Link- A young boy living on Hyrule with his grandfather, Master Smith. Link is also a childhood friend of Zelda, the Princess of Hyrule. When Princess Zelda is turned to stone by an evil villain named Vaati, Link accepts his destiny by embarking on yet another grand Hyule adventure.
  Ezlo- The magically enhanced hat Link wears on his journey. Ezlo was found by Link in the Minish Forest being tortured by some creatures. Link defeats the enemies and Ezlo is intrigued by Link's story and joins him on his journey. Ezlo, like Link, is looking to break a curse by Vaati. Ezlo is the one who teaches Link who to operate portals so he can communicate with the Minish people.
  Princess Zelda- The Princess of Hyrule, the daughter of the King. Princess Zelda is very close friends with Link, and she invites him to the Annual Picori Festival. It is Zelda's duty to present the winner with their reward, but when she was doing her job, the year's winner, Vaati, turned her into stone and fled.
  Vaati- The winner of the annual torunament held during the Picori Festival. Vaati used incredible magical spells that hadn't been seen before. When his award ceremony begins, he reveals his true motive for entering the torunament, harnessing the powerful energy supposedly inside the chest where the Sword of Picori lies. To his dismay, there was no powerful energy inside the chest, and he turns Princess Zelda to stone and flees. He is certain that shall be the only obstacle to foil his sinister plans.