Anju & Kafei Quest

Many of the events of the Anju & Kafei Quest are completely optional. This guide will cover all of the events, specifying which ones are optional and which ones are required. From a story perspective, it’s nice to see the entire quest play out, including some of the challenges that each character is going through within their life.

-Epona’s Song
-Garo Mask
-Romani Mask
-If you are playing the Nintendo 64 version, be sure you have at least an hour or so of spare time as this is a time-consuming quest. Due to the changes to the Song of Double Time on the Nintendo 3DS, this will take a considerably shorter amount of time on the 3DS version.

Required Event #1
Day 1 – 10am to 12pm
Location – Mayor’s Residence

Go to the Mayor’s Residence in East Clock Town. Inside, enter the door on the right and speak with the large woman woman in the yellow dress, named Madame Aroma. She’s Kafei’s mother, and her son has recently gone missing. You are just so dashing and admirable that she hires you to find him, giving you Kafei’s Mask.

Optional Event
Day 1 – 11am to 11:30am
Location – Mayor’s Residence

In the Mayor’s Residence in East Clock Town, you can witness a conversation between Madame Aroma, Toto, and Gorman, the leader of the Gorman Traveling Troupe. Additionally, you can enter the back room and go behind the curtain to read Kafei’s diary, in which he talk about his excitement over the wedding ceremony masks he and his betrothed (Anju) are making.

Optional Event
Day 1 – 12pm to 12:15pm
Location – Stock Pot Inn

At the Stock Pot Inn, Anju makes lunch for her grandmother. You can witness a conversation in which her grandmother claims she’s already eaten and fakes being senile. In reality, she doesn’t want to eat Anju’s terrible cooking. To further prove this, you can also read Anju’s grandmother’s dairy, which is on the table.

Optional Event
Day 1 – 2:10pm
Location – Stock Pot Inn

At the Stock Pot Inn in East Clock Town, the Postman will deliver a letter to Anju, from Kafei.

Required Event #2
Day 1 – 1:50pm – 3:50pm
Location – Stock Pot Inn

Technically this event is not totally required, but it does make things a bit easier. It also allows you to see a relevant cut-scene. After cooking for her grandmother, Anju will return to the counter. Wear the Goron Mask and speak to her anytime before 3:50pm. She will confuse you with a Goron of the same name and she will give you the Room Key. You now have access to the “Knife Chamber” which has a chest containing a silver rupee (100). Furthermore, you are now able to enter the Stock Pot Inn from the front door after hours. NOTE: You can enter the Stock Pot Inn at nighttime by using the Deku Flower just outside and entering the Inn from the second floor.

Optional Event
Day 1 – 4:10pm
Location – Stock Pot Inn

A Goron with your name will come to claim his reservation. You can witness his conversation with Anju at the Inn. Since you just claimed the reservation, the Goron will be relegated to sleeping outside. Poor guy. Although he does say it’s nice weather and doesn’t mind.

Required Event #3
Day 1 – 2:10pm – 8pm
Location – Stock Pot Inn

After the Postman delivers the letter from Kafei, speak with Anju while wearing Kafei’s Mask. She’ll ask you to meet her later that night in the kitchen.

Required Event #4
Night 1 – 12am – 6am
Location – Stock Pot Inn

Meet with Anju in the kitchen of the Inn to get the Letter to Kafei. If you didn’t get the Room Key earlier, you can get into the Stock Pot Inn by using the Deku Flower outside and getting on top of the veranda to access the unlocked door.

WARNING!!!!! – In order for this quest to work, you must NOT give any letters to “???” inside the toilet in the Stock Pot Inn or stop Sakon in North Clock Town at 12:00 AM.

Required Event #5
Night 1 or Day 2 – 12am – 9am
Location – Clock Town

Go to any mailbox in Clock Town and put the letter inside. The Postman will come pick it up when he does his rounds at 9am.

Required Event #6
Day 2 – 3:10pm – 3:50pm
Location – Laundry Pool

Go to the Laundry Pool in Clock Town and wait until 3pm. The Postman will come ring the bell to deliver the letter to Kafei. Kafei will come out of the house and collect the mail. While he’s distracted, run inside of his house and wait for him.

