There are several tough enemies in the game that take a little more finesse than you're average Chuchu or Bad Bat. Below is a list of all of the Bosses and Mini-Bosses found in the game, starting with quick links to quickly find the one you're looking for.

Woodfall Temple
Mini-Boss: Dinofol
"What? You don't know about
the Dinofols? Use targeting
methods and defending. And
watch out for its fiery breath!"
- Hero's Bow
- Quiver
 - Slashes with its sword.
 - Breathes fire straight ahead.

 - This giant lizard with a sword and shield is a little harder than the Lizalfos you've experienced from Ocarina of Time. They jump a lot and use their shield quite a bit.

 - Use your shield for most of the battle to prevent his blade's attempts to become friends. He will breathe fire after awhile on his own, but he uses it most often after being hit, so be warned.

 - Because he uses fire, don't use the Deku Mask. Just use Z targeting and sword slashes to take him down. He takes about four hits.
 - Use sword and shield tactics. Jump/roll a lot. Stab when you can. Quickly get away when he starts to breathe fire. Do not use the Deku Mask.
Mini-Boss: Gekko
"That's a Gekko.
And its pretty angry!
It's pretty weak, too. It really
shouldn't be making a fool of you."
- Boss Key
 - Jumps towards you.
 - Spins at you while atop a giant Snapper.

 - This giant frog starts out the battle by harmlessly coming towards you. After three hits he will call a Snapper to join him.

 - On top of the Snapper, he will spin towards you, alike all the other Snappers you've encountered thus far. Use either Bombs or Blast Mask to blow him off, or use the flowers to knock them over.

 - Once this happens, the Snapper will be flipped upside-down and the frog will climb around the walls and ceiling. Z target him and shoot him with an arrow once he holds still. Do this three times to defeat Gekko.
 - Slash him with your sword. When he gets on the Snapper, use either Bombs, Blast Mask or flowers + Deku Mask to get him off. Shoot him with arrows as he climbs around.
Temple Boss: Masked Jungle Warrior, ODOLWA
"If you get close to him, you'll be
beaten! Do you understand me?"
- Heart Container
- Odolwa's Remains
 - Slashes at you with his huge sword.
 - Zooms towards you in a mighty slash.
 - Ducks low and uses a kind of Spin Attack move as he zips towards you.
 - Jumps to a random point in the room (usually behind you).
 - Surrounds a small area around you with flames.
 - Dances and summons a bunch of moths that follow you.
 - Dances and summons several bugs that resemble crabs.
 - Dances and summons rocks that fall from the sky.

 - Thanks for the vote of confidence there Tatl. Sheesh, no respect.

 - This guy is a huge tribal warrior with a long sword and a big shield. Because of his wide range of attacks, he forces you to go between close and ranged combat every few seconds. If you have the Bunny Hood, I suggest you wear it for the whole fight. If you run out of Arrows or need life, there are bushes along the walls that grow back. Also his bugs will drop Recovery Hearts.

 - Despite the Deku Launcher (flower) in the middle of the room, this guy's moths and fire, as well as the range of his sword, make using the Deku Mask worthless. You can, however, utilize the Bomb Flowers around the room.

 - Use Z Targeting techniques to defend against his sword slashes. When you see him raise his sword above his head, it means he's about to swoop towards you. Jump to the left or right to avoid it. When he uses his spin attack move, just keep holding R in his direction.

 - Whenever you hear him start chanting something different, such as "A-law, A-law!" or "Ah ha dai, ah ha dai!", it means he's trying to summon something. His guard is down while doing this, so quickly, shoot him with an arrow! If he blocks it, don't feel bad, because you still interrupted his summoning.

 - After several hits, he'll move faster, summon a lot more and start using that spinning move I talked about earlier. After about 20 hits he'll die.
 - Use your shield a bunch. Use Arrows or Bombs to stun him from afar and run in for the kill. If he starts chanting or dancing, his guard is down, leaving him open for your bow. Use the Bunny Hood if you have it. Don't use the Deku Mask.
Snowhead Temple
Mini-Boss: Wizrobe
"It's a Wizrobe.
You'll get your chance right when
it starts to attack. Be on the
lookout for it!"
- Fire Arrows
 - Shoots an icy blast at you.

 - This skinny, blue guy with one dopey eye will teleport around the room attempting to freeze you from afar. When you get close, he will disappear.

