A Link Between Worlds Walkthrough

Welcome to the Legend of Zelda A Link Between Worlds Walkthrough. The walkthrough below is a complete 100% A Link Between Worlds walkthrough that will cover a full run through of the entire game, including strategies for all bosses and dungeons. We have separate guides for the Heart Pieces and the Maimai Locations

Chapter 1 – Eastern Palace

Chapter 2 – House of Gales

Chapter 3 – Tower of Hera

Chapter 4 – Hyrule Castle

Chapter 5 – Thieves’ Hideout

Chapter 6 – Desert Palace

Chapter 7 – Dark Palace

Chapter 8 – Swamp Palace

Chapter 9 – Skull Woods

Chapter 10 – Turtle Rock

Chapter 11 – Ice Ruins

Chapter 12 – Lorule Castle

  • Tomes2789

    One of the best features of your guides is that you include all the heart pieces and collectibles (like maimais) locations in the main guides themselves. Is there any reason you didn’t do so for this guide, and is there any way you can edit this guide to do so? Thanks so much!!

    • Joseph Harold Rauch

      They actually did do so for this guide, I found both of them. Unfortunately they were separated from the guide. It was in the beginning before you start out. But they should’ve included everything together.

    • Joseph Harold Rauch

      Push on the separate guides for heart pieces and Maimais location for those two. At the top, however, I found them easily.

    • Joseph Harold Rauch

      I think they intentionally separated the guides for the hearts and maimais, but I like this new 2 separated guides. I’m guessing, since the guides are designed for dungeons only, they used the hearts and maimais for the other areas, which makes sense.

  • Gjergji Selenica

    i really wish that you guys did this guide as the old ones , when you tell in every chapter what extra item can we get and heart pieces.

    • Joseph Harold Rauch

      They should’ve made the guide a little bit more useful, I had a hard time following what the directions given, a little vague, but I agree, they should include everything together.

    • Joseph Harold Rauch

      The heart pieces and the maimais, were told in the beginning, where they could be found, but not in the dungeons areas.

    • Joseph Harold Rauch

      I like the newest versions of the guides better.

  • Joseph Harold Rauch

    My first cuccos flight for the heart piece, on the building. It took awhile, but after dozens of attempts, I realized something. Grab the cucco, and fly from the northern area, and land on top of the heart, and you can fly off the building too. You can use the cucco to fly inside the building for the rupees.

  • Joseph Harold Rauch

    I’m in no rush through this game, but I like these guides as it is, no changes necessary. And I’m glad that you came up with separated ones for the hearts and Maimais. Anyone know why Disqus, was used for this walkthrough, I know its part of You

  • LinkandTingle

    This game is so beautiful and big for a 3ds game.
    This game is DEFINITELY worth replaying on hero mode.

  • Joseph Harold Rauch

    Thanks all for your contributions, the discussions were fun.