A Link Between Worlds Walkthrough

Welcome to our A Link Between Worlds Walkthrough for the Nintendo 3DS. This will be a comprehensive complete guide through the entirety of the main quest, with additional guides cover the side-quests and collectibles. The A Link Between Worlds Walkthrough will include a detailed text guide, along with a wealth of screenshots and videos to help guide you along your way.

NOTE: This is a suggested order through the game. However, Chapters 2 and 3 can be played in any order, and chapters 5-11 can be played in almost any order.

A Link Between Worlds Walkthrough

Chapter 1 - Eastern Palace
Chapter 2 - House of Gales
Chapter 3 - Tower of Hera
Chapter 4 - Hyrule Castle
Chapter 5 - Thieves' Hideout
Chapter 6 - Desert Palace
Chapter 7 - Dark Palace
Chapter 8 - Swamp Palace
Chapter 9 - Skull Woods
Chapter 10 - Turtle Rock
Chapter 11 - Ice Ruins
Chapter 12 - Lorule Castle

~~Sidequest Guides~~
Heart Pieces
Maiamai Locations
Master Ore Locations
Bottle Locations
Item Upgrades
A Link Between Worlds Walkthrough

Eastern Palace
 Chapter 1: Eastern Palace
  • The early stages of the game, covering Link's journey to the Sanctuary.
  • Acquire your Sword and Lamp and meet with Yuga.
  • Visit Sahasrahla and the residents of Kakariko Village.
  • Meet with Ravio and acquire the Bow and Arrow.
  • Journey to the Eastern Palace and conquer the first dungeon.
  • Battle with the dungeon boss, Yuga.

House of Gales
 Chapter 2: House of Gales
  • Link acquires the Bell.
  • Link visits Zora's Domain to meet the Zora Queen.
  • Acquire the Flippers, giving Link the ability to swim.
  • Rent the Tornado Rod from Ravio's Shop.
  • Meet with Mother Maiamai to start the side quest.
  • Journey through the House of Gales.
  • Take on the dungeon boss and get the second pendant.

Tower of Hera
 Chapter 3: Tower of Hera
  • Acquire the Power Glove, allowing Link to lift rocks.
  • Journey through Death Mountain.
  • Rent the Hammer from Ravio's Shop.
  • Scale the Tower of Hera.
  • Battle the dungeon boss Moldorm to earn the third pendant.

Hyrule Castle
 Chapter 4: Hyrule Castle
  • Journey to the Lost Woods and enter the maze.
  • Acquire the Legendary Master Sword.
  • Use the Master Sword to enter Hyrule Castle.
  • Battle with Yuga before journeying to Lorule.

Thieves' Hideout
 Chapter 5: Thieves' Hideout
  • Covers the Thieves' Hideout dungeon in Lorule.

Desert Palace
 Chapter 6: Desert Palace
  • Sand Rod is a required item.
  • Covers the Desert Palace in Lorule.

Dark Palace
 Chapter 7: Dark Palace
  • Bombs are a required item.
  • Covers the Dark Palace in Lorule.

Swamp Palace
 Chapter 8: Swamp Palace
  • The Hookshot is a required item.
  • Covers the Swamp Palace in Lorule.

Skull Woods
 Chapter 9: Skull Woods
  • Covers the Skull Woods in Lorule.

Turtle Rock
 Chapter 10: Turtle Rock
  • The Ice Rod is a required item.
  • Covers Turtle Rock in Lorule.

Ice Ruins
 Chapter 11: Ice Ruins
  • The Fire Rod is a required item.
  • Covers the Ice Ruins in Lorule.

Lorule Castle
 Chapter 12: Lorule Castle
  • Covers Lorule Castle.