 - Because you have limited time, it's easiest to just use the Goron Mask for this whole battle. Face towards him and wait for him to stop glowing, then roll towards him and quickly take your shot.

 - Because you have limited time, it's easiest to just use the Goron Mask for this whole battle. Face towards him and wait for him to stop glowing, then roll towards him and quickly take your shot.

 - Another method to damage him is to use Arrows, which is also pretty effective, but does less damage.
 - Use the Goron Mask to roll around when he starts appearing or use arrows. The real one is solid, as well as a red dot on your Map.
Mini-Boss: Wizrobe (Again)
"It's a Wizrobe.
You'll get your chance right when
it starts to attack. Be on the
lookout for it!"
- Boss Key
 - Shoots an icy blast at you.

 - This battle is exactly the same as the first. The only difference is that now the room is larger. Use your compass (he's the red dot) to your advantage and take him out with your polished skills.
 - Use the Goron Mask to roll around when he starts appearing or use arrows. The real one is solid, as well as a red dot on your Map.
Temple Boss: Masked Mechanical Monster, GOHT
"Hurry! Chase after it. Even if it
means throwing your own body
into it, do it so it'll stop!"
- Heart Container
- Goht's Remains
 - Rams into you like a bull (if you're in front of it).
 - Far ahead of you... stands still and fires homing, electric bolts at you.
 - Hit it in the legs... Shoots a homing, electric bolt at you.
 - Rocks fly out from behind it.
 - Rocks fall from the ceiling.
 - Causes stalctites to fall from the ceiling and stick out of the ground in your way.
 - Bombs get thrown behind it.

 - As you enter, you'll notice that the dreaded demon of Snowhead is actually frozen itself? *Sigh* Sadly, shoot it with a Fire Arrow to commence a joke of a boss battle.

 - Quickly put on the Goron Mask and begin rolling after it. All you have to do is swerve back and forth as you follow it, restore your magic via the jars along the path that replenish themselves, and hit Goht with your spikes.

 - It IS possible to damage it by hitting it in the legs, but not very successful. The better method is to roll along-side it, then, when you get to a jump, use it to fling yourself up and land on its back. This will stun it, giving you tons of time to punish it properly.

 - Alternatively, you can roll after it, take off the Goron Mask, and shoot it with Fire Arrows. Don't think you can just stay in one spot and wait for him, because he'll turn around and snipe you from afar.

 - The exception to that is the entrance to this room, in that little slot, he is powerless to attack you, so you can wait for him and shoot him repeatedly.

 - All of its attacks are nothing to worry about. Just keep your distance, zig zag a bunch, and go in for the kill. Before long, this pathetic boss will bite the dust.
 - Roll after it. Use the jumps to land on its back, stunning it. proceed to demolish it.
 - You can also take off your Goron Mask, shoot it with Fire Arrows, and repeat.
Great Bay Temple
Mini-Boss: Wart
"It's a Wart.
Once you've gotten rid of the
spheres that shield the main body,
you can attack the eye."
- Ice Arrow
 - Floats around the room.
 - Surrounds itself in pink... eggs?
 - Rams the walls in an attempt to hit you.

 - This creature is quite simply a giant eyeball that can only be damaged when its eyelid is open. It was actually a boss in one of the previous Zelda titles, A Link To The Past.

 - The main eye can be damaged with just about anything. However, this thing obviously doesn't just float around... After several hits, it will drop all the pink things and zoom around the room, ramming the walls repeatedly in an attempt to squish you.

 - Now rewind. At the start of the battle, it surrounds itself with pink things. You can get these off by hitting them with just about anything, but Deku Nuts or Fire Arrows work the best. They will then bounce around. At that point, you can kill them with your sword.

 - Suffice to say, if you hit the main eye too much before you kill most of the pink things, it will be really annoying. To make this battle easier, kill as many of the pink things as your patience allows, then shoot the main eye with arrows when it's open.

 - When it starts zipping around, keep it Z targeted, hit it when its vulnerable. Before long, you'll claim your prize.
 - Only vulnerable when the eye is open. Hit eye with sword, arrows, whatever works. If damaged enough, it'll go berserk and zoom around trying to hit you. Thus, kill the pink stuff first.
 - Knock them away from his body using Bombs, Fire Arrow or sword. Then kill them with whatever you like.
 - Keep him Z targeted when he's running around. Shoot or slash his eye when it's open.
Mini-Boss: Gekko (Again)
"He's run inside a Mad Jelly
Since its body is so soft, normal
attacks won't do any good! Figure
out another way!"
- Boss Key
 - Throws Mad Jellies that are scattered around the room at you.
 - Jumps up on the ceiling and makes all the jelly things fly up to him, then he tries to fall down on you. If he touches you while inside the jellies, he'll beat the snot out of you, dealing massive damage!

