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  • Kat

    Link’s Awakening

    For the walkthrough that you guys have provided, the beginning seems inaccurate. When I go to push rocks, a dialogue appears telling me that the rock is “too heavy.”
    I don’t see any place where you found a power bracelet or anything of that sort.


  • Tanglemorph

    I started up a game of Ocarina of Time 3D, and decided to transcribe all the songs from Majora’s Mask due to that game’s pending release for the 3DS.

    Returning Songs
    Song of Time: Y-L-R-Y-L-R
    Song of Storms: L-R-A-L-R-A
    Epona’s Song: A-X-Y-A-X-Y

    New Songs – Field
    Song of Inverted Time: R-L-Y-R-L-Y
    Song of Double Time: Y-Y-L-L-R-R
    Song of Healing: X-Y-R-X-Y-R
    Song of Soaring: R-X-A-R-X-A

    New Songs – Dungeon
    Sonata of Awakening: A-X-A-X-L-Y-L
    Goron’s Lullaby: L-Y-X-L-Y-X-Y-L
    New Wave Bossa Nova: X-A-X-Y-R-X-Y
    Elegy of Emptiness: Y-X-Y-R-Y-A-X
    Oath to Order: Y-R-L-R-Y-A

    Special Songs
    Mikau and Japas’s Duet: Y-Y-R-L/L-R-Y-L/X-X-Y-R/R-Y-X-R (Bold notes for Mikau’s part)
    Ballad of the Wind Fish (Link): A-Y-X-Y
    Ballad of the Wind Fish (Deku): Y-L-R-X-Y
    Ballad of the Wind Fish (Goron): L-L-L-R-L-L-L-Y
    Ballad of the Wind Fish (Zora): A-Y-R-L-A-X-Y-L
    Hope this helps with the game!

  • D4rk_Wolf

    I think that you are missing one skulltula in your Zelda ocarina of time guide ( ) because i found another one here ( see picture ) maybe it is because i am playing in ocarina of time 3d

  • Ernestine Williams

    I am playing Zelda Spirit Tracks and I need help with getting the ice for the Goron the second time. I go to the village and the guy not there.