in any order you want, in any way you want” nature of Breath of the Wild, our Interactive Map is our recommended method to use for collecting Korok Seeds. Our map shows the locations dof all 900 Korok Seeds, most of which with pictures, and instructions on how to find them (the final pictures and instructions will be added soon). The map also has a checklist feature, which allows you to check off and hide the Korok Seeds that you have already collected. Using the map allows you to collect the seeds in any order you like, wherever you happen to be in the world at any given time, as many as you feel like getting at that moment. In addition, it also shows the location of all Shrines, Shrine Quests, Side Quests, and many other useful bits of information, that you can toggle on or off using the layers as desired.

The following regions have had every Korok Seed in the region personally reviewed to confirm that it has a picture and accurate instructions. You can click any of the links below to scroll the map to the Tower for that region. The final regions will be added soon.

Method Two: By Location, Walkthrough Style, with Video

In addition to our Interactive Map, we will also divide up the Korok Seeds by location. Each page below has a full listing of all the Korok Seeds within its region, along with pictures, a description, and a video collecting all the seeds. If for whatever reason you prefer this method, or are struggling to get that last seed in spite of the map’s assistance, we’ve still got you covered. Each region will be added as it is completed.

Weapon Slot Upgrade Cost Chart

The upgrade cost for each category increases with each upgrade. Only 441 seeds are required to purchase all the weapon slots you can purchase. (However there is a special reward for those intrepid enough to get all 900!) For the price per slot for each of the categories, see the chart below:

Additional Slots Melee Weapons Bows Shields
1st 1 1 1
2nd 2 2 2
3rd 3 3 3
4th 5 5 4
5th 8 8 5
6th 12 12 10
7th 17 17 10
8th 25 25 (Max) 10
9th 35 10
10th 45 10
11th 55 (Max) 15
12th 15
13th 15
14th 15
15th 15
16th 20 (Max)
Totals 208 73 160

Unlocking and Purchasing

To unlock the ability to turn in Korok Seeds and start purchasing the Weapon Slot upgrades mentioned above, first complete The Priceless Maracas Side Quest on the road to Kakariko Village. After completing this short quest, Hestu will allow you to purchase two slots before he moves to a new location. He can then be found at either the Woodland, Wetland, or Riverside Stables. After the purchase of five more slots, he will move to his final location in the Korok Forest.

  • Danielle Weber

    A Korok appears when you put an apple in every single offering bowl in front of Impa’s House in Kakariko Village

  • KyleSkywalker

    Where did Hestu go after completing his side quest? He’s not there anymore.

  • Hamza Jaleel

    From what I know, you can find him in Korok Forest.

  • Daehawk

    Wetland Stable is where I found him next. He’s been there for awhile on my game. I was just wandering around heading up to Korok Forest and found him at that stable. He said that he got lost and made it to this stable, then found out where it was at and that he still had a long ways north to go. So far I’ve been able to just keep coming back to there since the Kaya Wan Shrine is right beside it and trading them in there.

  • Aisopos

    I have 8 Korok Seeds and Hestu keeps saying I didn’t bring him any seeds. Any ideas?

  • Sam

    There’s a seed on the roof of the old man house, there’s one from a block puzzle along the path to kakariko, one on top of a mountain above a giant sleeping monster (I don’t know what it’s called yet because I wasn’t ready to face it, but it kind of looks like a huge bokoblin/moblin race creature) that was somewhere after leaving kakariko, there’s a seed that I don’t know how to explain where it is except to say up a mountain above the plains between hopper pond and the bokoblin skull shaped cave on the map.

  • Sam

    He says that he’s leaving for korok forest but I’ve not gotten there yet. I was only able to turn in two seeds before he left.

  • Thortok


  • Thortok

    There are 900 seed locations in this game. We’re getting there!

  • Numberplay

    Well if you get past Lost Woods you’ll find him near the shrine.

  • Numberplay

    You better keep a lot of apple these offering bowls are everywhere.