 - This guy is still easy if you know what to do, but that shouldn't be too hard.

 - Basically, he jumps around like he did the last time you faced him. Now, however, he has all these water jellies that he can throw at you. just zig-zag to avoid them and stab him with your sword.

 - Whenever you hurt him, he'll climb up the wall and make all the jellies go up there too. He will then try to fall on top of you. If he touches you, he'll hurt you a ton, so don't let him!

 - When he first goes up to the ceiling, just watch the shadow on top of you and run out of the way. Turn around and Z target him. You can shoot him with an Ice Arrow, but it has no real effect. Wait for him to go up to the ceiling, THEN shoot him.

 - If you do this correctly, he'll freeze up and shatter when he hits the ground, allowing you to chase him once more. After several smacks he rightfully deserves, he'll revert back into a normal frog.
 - There's blobs everywhere. He'll throw some at you. Avoid them, chase him down, skin him alive.
 - When he zips up to the ceiling, watch the shadow it casts on you. Run far away. Turn around, Z target. Wait till he gets back on the ceiling and shoot an Ice Arrow.
 - Repeat.
Temple Boss: Gargantuan Masked Fish, GYORG
"If you go near it now, you'll be
eaten! Aim at it from afar to
weaken it!"
- Heart Container
- Gyorg's Remains
 - Jumps over the platform (will grab you if you're standing in the middle).
 - Rams the platform (will knock you off if you're NOT in the middle).
 - Grabs you and chomps down on you, dealing massive damage!
 - Eventually, lets loose a bunch of piranha-like fish.

 - I hope you came prepared with Fairies or Milk in bottles and maybe even some Green Potion or even Chateau Romani. You'll need it, cause this is one of the harder battles in the game.

 - There are two methods of fighting: from the platform, and under water. The latter is more dangerous, but it's hard to get back on the platform, so it's a toss up between the two. Personally, I like the platforming.

 - First, understand that Gyorg swims around and attempts to get you in the water. Its only real attack is to take you in its mouth and show you a world of pain with its sharp teeth.

 - To stun it, you can stand on the platform and use (Fire) Arrows, or use the Zora Mask to charge up you fins, or swim into it and use the Electric Barrier (Zora + swimming + R). The last way is the most dangerous...

 - Once its stunned, put on the Zora Mask and jump into the water (if you're not already). Quickly swim over to him and start smacking away with your Fins or the Electric Barrier.

 - When he gets back up, gain your distance. If you're fighting from the platform, try circling the platform to get height, then dolphin jump onto it. This can be very tricky.

 - Half way through the battle, it will let loose lots of piranha-like fish. This is a huge pain, because they make it easier for Gyorg to chase you down. Use your Electrical Barrier (R) to kill them.

 - All in all, this is a tough fight. You may use a couple Fairies in the process (now why can't Tatl do that?!).
 - Stand on the platform, shoot the giant fish with (Fire) Arrows to stun it. Alternatively, use the Zora Mask under water and charge up your Fins, or swim into it with the Electric Barrier (R).
 - Once it's stunned, get close and smack away at it with the Zora Mask. Run away when it comes to.
 - Eventually it'll spit out piranhas. Avoid them or use the Electric Barrier (R). Soon after, you'll win. *clap clap*
Ikana Graveyard
Mini-Boss: Skull Keeta
"Hurry! Chase him until you get
your chance at him! But if you
get too close, you might regret
- Captain's Hat
 - Smacks you with his huge arms.
 - Jumps up in the air and tries to land on you (run away from the shadow to avoid it).

 - You'll find this guy in front of Dampe's House in the Ikana Graveyard. Play the Sonata of Awakening to start the battle. He will run up the hill, during which time Stalchildren will appear out of ground every few paces. Shoot him with arrows to slow him down, then slash him with your sword to confront him.

 - This battle is quite easy. After you've caught up with him, just get close and smack him with your sword. You can defend against his slapping with your shield, but if you're too close, he'll swing over it. When he disappears, run away from the shadow, then turn around and lay a hit on him.