Required Event #7
Day 2 – 4:10pm – 6pm
Location – Laundry Pool

Speak with Kafei inside his house to learn that he was transformed into a child by Skull Kid, then had his Sun Mask stolen from him by Sakon the Thief.

He’ll then give you the Pendant of Memories. If you talk to him again after this, he’ll let you stand on the crate and look through the spyglass into the Curiosity Shop (where he’s waiting to see the thief that stole his wedding mask).

Required Event #8
Day 2 or Day 3 – 10am – 7pm
Location – Stock Pot Inn

After you exit Kafei’s Hideout, go back to the Inn and give the Pendant to Anju. Now that she has the Pendant, she will not flee Clock Town on the final night.

Optional Event
Night 2 – 9:30pm – 11pm
Location – Stock Pot Inn

If you stole the room reservation from the Goron and you also gave Anju the Pendant on the second day, you can go to your room upstairs and listen through the rundown wall. Anju is arguing with her mother about staying and waiting for Kafei.

Optional Event
Night 2 – 12:30am – 1am
Location – Curiosity Shop

Go to the Curiosity Shop on the second night to witness a short clip in which Sakon the Thief sells the Bomb Bags he stole. Since Kafei is able to see into the Curiosity Shop, he can see Sakon the Thief and is able to follow him to his hideout. This is also why you were are not suppose to save the Old Woman on the first night, otherwise Sakon will never come to the Curiosity Shop to sell the Bomb Bag and Kafei would never be able to locate Sakon’s Hideout.

Required Event #9
Day 3 – 12pm – 6pm
Location – Laundry Pool

Go back to Kafei’s hideout at the Laundry Pool in Clock Town. Inside, you’ll find the Curiosity Shop Owner. Talk to him to get the Keaton Mask and to also get a Special Delivery to Mama.

Required Event #10
Night 3 – Just after 6pm
Location – Ikana Canyon

Warp to Ikana Canyon and head to the lower area. Go through the dark passage to find a small area. Kafei is hiding behind a rock, waiting for Sakon to appear. Hide with Kafei, then use the Song of Double Time to make it night. Sakon will then appear and slowly make his way towards the entrance. Stay behind the rock and DO NOT allow him to see you! Once the thief enters his hideout, Kafei will follow him inside. Once you gain control of Link, follow Kafei inside where you will work alongside him to get back his wedding ceremony mask.

Inside, you will play as both Link and Kafei. As Link you will kill enemies to open doors and as Kafei you will step on switches to change the conveyor belt speed and open doors.

  1. Link: Step on the blue switch.
  2. Kafei: Push a block onto blue switch.
  3. Link: Defeat the Deku Baba.
  4. Kafei: Avoid the red switches as it speeds up the conveyor belt. Step on the yellow switches to slow down the conveyor belts. Step on the Blue switch.
  5. Link: Defeat two Deku Babas.
  6. Kafei: Briefly step on the red block and push the large block so that it is sitting on the yellow block. Then push the adjacent block down onto the blue switch.
  7. Link: Defeat the Wolfos.
  8. Kafei: Pull the block out of your way if you need to in order to reach the door. Step on the switch.
  9. Link: Step on the switch.

At the end, Kafei will get back the Sun Mask. He will then run back to town. Soar over to Clock Town.

Required Event #11
Night 3 – After 6pm
Location – Latte Milk Bar

Note: You don’t need to acquire the Sun’s Mask with Kafei to complete this part of the quest. Unfortunately you cannot do both this event and event #12 in the same cycle, so you will have to do the entire quest twice to get all of the items.

Go to the Latte Milk Bar in East Clock Town (next to the Inn, you’ll need the Romani Mask to enter). Speak to Madame Aroma while wearing Kafei’s Mask. Fork over the Special Delivery Letter to get the last Bottle.

Required Event #12
Night 3 – After 6pm
Location – Post Office

Note: Unfortunately you cannot do both this event and event #11 in the same cycle, so you will have to do the entire quest twice to get all of the items.

Bring the letter to the Post Office in West Clock Town at 6pm (as opposed to helping Kafei in Ikana Canyon). Give it to the Postman and he’ll have to deliver it.

Follow him to the Latte Milk Bar. After a bit, he’ll come out and stand near the exit for a short moment before running away from town. Speak with him to get the Postman’s Hat.