  • *Unknown*

    I have actually been taking screen shots of the 60-70 something seeds I have found so far if you want me to share. 😀

  • *Unknown*

    He actually gets lost and is north of the eastern stable in the area above the great plateau and he did 5 more upgrades

  • *Unknown*

    yep I found them on random mountain peaks also lol

  • Thortok

    This is actually part of the wiki. Feel free to look at how the first 14 or so seeds have been done so far and add to the wiki in a similar fashion. Feel free to ask me if you have any questions, but if you know basic coding and wiki editing it should be pretty easy to imitate what’s been done so far.

    Without help I’ll eventually get it all done myself but it will of course go faster with help.

    My current focus is to go in the regions generally in order of the main quest, so for instance first off I’m going to try to get every seed in the Great Plateau. Too bad my real life job takes up so much of my time. =(

  • *Unknown*

    Oh okay. Sounds good when I get home today after work I’ll add mine. I just know some of them people may not know how to figure out so I took a a screen shot of the before and after lol

  • *Unknown*

    But yeah I went from great plateau to Hyrule field then the region with kakoriko village, hateno, then zoros domain, then the region west from hyrule field and I am currently in the Rito region. So I’ve been slowly following a quest pattern lol. Is there an easy way to transfer pictures without using social media from the switch?

  • Thortok

    Generally speaking, a single, clear and concise shot of the before is the preferred screenshot, and then the text can describe what to do. Go for minimalist, the least information necessary to help is fine. There’s a couple I’ve already done so was only able to get an after image, feel free to replace with a before image if you have one. Again, please refer to the examples (the first 14 seeds) and try to match the style as much as you can for consistency. ^_^

  • Thortok

    That I have no idea, I don’t have a switch. I have a capture card so I play my Wii U in a window on my computer, allows direct screen grabs that way. Very easy. Also, I generally crop the picture to only the relevant visual cues necessary to get an idea of the puzzle.

    I’ll be individually reviewing every seed and making changes where necessary. After all I want to collect them all myself lol

  • *Unknown*

    I know it’s driving me insane I like to 100% things so I want to find everything before fighting Ganon which is hard with the 900 seeds. Do you know if anyone was able to figure out how to get the red and yellow orb onto their pedestal for the thunder trial yet? I keep failing at using the stasis rune to launch them onto the center area.

  • Thortok

    My current attack pattern is 1 – main quest, 2 – shrines, 3 – side quests, 4 – Korok seeds. In this case, Great Plateau doesn’t have any optional shrines or side quests, so Korok seeds are up first.

    Each shrine will work similar to a Korok seed, a brief overview of requirements for that shrine on the map, and link to the wiki with a mini-walkthrough for that shrine. I’m not sure if I’ve done a thunder trial yet, right now I know them more by name than by which trial they are.

  • *Unknown*

    Had to search the map to figure it out since you have to complete a challenge/shrine quest first. It looks like it’s called Toh yahsa by the ridgeland tower.
    Edit: But now that I know what it’s called I could find the best areas to hit the two orbs on google. Thanks though 🙂

  • Thortok

    Note to any wiki editors adding seeds –

    – Great Plateau is not a region, it’s a landmark, even though it plays a major role in the beginning of the game. (Towers are actually named off nearby landmarks, not regions, actually.)

    – There’s 900 seeds total. DO NOT consolidate multiple landmark’s seed lists onto one page. It will be too much, in the end. Each landmark should have its own Wiki page with its own list. While the Great Plateau Tower region only has 16 seeds, the other regions have 884 more. It would be too much.

    – A landmark is any text available on the map when you are zoomed in all the way. Use the in-game text closest to the in-game icon of the seed to determine which landmark to list it under. (This will be subjective, that’s fine.)

    – If you don’t have a screenshot, put the file name anyway and I’ll take a screenshot when I get there, or someone else can/will.

    – If you’d rather just add the pin to the map and not worry about explaining how to get it, that’s fine too, I’ll figure it out and write it myself.

  • Thortok

    Update – All seeds in the Great Plateau Tower Region are now on the interactive map, each one with a clear picture and instructions of how to get. If more instructions are necessary, click the link to go to the wiki page for that seed. Enjoy!

