This sections shows where to find all of the Empty Bottles that you can use to store items in as well as what kinds of things can be put in them.

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Empty Bottle #1

 - When you get to the end of the Woods of Mystery in Southern Swamp, you'll find a witch named Koume. Talk to her, then leave. Enter the Magic Hag's Shop and speak with her sister, Kotake, to get your first Bottle filled with Red Potion to take back to her sister.

Empty Bottle #2

 - Requires: Goht Defeated, Goron Mask.

 - After beating the Snowhead Temple, go to Goron Village and enter the cave there. Speak with the large Goron to get a Powder Keg. Take it back to the road leading to Goron Village and blow up the cave entrance on your right, which leads to the Goron Racetrack.
 - Next, win at the Goron Races to get a Bottle with Gold Dust inside.

Empty Bottle #3

 - Requires: Goron Mask, Powder Keg.

 - After you've learned how to use Powder Kegs, go buy one at the Bomb Shop and take it to Milk Road during the First Day.
 - Blow up the large boulder and enter. Speak with Romani and agree to help in protecting the cows from being abducted by alians from 2:00 AM to 6:00 AM.
 - If you can keep them all at bay until morning, Romani will give you a Bottle with Chateau Romani.

Empty Bottle #4

 - Requires: Hookshot, Zora Mask.

 - In the second part of the Great Bay Coast, there's a waterfall. Use the Hookshot to get on top of each of the ledges ascending towards the top of the waterfall. Enter the cave you find at the top.
 - Once inside, use the Zora Mask to sink to the bottom of the lake and speak with the beaver there. Race him and his brother to win an Empty Bottle.

Empty Bottle #5

 - Requires: Captain's Hat, Hero's Bow.

 - On the Final Night, go to the Ikana Graveyard and speak with the three Stalchildren guarding the grave while wearing the Captain's Hat. Get them to open it then go inside.

 - Inside, you'll find Dampe wandering around because he can't see in the dark. Z target him and guide him to the dirt piles around the room to dig them up.
 - You're trying to find three blue flames that are randomly in three of the piles.
 - Four of these piles are on the ground, but pile two are high up. To get to them, lead Dampe to those brown tiles, then makes sure you're not on them yourself.
 - The left one will take him to the small platform with the ladder on the left side of the room. The right one takes him to the platform with the blocks leading up to it.
 - After all three flames are lit, a Big Poe will appear. Kill it to make a chest appear as well.

Empty Bottle #6

 - Requires: Mask of Kafei, Garo Mask, Hookshot.

 - The final bottle is acquired in part of the Anju & Kafei Quest. Click here to go to that section.

"Bottleable" Items
Big Poe

 - There are only two in the game. One's in the Ikana Graveyard in the third grave on the Final Night, and the second's in the Ikana Well. After you kill them, you can snag them in a Bottle.

 - Sell them at the Curiosity Shop for lots of Rupees!

Blue Potion

 - These potions restore both your life and magic.

 - They can be bought by bringing Magic Mushrooms to the Magic Hag's Shop and waiting awhile. It can also be purchased from the Business Scrub in Ikana Canyon, near Sakon's Hideout.


 - Catch some bugs in a bottle and you can release them. Do so near soft patches of soil to make stuff pop out (usually Rupees). You have to do this in the Swamp Skulltula House a lot.
 - They can be sold for 20 Rupees at the Curiosity Shop.

 - They can be found almost anywhere, but in particular under rocks and in holes.

Chateau Romani

 - This mystical milk will give you infinate magic until you play the Song of Time. Very handy.

 - It can be bought at the Latte Milk Bar for 100 Rupees.

Deku Princess

 - You can bottle the princess? Yep. Nothing else really to say about it. Let her out in front of her dad for a spiffy cutscene of girl power at work.


 - Put a red fairy in a Bottle and use it any time to completely restore your life. Also, if you should run out at any time, they will automatically heal you. This is a much better alternative than Red Potions.

 - You can buy them at various shops and find them in bushes and jars through the game, but the best place to get them is next to the Owl Statue on Milk Road. Just run back and forth between there and the Gorman Brothers place and stock up as many as you want.


 - Sometimes you can find fish in small pools. They're only used for the Gibdo trade sequence and to get a Heart Piece.
 - They can be sold for 20 Rupees at the Curiosity Shop.

 - The best place to get them is next to iron wall near the Pirates' Fortress.

Gold Dust

 - This stuff is needed to upgrade your Razor Sword into the Gilded Sword to make it permanent.

 - You can only get it by winning at the Goron Races after beating the Snowhead Temple boss and opening the entrance to the racetrack.

Green Potion

 - This stuff restores your magic meter completely.

 - It can be bought in Clock Town and the Magic Hag's Potion Shop.

Hot Spring Water

 - This steaming liquid will become regular Spring Water when it cools, but while it's still warm, it can be used to melt batches of ice.

 - The only places it can be found is Mountain Village, between there and Goron Village, as well as inside the Well in Ikana Canyon.

Magic Mushroom

 - Give this to Kotake at the Magic Hag's Shop to allow her to make Blue Potions after awhile. It's really not worth it. You can also sell them for 5 Rupees at the Curiosity Shop... Yuck...

 - It can be found at the end of the Woods of Mystery, as well as in a pair of shorts in the Gorman Troupe's room at the Stock Pot Inn (must use the Mask of Scents to find it either way).


 - You can drink this stuff twice, restoring five hearts each time.

 - It can be bought from the Gorman Brothers, or charmed away from cows by playing Epona's Song to them. The best place to get it is the hollowed log in south Termina Field. Lay a Bomb in the middle and enter the hole to find
a cow.


 - The regular ghosts can only be found in Stone Tower Temple and serve no purpose to lug around... If you "drink" one, it will hurt you...

 - On a happier note, they can be sold at the Curiosity Shop for 50 Rupees. Although, at the point in the game when you finally see these enemies, it's hardly worth it.

Red Potion

 - This stuff restores your health completely.

 - It can be bought at most civilized areas such as Clock Town, Magic Hag's Potion Shop, Goron Shrine, and Zora Hall.

Sea Horse

 - This thing will lead you along the correct path in the cloudy area near Pinnacle Rock.

 - There's only two of these in the entire game. You can get the first by trading a picture of a pirate to the fisherman near the entrance to Great Bay Coast.

Spring Water

 - The only purpose this water serves is to help grow Magic Beans that you've planted. Pools of it can be found all over Termina, especially in holes of all things.

Zora Egg

 - These things will become Zora babies when you bring them all to the Ocean Research Lab! Four of them are in the Pirates' Fortress and the other three are in Pinnacle Rock. Click here to see the appropriate section of the Walkthrough.