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  • Ganon’s Bane

    Zelda – Ocarina of Time N64

    Piece of heart #5 in the Goron city when you throw a bomb into the jar. I have found that it is not when the smile side is facing you but when it is facing south. I sat on the east side and consistently received the reward for the straight face (counter clockwise from the smile) when the smile was facing me. The straight face was facing south. I adjusted and received the piece of heart when the smile faced south.

    That was my last piece I needed 🙂

  • Patsy

    Playing 2nd quest Legend of Zelda. Level 2 can’t find ladder. Help. glaseroyster@msn.com

  • Blub

    Do you have a video walkthrough of Link to the Past?

  • Josh

    Currently, no.

  • Blub

    Thanks for the fast reply.

    Bummer, that game has a lot and is entertaining. I think I’ve heard your lead team member mention that game as his favorite (maybe). Any chance one is one the way? It could be done in honor of the SNES Classic being released. 🙂

    Great website/YouTube channel. Thanks :).