  • Michael Spahn

    Is it possible to add a filter to the map so that it only shows the seeds? I’d really appreciate that, thanks 🙂

  • Thortok

    I am continuously requesting layer filters to the map coder. I’ll show him your comment. =D

  • Michael Spahn

    Great, thanks 🙂

  • Katsumi Akatsuki

    two seeds missing here, one in the water and one across on the ridge on the island, one is a puzzle box the other throw a rock in the middle of the rocks in the water

    sorry i took the print screen of the map not mine and this might not be in the right section, i was moving on from the great plateau using the interaction map and notice there was 2 missing anyways from the interaction map. ( near lake hylia)

  • Thortok

    The wiki is open to anyone who wants to add markers to the map. If you don’t have much knowledge to do the edits, that’s fine, just be patient. Someone else might add it for you, or I will get it when I get there. I will eventually add and/or verify that every single seed is on the map. I will be doing the Dueling Peaks Tower Region next. =D

  • Katsumi Akatsuki

    ill leave you to it lmaooo im on korok hunt atm lmao i will be refreshing the page then lolol (same area!!) i do have the physical map at home but its huge and hurts my eyes lmao

  • Katsumi Akatsuki

    talus senior on the peak be careful lolol

  • Mike Shulo

    Awesome! Thanks so much. New to the wiki, but loving it so far. I have one question though:

    On this page (“Korok Seed Locations”) you currently only have “Great Plateau Tower Region” listed. Are there going to be other pages for the other Tower Regions, or will they all eventually be listed here?

  • Thortok

    Eventually all listed here. I’m working on the Dueling Peaks Tower Region now, for instance.

    The map has a lot more seeds scattered across the entire world as people are adding them, however I want to make sure a region has every single seed mapped with instructions and a picture before adding that region to *this* page.

    When Mases gets to this page in his walkthrough writing, he’ll take over and probably make some style changes to the presentation. I’m just putting something up to help people in the meantime. ^_^

    Really though, the interactive map is where it’s at. That’s gonna be your best way to get them all. We’re up to 144 seeds right now, many of them with instructions and pictures but all of them with at least the pin on the map to get you started.

  • Mike Shulo

    Love it! Can’t wait too see what lies ahead. I am a noob to this wiki stuff, but I managed to add a seed (following the basic directions) I just found – Seed 145. Only problem is I had no clue how to get a screenshot or edit the text to tell people how to do it (its one of the block moving challenges)… Is there a place I can read up on how to do that?

  • Thortok

    If you have any knowledge of wiki code, best thing to do is to mimic the seeds that have already been done.

    Otherwise, your contribution doesn’t have to be ‘complete’…do as much as you feel comfortable with, and someone else (probably me) will come along and finish it off! Simply adding the seed to the map is great, you don’t have to add instructions if you can’t figure it out.

    Screenshots for instance, are really easy for me to get, so if you can’t or don’t want to, that’s totally fine.

    If you really want to get help on how to contribute though, feel free to join the #wiki channel in our Discord.

  • Thortok

    Gonna do my best to keep the running seed count updated as much as possible.

  • Thortok

    Dueling Peaks Tower Region is now complete. In addition, over 220 seeds on the map.

  • Orysk

    Would it be possible to add the number of koroks in each area back? I really wanted to know how many are in each area without their exact location so I could still look for them.

  • Thortok

    The main issue is that there really isn’t an exact number. =/ Especially for ones on the edges, there’s a bit of shuffling around going on as we make judgment calls on “is it closer to this or that”, etc.

    For instance, we might say there’s 18 seeds in the plateau, and you go crazy looking for the last 2 because they’re down the cliffs and not really ‘on’ the plateau, etc.

    Even for the landmark pages that they’re currently listed on, there’s some shuffling around, moving them to different landmarks that are discovered as being closer, etc. Then there’s seeds that aren’t really close to anything, but we have to put them somewhere, and then you’re like “wow, that’s not even in X area at all, no wonder I couldn’t find the last one there.” Etc.

    I felt like having the seed counts were doing more harm than good for those reasons so I took them down.