Required Event #13
Night 3 – 4:30am
Location – Stock Pot Inn

In the final hours, when there is only 1:30 left, return to the Stock Pot Inn.

Enter the Employee’s Only Room (the door at the top of the stairs that’s otherwise always locked). If you previously gave Anju the Pendant of Memories, she will be waiting for Kafei.

If you saved the Sun’s Mask with Kafei, he will appear at the Inn with just over an hour left. Anju and Kafei will combine their masks at long last. After the ceremony, they will give you the Couple’s Mask and wait to die together. So sad! Play the Song of Time.

The first time through, do all of the regular events, help Kafei in Sakon’s Hideout, then deliver the Letter To Mama yourself (event #11). After that, do the whole quest through just focusing on the letters. Once the man from the Curiosity Shop gives you the Letter To Mama the second time, instead of helping Kafei, just play the Song of Double Time to skip to the final night and enter the Post Office in West Clock Town to give it to the Postman.

  • Fishe

    Not sure about the N64 version, but in the 3DS version, #11 can be completed as soon as you have the Special Delivery, so you can get the postman’s hat and the couple’s mask in the same run.

    • Fishe

      Sorry. meant #12

      • XtremEnigma7

        He’s saying you can’t get the Post man’s Hat and the bottle she gives you in the same run. Because its either you deliver her the letter or the postman does. If you do it she gives you the credit and you get a bottle. If he does it you get his hat.

  • Julian Turner

    In the optional event just before step 9 it should say “supposed to” and not “suppose to.” This is a common error because they sound exactly alike and people often use it without knowing the tense.

    Also, I was able to enter the Latte Milk Bar at night on the third day without the Romani mask on the 3DS version, so event 11 is incorrect. I was confused that it let me so I repeated it just to be sure, once following the postman there with the special priority delivery and once delivering it myself. It was before their 10PM opening hour.

    I also think I recall getting the bottle of milk even when he made the delivery, so I think it is possible to get both at once. It was my first bottle as opposed to the “last” one.

    • TheWorldNeedsAnEnema

      [N64, on GC] I was able to enter as well, following the Postman in, but was kicked out at 9pm. Trying to get back in at that point, I received the standard “Members Only” message.

      • Tyfe

        You need the Romani mask (obtained after you help out at the ranch on the first night, + escorting one of the sisters on the 2nd(?) night).

  • Midna Twilight Princess

    Dude this quest was soooo much fun

  • Wilhelm Alt Bar S

    In the 64 version you don’t need to wear the goron mask to get the room key (dunno 3ds version)

    • Mariianna

      I tried, but I couldn’t get the room key and I don’t have the goron mask yet.

      • Wilhelm Alt Bar S

        You have to wait after anju receives the letter if you do it earlier she tells you thers no room

        • Mariianna

          I did, and I still didn’t get the room key which means I need the goron mask. I’m using the 3DS version.

          • BiggestZeldaFanEver

            She said in the N64 version! Yeez, some people…

          • RedAgent14

            In the 3DS version, Anju knows that there is a Goron named (insert name of savefile here) that made a reservation, while in the N64 version, anu doesn’t know that the one who made the reservation was a Goron.

  • Mariianna

    In the 3DS version, as soon as Kafei left the building to pick up his mail, I was able to enter. Even after he re-entered I could enter. I haven’t tried this without hopping in and back out while Kafei is still out. Also, I delivered the mail during the day as Madame Aroma is in there all day I think. The postman also delivered the letter as soon as I gave it to him which was around noon so I was able to go inside and watch the small dialogue there. Also, if you go through the quest and give Anju the pendant, then you can enter the employees only room to get the silver rupee in that room on the third day.

  • Steinar

    In the 3DS version, whenever I finish Sakon’s Hideout, the second I step outside, it gives me the five minute countdown for the moon, and Kafei never enters Anju’s room. Does anyone know why this is?

    • Salamander

      Did you wait for it to be 4:30

    • Anju

      I was confused about this at first as well. You need to wait for it to be 4:30am, which is when the moon countdown shows 1:30 (meaning that there is only 1 hour and thirty minutes left until 6am, i.e. 4:30am). I hope that this helps! :3

  • disqus_FDWDa2HfU6

    It appears that you also need the Ice Arrows to be able to do this quest. (Ikana Canyon access). Am I wrong?

