Wind Temple

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Wind Temple
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One room of the Wind Temple






Master Sword final powerup



The Wind Temple is the sixth dungeon in the The Wind Waker.

Link, along with the new Wind Sage, Makar, enters the temple from Gale Isle, a mountaintop of Old Hyrule.

Our hero and Makar are separated almost immediately in the second room.

Link travels into the main shaft of the temple to find Makar inside a large cage. The Hero of Wind falls to the bottom of the temple to obtain the Hookshot. He activates a large fan that blows wind gusts to the roof of the temple. With the Hookshot, Link can release Makar along with the Iron Boots. The two then return to the bottom of the shaft.

Link and Makar eventually arrive at the door of the boss: the large sand snake, Molgera. After Molgera is defeated, Makar and Link finally return the Master Sword to its full power. After this dungeon it is time to face Ganondorf.