  • Orysk

    Hrm, I get that, you think there’s any other way I can not be spoiled the exact location of them but still know if I haven’t missed any in an area? hrm

  • Thortok

    Honestly your best bet is just to explore on your own period, and when you feel like you’ve combed every inch, then look at the map and get the icons only (or even just count them yourself if you want). If you don’t click them you won’t get their solutions. Also, some puzzles actually start a little ways away from their icon, so that’s something, I guess.

    The reason I feel safe considering these two regions ‘complete’ is I got all the ones on the edges that may or may not be considered in the region. So even if every one of them was considered in the Dueling Peaks region, they’ve been mapped. But a good handful of them are probably going to wind up being considered as in the bordering regions instead when all is said and done (three of them had their classification changed by other editors before I even finished). =/ Sorry. The game doesn’t really give you any clearly defined “you got them all” kind of checkbox to tick off. Wish it did. Or maybe it will when you get closer to completion. Won’t know until then.

  • Orysk

    Hrm, yeah that’s fair. Although I definitely felt like I covered every inch of the great plateau and I still missed a few. I wonder if it would be possible to mark them just by the save location? If you try to save the game it will tell you a specific area.

  • Thortok

    Unfortunately, that would be even more confusing. Save locations are based off of whether you are near a named location (white text that shows up on your screen when you walk through its invisible border, like a bridge, stables, village, shrine, etc.) And only some of what we call ‘Landmarks’ will do this, and a lot of what we don’t call Landmarks do this too (like Shrines). If you’re not in one of those regions, it actually defaults to what we are calling the ‘subregion’…and that text shows up on the 2nd zoom level (zoom all the way out in-game and then zoom in once.) Seeds show up at the 4th zoom level (zoom in all the way).

    Not to mention the lines are invisible. For Tower regions, you have a pretty good delineation between revealed and not revealed (until you reveal the tower on the other side of course), so they’re about the only lines on the map we can really ‘draw’, and even then the ones on the edges are still pretty subjective.

    Not to mention, the bigger the region, the larger the list of seeds. If we said West Necluda had 190 seeds, first off, how are you going to know what West Necluda is, and secondly, are you really going to keep count of how many? And it again it falls into, you think that’s a West Necluda seed in your count, did we think it was a West Necluda seed in our count? Etc.

    I’m sorry, I wish I could be more help. Once we get the whole world mapped and seeds stop shuffling classifications we can probably put seed counts up again for each landmark like before, but until then I foresee too many issues. =( Sorry.

    You could always ask a friend to count them for you within a specified area and have them tell you how many were in that area, without looking at the map yourself lol For what you want, that’s really the only solution I can think of.

  • Orysk

    > And it again it falls into, you think that’s a West Necluda seed in your count, did we think it was a West Necluda seed in our count?

    Well, no, it would not be arbitrary this way since you can see exactly which save area it is in. Otherwise yeah, I get your concerns, I may do that with a friend.

  • Thortok

    Well then you’re stuck wandering around constantly checking your save file to see if you’re still in West Necluda or not. =P

    Your best bet is take a screenshot of the region you want to search, send it and a link to the interactive map to a friend, say ‘count how many are in this area for me please’ and have them tell you. =D

  • Stefan

    You could make a voronoi Diagramm over all towers and you can show the number of seeds in every voronoi region

  • Thortok

    Ha, learn something every day, heh.

    Will propose that as an option when we revisit classification towards the end of the seed list.

  • 900 seeds, are you kidding me?

  • John Desjardins

    You are a legend, please keep up the good work it’s much appreciated 🙂

  • Thortok

    Nope. However they go really quick and only 441 are needed for the slot upgrades. Take a good path around the world and you can get one about every 2-5 minutes, sometimes even faster.

  • Thortok

    This has been added btw.

  • Matt Weyland

    Your map throws errors. It would appear as if you’ve exceeded your daily use limit for this in google maps.

  • Thomas Donnelly

    The interactive map is a great idea but I was just wondering if there was a way you could put in an option to mark off a particular Korok seed after we’ve picked it up e.g. Have an option to put a cross through it or change the icons colour when we’ve found it?
    That’d make it much easier to find the ones we need and not mix them up with the ones we’ve already got.