 - Part of what makes this guy so easy is that you can use your Bow, Hookshot or Bombs to easily stun him. Have some fun with it, use the Deku Mask for a challenge. =)
 - Really easy. He smacks at you and tries to pull a Bowser on you (jumps up and lands on you). Avoid these. Stun him with Arrows or Hookshot. Run in for the kill.
Mini-Boss: Iron Knuckle
"You know about the Iron
Knuckle, right? Stay away from
its ax attack, then look for a
chance to retaliate."
- Song of Storms
 - Swings its axe at you, OUCH!

 - These enemies are fairly simple, but they hurt a lot! Get close to them, then back up or do a back flip to avoid the attack. As they're still recovering from their swing, you can go in for a quick jab.

 - Most other attacks won't work against them, except for Bombs. You can use those for the first half of the battle, but they are hard to use when he moves faster.

 - After a few hits, a layer of armor will fall off and they will be able to move much faster. Use the same patterns to defeat them shortly after.
 - This guy hurts... Get close, then back flip to avoid the p-a-i-n. Run in and smack him with your sword, then get back again. Repeat. Half way through, he loses his armor and moves faster. Keep it up and he dies.
Ikana Castle
Mini-Boss: Wizrobe (3rd Time)
"It's a Wizrobe.
You'll get your chance right when
it starts to attack. Be on the
lookout for it!"
- Nothing =(
 - Shoots a fire blast at you.

 - I'm sorry, but yes, you have to fight him, AGAIN. This time, he has a fire attack which explodes into little fire things that fling in several directions once it hits the ground.

 - Other than that, everything's the same. Use your compass to find him quickly.
 - Use the Goron Mask to roll around when he starts appearing or use arrows. The real one is solid, as well as a red dot on your Map.
Mini-Boss: Skull Knights
"Just keep defending and watch his
movements. I think I'm starting to
see his weak point!"
- N/A
 - Slashes at you with their swords.

 - I don't really know these guys' names. Seeing as they're a comic relief, you'd think Nintendo would give them something...

 - As you start the battle with the King of Ikana, he will instead send his lackeys after you and watch from the sidelines. If you try to harm him, he'll either counterattack or deflect it.

 - As soon as you can, burn away one of the two blinds blocking the windows using a Fire Arrow to allow light to come in. While standing in the light, the skeletons will avoid you at all cost. From there, shoot the other drapes.

 - These guys obviously are weak to the light, but you can't reflect any onto them because they just guard against it. Wait for a gap in their defenses or stun them, then stab them quickly. This can be done quickly using the Deku Mask or Deku Nuts.

 - After just a few hits, they'll fall to the ground. Run back to the light and shine it on their bodies to finish them off. Repeat this process with the other one.
 - Shoot the drapes blocking the windows with Fire Arrows. Stand in the light when you don't wish to be attacked. Go confront them, use sword and shield tactics to take them down. Run back and shine light on them to kill them.
Mini-Boss: Igos du Ikana (King of Ikana)
"Stick with using the basic
target methods while defending.
...He's a different rank than those
other two lackeys, though..."
- Elegy of Emptiness
 - Slashes at you with his sword.
 - Uses a jumping slash attack. Easy to avoid, but does heavy damage.
 - Decapitates himself, sending his head flying around to chomp on you. Hard to avoid.
 - Breathes poison gas towards you.

 - If you wear the Captain's Hat before the battle, he thinks you're him! Anyway, this guy is pretty much the same as the other two, but considerably harder.

 - For the most part, this guy will use a variety of attacks and can still defend against yours on the fly, which makes him much harder. Use Z targeting and your shield a lot.

 - Obviously, the goal is to shine light on him. He takes quite a bit of hits to knock him to the floor though, and unlike the other two, it's much easier to shine light on him while he's running around.

 - One method of hurting him is to use the Deku Mask to spin around to his backside, take off the mask, and slash him while he's stunned.

 - Perhaps the most annoying thing about this guy is his decapitation technique. He severs his head which flies around, and as far as I know, is invulnerable. His body becomes transparent and will follow you around, slashing at you. Inevitably, he'll come and chomp on your own head. For the most part, It's unavoidable... It is possible to avoid though if you roll at just the right moment.

