Korok Seed Locations

All across the entire Overworld, Link will encounter many Koroks and can collect Korok Seeds from solving small puzzles. If Link ventures to West Necluda, he will meet up with Hestu to find that his Maracas have been stolen, and this triggers to beginning of the Priceless Maracas Side Quest.

After completing this Side Quest, you will learn that the Korok Seeds are missing from inside of the Maracas. The Koroks have stolen these seeds and it prevents Hestu from dancing. It is your job to search the world to find all the missing seeds.

As you venture through the game, you can bring Korok Seeds to Hestu and he will reward you by upgrading the number of slots in your Weapons Stash, Bow Stash, and Shield Stash. Each upgrade progressively costs more seeds.

After the first two upgrades, Hestu will move to various Stables across the land, such as the Wetland Stables.

After five more upgrades, Hestu will move to a new location in Korok Forest.

The upgrade cost for each category increases with each upgrade. See the chart below:

Additional Slots Melee Weapons Bows Shields
1st 1 1 1
2nd 2 2 2
3rd 3 3 3
4th 5 5 4
5th 8 8 5
6th 12 12 10
7th 17 17 10
8th 25 25 (Max) 10
9th 35 10
10th 45 10
11th 55 (Max) 15
12th 15
13th 15
14th 15
15th 15
16th 20 (Max)
Totals 208 73 160

There are 900 seeds available in the world total, and the upgrades will require 441 of them (however there is a special reward for those intrepid enough to get all 900!) The easiest way to go about collecting them is to use our Interactive Map. This way, you can search for the seeds nearest to you, wherever you happen to be in the world. You can also easily compare your in-game map to the interactive map to quickly determine which ones you already have and which ones you are missing. Once you reach the area with the icon, you can try to figure out the puzzle yourself, or if you want the solution, click the seed icon on the map for a picture and instructions (if they have been added yet).

The interactive map currently has all 900 seeds mapped! We have checked them for accuracy and we’re confident every seed is correct. More pictures and instructions are being added daily, thanks largely in part to the contributions of our wiki editors! Eventually, every single seed will have a picture and instructions. Regions which have been completed (all seeds in the area are verified to have an accurate picture and instructions) are listed below:

Great Plateau Tower Region

Dueling Peaks Tower Region

Hateno Tower Region

Lanayru Tower Region

Faron Tower Region

Lake Tower Region

Wasteland Tower Region

Gerudo Tower Region