Frequently Asked Questions
Have questions about the game? So do a lot of people... Below are some of them we've collected along with the answers. If you have any more, feel free to e-mail us and we'll add it to the list.

Q: How do I complete (Insert portion of the game)?
A: I wrote a Walkthrough for a reason. I have three varieties, the downloadable
text walkthrough, the one on the site (with pictures and maps) and the video
walkthrough (coming soon).

Q: What masks are needed to beat the game?
A: Other than the Transformation Masks, these are the masks and why you need them:
Garo's Mask :  To get into Ikana Canyon.
Captain's Hat :  To get the Song of Storms.
Gibdo Mask :  To get the Mirror Shield.

Q: Why don't I get the full credits?
A: Depending on whom you help in the game, your credits will change. For every person you help, you will see a short clip during the credits of what happens to them.

Q: Is there a way to wear the Fierce Deity's Mask outside of a boss room?
A: Yes, there is. While doing the Anju & Kafei Quest, before you enter the room with Kafei, slap on a heavier Transformation Mask (Goron or Zora). When the controls switch to him, press Start and change the (C) Button with that mask to the Fierce Deity's Mask. When you regain control, you will transform. Of course, this only lasts a little while, and the game has a tendency to crash. I don't mess with many codes, cheats, hacks or the like, so I'm not well versed in all of the other goodies you can accomplish after this point. Click here to see Anju's wonderful Glitch FAQ at

Q: How come you don't have a Glitch Guide or Three Day Challenge?
A: I like to just play through the game, legit. I don't like wasting my time with some of the more pointless side quests (such as getting a perfect score at the Town Shooting Gallery). I've never messed with codes other than the Levitate one for the sake of writing the Walkthrough (it's faster than running all over sometimes). As far as the Three Day Challenge, I may eventually return to the Majora's Mask section to complete it...

Q: What's the difference between the various cartridges?
A: There are three different cartridges for Majora's Mask: the regular gray, the gold collector's edition and the gold collector's edition with a hologram sticker on the front. Other than price and the possibility of a few bugs, there is no difference.

Q: Why does the game keep freezing/lagging?
A: The game has a tendency to do this on the Gamecube Collector's Edition. The reason for this is due to emulation issues and because the N64 uses 64 bit memory as opposed to a spinning disc and loads much faster. I've only played it on the N64 myself, so I have no hands on experience with this problem. From what I've heard, just stick with it; It'll pass.