 - After several hits, he'll fall down. Run over to the light and shine it on this fellow as well.
 - Same as his guards, but harder. Stay close and stab him when you can. Try to shine light on him when he uses his poison breath. Run away when his head starts floating around. After several hits, he will fall down. Shine light on him to slay him.
Stone Tower Temple
Mini-Boss: Garo Master
"That's the Garo Master...
You can't fight him like an
ordinary Garo. Just dodge those
- Light Arrow
 - Flies towards you quickly and slashes.
 - Jumps over you, turns around, slashes.
 - Disappears and appears above you, followed by a quick slash.
 - Does a spinning attack towards you (usually defensive).

 - This guy is very quick, and unfortunately, his swords do not break because of your Mirror Shield alike the other Garos. If you have the Bunny Hood, I suggest you use that and no Z targeting.

 - Up close attacks don't work, so you have to wait for an opening. He has a tendency to pause after his charging attack and his disappear one as well, so that's our chance.

 - For the charge one, Z target him from far away, then move to the side. Stay close enough that he'll slash when he gets close to you though, but far enough that he doesn't hit you. Quickly, smack him.

 - If you run too far away when he zooms at you, he'll disappear. He will appear a few feet in front of the direction you were facing when he disappeared. So just count on that, wait for him to appear and slash, then run in and kick his butt.

 - He's very easy as a Goron. Use the Goron Stomp (A + B) when he's about to charge. You'll land and hurt him after he's already swiped.

 - He CAN be quite easy as a Zora. Use the Electric Barrier (R + B) to stun him, then attack. If you get burned though, you'll have to start over...

 - After just a few hits, he'll bite the dust. Run away, because he'll blow himself up with a Bomb after a few quick words.
 - Keep your distance, Z target (or use Bunny Hood). Move to the side when he charges at you. If you're close enough, he'll swipe, then sit there for a second. Smack him.

 - If you move too far away when he zooms at you, he'll disappear. Stand still and defend. He'll appear and slash. Smack him right after that.
Mini-Boss: Wizrobe (4th Time)
"It's a Wizrobe.
You'll get your chance right when
it starts to attack. Be on the
lookout for it!"
- Stray Fairy #13
 - Shoots a fire blast at you.

 - Okay, this is the last time you have to fight him, I swear! This is also the hardest time as well... There's lava on the ceiling that drips down on you, making it hard to sit still for very long.
 - Use your compass to sit back and shoot him with arrows to get this over with quickly and painlessly.
Mini-Boss: Gomess
"It's Gomess. There'll be no end to
it if you can't get those bats
away from it. Does that shed any
light on the situation?"
- Boss Key
 - Slashes at you with its Scythe.
 - Charges towards you, spinning its scythe around quickly.
 - Sends bats to follow you.

 - This is one of the cooler mini-bosses in the game. He has an odd defense of surrounding himself with bats.

 - Although he's really cool, he's also pretty easy. If you stand far away, he'll send his bats after you, which is perhaps his most dangerous attack because they can work their way around you.

 - Close up, he has two attacks. One is to charge towards you, which can easily be deflected with your shield. The other is to swipe at you, which can reach over your shield at the right distance. It will miss if you're right up against him, or just out of range.

 - With all that being said, stay at mid-range, close enough so that he doesn't send his minions after you. Shoot him with a Light Arrow to get the bats to fly away for a short time.

 - During this time, he is vulnerable in the heart (the orb-like thing in his chest). Get close and use a vertical slash or a Jump Attack (Z + A). Get back out of reach.

 - Repeat this process about eight times and this guy will heel over.
 - Stay at mid range (just out of reach of his scythe) and defend. While the bats surround him, he's invincible. Shoot him with Light Arrows to get them to leave temporarily. Run in for the kill (smack the orb-like thing in his chest). Repeat.
Temple Boss: Giant Masked Insect, TWINMOLD
"Just its head and tail aren't
protected by its hard exoskeleton,
so aim carefully. If only you were
the same size as it..."
- Heart Container
- Twinmold's Remains
 - Flies at you.

 - This huge desert scene is deadly for you. You can sink into the sand if you're not careful. Also, these insects are gigantic. Slap on the Giant's Mask to show them who's boss (no pun intended).

 - The problem with wearing the Giant's Mask is that it uses up SOOO much Magic! Go take a stab at the nearby pillars to make them drop magic jars. I strongly suggest you bring some Green Potions if not Chateau Romani.