    • chees_dud

      lower part, ice arrows aren’t required

    • lulzy

      Ice Arrows aren’t, but the Garo Mask is.

  • Darmani IV

    Found a minor inacuracy- youcn talk to Anju in the kitchen at 11:45pm on the first night; before 12am. It’s just small, but the guide deserves to be updated nonetheless. ZD has great guides, keep up the great work.

  • Kizzie92

    -_- did number 11 and 12 the wrong way round (probably a good idea to do 12 first) cos Kafei didn’t show up on the last night cos I hadn’t got the mask with him so noooooow I’m gonna have to go and repeat the side quest once again so that I can get the couples mask……. *facepalm* making sure I was doing things in the most practical order would have been smart :P

  • Starlorb

    You can actually do both 11 and 12 on the same night: (MAKE SURE YOU HAVE TIME SLOWED) you have to save kafei’s mask at 6PM on day 3, but then as soon as your done with that warp back to clocktown and immidiately sprint to the postman. then after you give the postman the priority mail turn time back to normal pace (It keeps the 6 minute timer). follow him to the milk bar and get ur postman hat. Now you should have over 3 minutes until time is up, so head down to the inn and wait for kafei, and then you will get the couples mask.

    Yes it is possible to do both in 1 go

    • lulzy

      You’re confusing 12 with 13. 11 and 13 can be completed together. 11 and 12 cannot because you need to do two different things with the “Special Letter to Mama”

  • RedAgent14

    Is it possible to go to the moon right after reuniting Anju and Kafei (is there enough time)?

    • OldBird99

      yes i did it

  • Mr.e

    I need help on the wolfos dude he stopped me I need info on how to quickly
    defeat a wolfos without the gilded sword

    • Chris

      Use the Goron mask. 2 hits kills the wolfos.

    • Brad Wood

      Wait for him to attack. He will swing twice, miss, and expose his backside. One hit.

  • Swiggity

    So, I got caught by sakon. Does that mean I have to do it over again? The whole quest?

    • John

      Unfortunately unless you saved the game beforehand…. yes :(. but you can still get the bottle by going to the milk bar. If it makes you feel any better you would have had to replay it anyway for the bottle.

  • Brett

    Yep :/

  • justa guy

    I Love those guys

  • Children Of Nephilim

    whew! I wonder how many people knew what to do without looking at a guide. Even back in the day when this game first came out I had to look at the guide on the computer for a few things, otherwise i would’ve never figured everything out :/

  • Volgera

    it’ funny though. I managed to get the bottle after receiving the couple’s mask. I skipped out on the postman’s hat though… but you can definitely get both the bottle AND the couple’s mask in one run. Just as long as you show Mama the letter after you received the couple’s mask :P

  • Banana

    Oh! I went to madam Aroma right after I got the letter (before 6pm) and I got the bottle anyway.

    • WoosterFish

      That’s good to know

  • Alejandro (5043-1901-6096)

    The feels in this quest are real

  • Such Sad

    I did all of this and then scare away Sakon… and I used song of time and screwed myself over ;( I just wanted that bottle!

  • BigKlingy

    Just a question: is it possible to beat the game on the same night you finish this quest? The last event is at 1 hour before moon-doom. Does that give you enough time to get into the Clock Tower? I’m pretty sure once you’re in, time left doesn’t matter, you just have to play the Oath to Order.

    I just think it would be really thematic to have these two ready to die… and then the morning comes, and you’ve saved them, and everyone. (I know the ending acts like you’ve finished this quest as long as you’ve done it once, but I just want to know if this is possible)

    • Blue Tomahawk

      It is possible!! Have all four giants freed, then after you get the mask, just cruise right for the clock tower. It is NOT possible, however, to beat all sidequests save for the old lady in one cycle. I’m trying to see if I can beat this quest, all four bosses, save the deku princess, calm the elder’s son, save the eggs, pamelas father, and romani in one go.

      • Niko24x

        !!! You want to do the same thing that i want! i think you should not calm the elder’s son, since defeating de second boss will calm him!