 - Alternatively, you can stand on the main platform and shoot them with Light Arrows. They move quickly though, so using Z target methods isn't an option. This uses up more magic than the Giant's Mask, so it's not really a better option.

 - Even though this is a cool battle, it's really incredibly easy and simple. Don't bother Z targeting them, just slash either the head or tail of either insect to damage them. And that's all there is to it! Keep this up for a little while (your health shouldn't be much of a problem) and they'll both die.
 - Giants Mask. Slash pillars to find Magic Jars if you run low if you didn't bring Green Potions and Chateau Romani.
 - Slash the head or tail of the insects to hurt them. Do this wildly without any technique or skill... it's their weakness...? =P.
The Moon
"Remember your battles!
When something resistant would
deflect your weapons, what was
its backside usually like?"
 - Gets on its side and spins towards you like a saw-blade.
 - Shoots a fire beam at you (can be reflected).
 - The Boss Remains come after you, shooting you with energy beams.

 - This battle is simple: he's a flying thing that's invulnerable from the front.

 - He has two attacks: One is to turn on his side and try to saw you half, and the other is to turn around and shoot a fiery beam at you. The beam can be reflected, but they rarely hurt him. You can, however, dodge the beam entirely and shoot him.

 - You have to stun him so you can pummel him with your sword. To do that you can do any of the following:

 * Shoot him in the back with arrows (hard).
 * Use a Spin Attack when he's trying to saw you in half (easy).
 * Throw/lay a Bomb/Bombchu at just the right time (very hard).

 - Part way through the battle, the Boss Remains on the walls come off and start flying around, shooting energy beams at you. These beams can be deflected, but it's better to avoid them entirely.

 - Kill off the masks with whatever you like. Light Arrows work good. Reflecting Majora's fiery attack gets my vote for the best.

 - After they're dead, continue to kill Majora. If you have the Bunny Hood and the Great Fairy Sword, this will all be much easier. The Fierce Deity's Mask is a given as well.
 - Mask flies around the room. Wait until it turns around and shoot it in the back with an arrow, or wait until it gets close and use a Spin Attack.
 - Eventually, other masks join in. Slay them with whatever. Reflecting Majora's fire attack works best.
"Remember your battles!
When you fought things that run
around, didn't you battle them
using your own body?"
 - Turns around suddenly and shoots energy blasts at you.

 - This is by far the easiest form, as well as the strangest. It's a good thing the rest of his forms aren't this fast! I like the music and noises he makes. Reminds me of a chicken.

 - This freaky thing will run around at super sonic speed. Every once in awhile, it will stop and blast away at you. Keep your shield up for when this happens.

 - To hurt it, just wait for it to be staying relatively still and shoot it with any type of arrow you like. Alternatively, you can just slash it with your sword when it gets close. Once it's down, run up and smack away. Repeat.
 - Stand still, smack it with your sword. OR, Shoot it with a Light Arrow. Either way, run over and smack it. Defend a lot.
"Think about battles and weapons!
When you had the chance before
an enemy was about to attack,
didn't you usually try shooting it?"
 - Whips you.
 - Whips in your direction really fast.
 - Does a spinning whip attack.
 - Kicks you (when you get close).
 - Makes little top thingies that home in on you and eventually explode.

 - This is by far the hardest form. Also, he suddenly is much more evil looking, even though he's still kind of high pitched.

 - This guy has long tentacles at the end of each arm that he uses to whip you in all sorts of ways. The best thing to do is try to keep some distance between you two.

 - Most of your weapons are pretty useless against him (he easily avoids them). Wait until he's taunting you or between whippings and shoot him with Light Arrows. Run in and slash away.

 - It's also possible to just run up and slash him, but his attacks can sometimes go over or around your shield if you're close, or he'll jump out of the way or kick you. So, if you're out of arrows and have used the ones in the jar, there's still hope.

 - At one point, he will start creating spikey, spinning tops that follow you around. They're quite hard to avoid and they will easily get you from behind. When they stop spinning, they fall over and explode.

 - The best thing to do is to just use your shield and Z targeting and circle your way along the wall as close as you can get to him. This will keep you fairly safe from the exploding tops. Shoot him and attack like you've been doing. He'll die very soon.
 - Defend bunches. Get close, shoot it with a Light Arrow when you find an opening. Run in for the kill. Repeat.
 - Eventually, starts making exploding tops. Stay close to walls and keep defending. Get as close as you can and repeat process.